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The Socktopus gets a taste of Atomic Justice

Moments from Atomic Puppet that are definitely worth a Victory Pose!

  • The entirety of "Sword Sisters" is one big CMOA for Pauline, with her becoming a magical sword-wielding superhero who goes mad with power and ends up fighting Princess War Tickle, one of the most powerful superheroes in the show's universe, and standing toe-on-toe with her. War Tickle gives her props for her combat skills after Pauline is returned to normal (and she's very giddy about War Tickle's compliments, to say the least).
    Pauline: I just got props from the greatest superhero of all time!
    AP: You mean, second greatest.
    Princess War Tickle: Nope, she means greatest! You've got some catching up to do, Captain Atomic.
    • Pauline's battle against Professor Tite-Gripp is also worth a mention, as she saves Joey and AP from a car he chucks at them and drains Tite-Gripp's limbs of their power, reducing them into dead weights before sending him flying into the police station cell. Bonus points for it also being her first battle as Sword Sister.
    • Let's not forget Pauline defeating the alligator-man. The two make a mad dash after the Sword of Enlightenment, with Pauline jumping on the villain's head to grab the sword and draining his power, turning him into a tiny helpless version of himself.
    • Joey and AP deserve a little credit where its due, since they were the ones who subdued Pauline when she went mad with power. Specifically, Joey hides the sword's sheath inside AP and tosses him at Pauline when she is distracted in her battle against Princess War Tickle.
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  • Country superhero Dyna-Moe gets his share of the spotlight in his episode, such as defeating a giant fire-breathing hydra without causing the slightest bit of collateral damage (except for a lamppost he tore out of the ground to bludgeon the monster) or performing a square dancing tune that helps Atomic Puppet perform the moves that defeat Dirtbag.
  • The Justice Alliance saving their base from being hurled into the Sun in their debut episode.
  • The wrestling match against Manatee-Man in "Brawl-For-All". Joey and AP put up one heck of a fight against a giant pissed-off humanoid manatee with Incredible Hulk powers, and Manatee-Man praises them for being such Worthy Opponents after the match. No wonder they got so much donation money from the fight.
    • At the start of the episode, we have Joey and AP fighting a giant woodlouse monster, which they defeat by using a pillar as a baseball bat when it rolls towards them, swatting it into the sun.
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  • The Ground Pound performed by Joey and AP to destroy the smoke monster in "Master of Disaster".
  • One that could also double as a funny moment for the sheer weirdness of it is in "AP vs. Disastro II" when Mintenberg's army of hang-gliding mice (another of his experiments) come out of nowhere at the end of the episode and defeat the super-intelligent Bubbles by dismantling his giant robot cat and throwing the antidote into his mouth. Joey and AP are left standing with their jaws agape at everything they just witnessed.
  • Joey and AP slingshotting a giant mutant spider from its web into the sun in "Soft Spot".
    • After spending much of the episode acting all soft and wimpy, AP delivers a serious Curb-Stomp Battle to Professor Tite-Gripp and the giant mutant spider when he regains his grit.
    AP: I'm back, baby! And I'm about to get real mad.
    (Tite-Gripp and the spider cower and take a step back)
  • The entirety of "The Big Shift" is a CMOA, but the highlight is the climax. Every villain and criminal in the Mega City Maximum Security Prison for the Criminally Motivated (including several Rogues Gallery members) breaks out with the help of Mookie to terrorize Mega City, and Joey and AP subdue all of them before facing off against Professor Tite-Gripp and a more menacing Mookie wearing powered armour. The battle against the two ends with Mookie and Tite-Gripp seemingly destroying each other in a gigantic electromagnetic explosion. Then it's revealed that they survived.
  • Abbie standing up against the Snow Maniac and destroying her snowglobe machine after spending most of the episode believing the talking snowman was her friend in "Snow Maniac".
    Abbie: I'm done playing with you! Now turn off the snowglobe and let Atomic Puppet go!
    Snow Maniac (in faked sad tone): But Abbie, if I do that I'll melt, and we won't be friends anymore.
    Abbie: Good! I'm done being friends with you, you big bully!
    Snow Maniac: Oh, I see! You're just like everyone else! It's all fun and games when you bring me to life! But then you get bored, and start complaining that it's too cold, and you wanna get rid of me!
    Abbie: That's not it at all. Turns out you're just mean! (tosses a snowball over the Snow Maniac's head, breaking the snowglobe machine and causing the Snow Maniac to melt)
  • In "Monster Truck Invasion", Joey and AP defeat Zorp and his giant fire-breathing monster truck mecha by flooding his machine using high-pressure hoses of nacho cheese that Zorp intended to use to eat with the citizens of Mega City.
  • AP's gambit to destroy Claude in "Claude Returns" was so much of a risk that the fact it worked counts as one.
  • Joey, Pauline, and AP fighting against Dr. Beetleman and his insect swarms in "Worm Boy", despite Joey and AP still being unable to power up and most of Joey's silkworm silk having been drained by Dr. Beetleman. The highlight is probably when they lure his insect hordes into several trucks full of maple syrup and release the trucks' loads, destroying Dr. Beetleman's entire army in a single go.
    • From the same episode, Joey and AP transform back into Atomic Puppet only seconds from eating the pavement when Joey loses the last of his silkworm powers.
  • Joey and AP trapping Professor Tite-Gripp inside a giant pickle jar in his first appearance.
  • King Hydronomous and Atomic Puppet forcing Megalo-Don to regurgitate all the lava he's drank, reducing him back to his normal size and powerlessness in "Surf 'N Turf".
  • Buck helping Atomic Puppet defeat Zorp after being freed from the mind control in "Buck Monkey".
  • Joey and AP tricking Rudolph Mintenberg into destroying his own hideout with his Powered Armour in "Mintenberg's Armour".
  • In "These Shoes", when Lacer launches a missile at Mega City to distract Atomic Puppet while speeding off with Warren, Joey manages to hit two birds with one stone by pulling out a super glue gun that he snuck out of the Invisi-Shed and using it to stop the missile, halt Lacer, and save Warren at the same time.
  • Atomic Puppet moving the Moon to create an eclipse and neutralize Lacer's solar-powered body in "Lacer Takes Over".
  • Chief Kevlar defeating Professor Tite-Gripp with a single tranquilizer dart in "Atomic Weakness". Granted, Atomic Puppet helped ensure the dart landed, but they also let Kevlar take the credit anyways, since it was mostly his work.
  • Pauline and AP subduing Queen Mindbender and freeing everyone in the school from her mind control together in "Erlenmeyer's Revenge".
  • When the eponymous villains of "Mole Men" throw Pauline off a cliff that ends at a lake of lava, Joey and AP save her from a fiery death in only the nick of time, despite the Mole Men's attempts to hinder them. Needless to say, Pauline is extremely relieved.
    Pauline: Now that was a little close, guys.
  • Joey and AP hurling the giant atomic hairball into the sun in "Atomic Hairball" gives us one epic burst of solar energy.
  • In "AP vs. Disastro", Atomic Puppet subdue Naughty Kitty by throwing the red carpet underneath her with such power that she's hurled about a hundred feet into the air and then they wrap her up with the whole thing.
  • Although only a few shots are shown of the entire battle, the pilot shows us how much ass Atomic Puppet can kick with their Curb-Stomp Battle against the Socktopus.
  • The intro sequence gets real once it reaches the five-second mark.


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