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Awesome / Dark Fury

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  • Riddick fooling the thermal scanners by activating the extinguishing foam using a blowtorch
  • Then when the mercs open the doors of the ship and gets covered in the foam, Riddick methodically kills many while still in the foam. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel
  • Riddick then jumps out of the foam and tears up some more mercs
  • Riddick fighting the shrill. The entire fight is one
    • Imam becoming the Action Survivor by holding off a shrill using a giant ball which they were standing on to keep the pressure away from the noose
  • Riddick then cuts the bomb from inside his flesh and throws it back at the villain
    • The bomb itself was a smart move on the side of the villain. Too bad, Riddick was better
  • Junner catches up to the Imam and Jack, then knocks out Imam by lightly tapping on his head with his gun and then holds up Jack by the scruff of her neck, no-selling all of her hits. Then Riddicks comes in
    Riddick: Let her go. Its me you wanted. You want a shot at the title?
  • Riddick vs Junner

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