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  • When Zeke and the Groove Squad finally make it to the cheerleading competition they had spent the entire movie talking about, Chrissy and the rest of the squad decide to go with doing the "Triple Flip" move that Chrissy kept insisting on. But since you apparently have to have at least six cheerleaders for it, and the twins point out that Star can't do it since she got hurt, it seems that they're going to lose the cheerleading championship. But then Zeke steps in to take Star's place and the group of six manages to pull of the move flawlessly.
    • On another note, Zeke (despite being the mascot instead of an official cheerleader) proves to be just as good at cheerleading as the rest of the squad is (even when in that bulky mascot costume of his).
    • Something about the squad that Chrissy and her friends go up against at their cheerleading competition: rather than be upset about losing to Bay City High School, the rival squad congratulates them on winning and seems very impressed with them being able to achieve the Triple Flip.

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