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"I can't believe Sydney and me have been sitting on an real meteorite!"

In an Edutainment Show about humanoid aliens and their Earthie friends, there are moments where you'll be absolutely amazed.

  • For the show's awesome music compositions, please see this page.
  • Heck, the plot of the show itself. Sydney and Sean get to go to outer space whenever they want, in about 5 minutes, in their neighbors' flying saucers. Said neighbors happen to be awesome too. The Propulsions have stretchy bodies, excitable personalities, and are very musical. They are also very kind and loving. Wouldn't you want them to live in your neighborhood?


Season 1:

  • In "What Goes Up...", Jet manages to build a small, working flying saucer all by himself, and he and his friends have a great time attempting to get it off the ground. They also successfully evade Mitchell's spying.
  • "Kid-Kart Derby":
    • The other kid karts all looked very cool in their own right.
    • The fact that even though Mitchell was rude to Jet in this episode, Jet was still nice to him anyway.
    • Jet is about to win the derby, but then he almost crashes into Mitchell's dog Cody, so he avoids him and then crashes into a pile of crates, then proceeds to parachute. Mitchell wins the derby in the end, but everyone is cheering on Jet instead even though he didn't win the derby. Then, the other kids learn their lesson that winning isn't all that matters.
    • When Mitchell wins the derby, he is the only one cheering him on, since everyone was ignoring him and cheering on Jet instead. However, Jet realizes that Mitchell feels sad and then, (due to being popular) managed to get an entire crowd of people to cheer on Mitchell instead of Jet.
  • "Mindy's Meteorite Stand":
    • This episode is packed with tons of emotion. It has tons of funny scenes, a heartwarming scene, and even a Tear Jerker. Then it ends up being completely awesome once Mindy discovers that the rock bench she has been sitting on is a real meteorite. Dr. Rafferty even lampshades this awesomeness:
    Dr. Rafferty: What you did today was pretty amazing. You looked at so many other rocks today and could tell where they're from, that's so cool!
    • When the group is on the way to Jet's garage, they do a Power Walk on the way there, complete with rock music in the background.
    • Heck, the fact that a 4 year old was able to attract thousands of people just because she had allegedly found a meteorite. Tons of people came to her stand and she was even in the news.
  • General consensus is that the episode "My Fair Jet" is the best episode that the show has done. It's filled with hilarious moments, drama, beautiful art, and the best part is when Sean gets carried away by the DSA Weather Balloon. Throughout the episode, Sean and Sydney were training Jet to not be himself, and instead pretend to be a "regular" Earth kid. Sydney then successfully convinces Jet to be who he is again, resulting in an epic rescue where Jet uses his jetpack to save Sean. Everything about the moment is awesome, especially Jet's song called "Bortronian is What I Am". It's just so jazzy, Broadway-esque, and definitely one of the best songs in the show ever. It's so awesome, that everyone at the DSA Open House loves it too.
    Crowd: Jet Propulsion, that's our man! Jet Propulsion, that's his jam!
    Jet: Bortronian is what I aaaammmmm!
  • Invoked in "Castaway Carrot". Jet wants to epically rescue Carrot from the moon, so he tells Sunspot to play "rescue" music, and tells Carrot to act like he legitimately needs rescuing. Still, the scene was very awesome in it's own right.
  • The end of "Commander Mom", the season 1 finale, has Sydney and her mom triumphantly sing the Commander Cressida theme song while all the characters dance against a comic book backdrop. Not only is the song Awesome Music, but it is also the perfect way to wrap up season 1.

Season 2:

  • In "Back to Bortron 7", Sean, Sydney, and Jet successfully get the Propulsions to stay for another season on Earth by spicing up the presentation with a song.
    • Eggplant tries to stop the kids from entering the presentation room, but they do very impressive acrobatic tricks to avoid her right on the spot.
    • At one point, the PowerCube falls out of the saucer. Sunspot and Face 9000 successfully retrieve it just in time. And this is all in spite of the fact that Face 9000 was jealous of the PowerCube at first. This is the defining moment of his Character Development.
    • In previous episodes, Mr. Peterson often spoils Mitchell. However, in this special, instead of being a doormat, he finally stands up to his insolent son when Mitchell tries to tell him that Jet's house is "gone".
    Mitchell: (growls) There's, there's something very wrong with this!
    Mr. Peterson: What's wrong with this is we're standing outside and its 2:00 in the morning!
    • Just when Mitchell is about to expose the Propulsions to the entire neighborhood, Jet 2 distracts the townspeople by causing an eclipse.
  • In a bizarre way, Eggplant and Zerk's actions in "Asteroid Belt Space Race". No one, not even the audience, is led to believe that Eggplant will win the race. But, like in "Kid-Kart Derby", this show successfully avoids the "protagonists always win everything" trope by having Eggplant steal gravity from the other racers using a device installed in her saucer. And they win!
  • In "Jet Shrinks the Kids", Jet, Sean, and Sydney ride on Floyd the squirrel in order to get back to the garage and evade Mitchell and Cody. When they do, it is simply epic.
    • Mindy ends up using the diagram that Jet made to successfully get the kids back to normal size.
  • From "Water, Water Everywhere", we have Sunspot dancing ballet underwater. Enough said.
  • In "Mindy's Ice Rink", using ice from Saturn's rings and Sunspot's Freeze Ray, an ice rink is built around the Propulsion house. And it doesn't even melt.
    • The best part is the ending, where the gang skate around the rink in joy, and sing "Ice Skating in July".
  • "Mindy Turns Five". Full stop. It is just so satisfying (for the audience, and for everyone in-universe) to finally see Mindy fulfill her dream of going to outer space with the big kids. And you can just tell that she is simply enjoying it.
  • In "That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!", Jet grows an enormous pumpkin, and flies it to the pumpkin contest like a saucer. Not only does it help to convince Mitchell that Halloween is magical, it also ends up winning the contest for biggest pumpkin.
  • "Try and Try Again":
    • The kids convert Jet 2 to a rover, and he goes to live on Mars.
    • They also end up finding new wheels for Mitchell's scooter, which he loves.
    • Mitchell happily agrees to wear Mindy's lucky helmet, which has rainbows and a unicorn horn on it. This shows that Mitchell doesn't care if the helmet looks ridiculous, he's just glad to have one in the first place. It also helps that the helmet belongs to his implied love interest.
  • In "Racing on Sunshine", when the clouds start blocking the sun, Mindy reminds Jet that he has a battery installed in his solar-powered kid kart so he can save the sun's energy and use it for later. Using the batteries, Jet and Sydney end up making it to the finish line in time.
  • "Galileo, Galileo!" has Sean overcome his nervousness to present his Galileo Galilei project, and Jet and Sydney agree to join him in his presentation.
  • "You Can Call Me Albedo" has Jet, Sydney, Sean, and Mindy make a reflective collar for Cody so he won't get lost in the dark again.
  • In "Sean's Robotic Arm", the kids successfully build a robotic arm out of various items and get the Neil Armstrong figure out of the hole. It's also lampshaded how strange it is that a stick, a bubble wand, some tape, and a dog treat could join together.
  • In "Potatoes on Mars", Jet, Sean, Sydney, Mindy, and Sunspot perform in their own pop-rock band, with Sean on drums, Sydney on piano, Sunspot on electric guitar, Mindy on flugelhorn, and Jet as the lead singer. The music they play is most definitely Awesome Music.
  • In "Who Messed Up The Treehouse?", the kids are able to turn a chore like cleaning up the treehouse into something really fun and exciting. Special mention goes to Sean's paper airplane.
    Sean: Here's the latest Sean Supersonic, flying straight for recycling!
  • In "Moon Circus", the kids are able to do awesome circus stunts with low gravity on the moon. Carrot's famous flip definitely qualifies as awesome.
  • In "Every Day is Earth Day", the kids make a grand entrance to the DSA Earth Day celebration, and then perform a song about how amazing Earth is, which gets everyone singing along.
  • In "Magnet, PI", the kids put on a magic show for Carrot using magnets. Carrot definitely thought that this was impressive.
  • In "Sunspot's Sunspot", Sunspot surfs on solar flares.
  • "One Small Step":
    • Jet builds a super saucer. By himself. He even lampshades that it wasn't even hard.
    • The reason why Jet and Sunspot were missing? They were building a totally epic mini-golf course. The kids have a lot of fun playing mini-golf there.
    • Sean proves to be a huge expert on the Apollo 11 mission, teaching Mindy all sorts of facts. They even find stuff that was left behind on the mission.
    • Mitchell saving the kids in Little Dipper Lake, and then casually being invited to their sleepover.


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