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Awesome / A Monster in Paris

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  • Both times Francoeur sings. The first when he sings his mournful song of being the monster of Paris, but especially the second. He sheepishly gets into the far-too-small musician's box as the crowd laughs at him. Then, he begins to play, stunning both the crowd and the musicians. And then he slowly begins to sing along with Lucille, before jumping onstage with her and dancing like he was born to.
  • The alley scene where we get a glimpse of Francoeur looking the part of a horror movie monster.
    • Heck, every moment where he's painted as a movie monster, doing a surprisingly good job of throwing off the audience that he's really is a frightening monster.
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  • Francoeur's flashback holds one for the film makers: his transformation seen through his own eyes.
  • The climax holds many:
    • Raoul pulls a Go Through Me to protect Lucille and Francoeur.
    • Lucille basically telling Maynott who the real monster is and wrestling the gun away from, especially considering he dwarfs her!
    • Emile, sick of being bullied and belittled because of his size, Takes a Level in Badass and fights directly Maynott. And wins by using his wits!
    Emile: It's always been like this. The big ones taking advantage of the little ones. NOT ANYMORE!!
    • Paté's Heel–Face Turn.
      Paté: Victor Maynott, you're under arrest for the murder with premeditation of Mister Francoeur.
      • And his epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
        Paté: I was so intent of being a good cop, of following the law, that I became blind to your psychopathic ambition. And this flea opened my eyes.
        Maynott: It was nothing but a bug!
        Paté: A bug who was far more human than the LOUSE I'm looking at right now.

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