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Awesome / Mighty Magiswords

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     3-Minute Shorts 
  1. To Boulderly Go:
  2. Pig Iron:
  3. Dolphinominal:
  4. Bark Attack:
  5. Hands Down:
  6. The Land Before Slime:
  7. Zombie Reasonable:
  8. Attacktus:
  9. No Robots For Old Men:
  10. Whose Hyas is it Anyway?:

     5-Minute Shorts 
  1. Warriors for Hire:
  2. The Desolation of Grup:
  3. Pool Fools:
  4. Too Many Warriors:
  5. Walkies:
  6. Identity Theft:
  7. Stairways & Spiders:
  8. Vambre's Brain:
  9. Keeper of the Mask:
  10. Show Me Your Finest Dolphins:

     Season 1 
  1. Mushroom Menance:
  • ZP revealing that he can become a giant if he eats a certain type of pumpkin seed.
    • And proceeding to fight and DEVOUR the Smashroom.
  1. The Mystery of Loch Mess:
  1. Squirreled Domination:
  • Despite Vambre being utterly terrified of squirrels, she goes to get the nuts without her brother's help. She then overcomes her fear for a few minutes to take charge of the squirrels when they're all in trouble and deliver an entire tree to the customer.
  1. Case Clothed:
  1. Surely You Jest-O:
  • After being brainwashed by the Taunting Jester Magisword all day, the Warriors are PISSED, and ultimately defeat it by gumming its mouth shut with a Super Teamwork Combo using the Blow Dryer and Wad-Of-Gum Magiswords.
  1. Cleanliness is Next to Grupliness:
  2. Flirty Phantom:
  • Prohyas despite liking the Phantom tells her that he's not ready to die for someone else. When she won't take "no" for an answer, he uses the tomato Magisword to fake his death to buy some time, and then when she begs him to stay calls her out for being "four kinds of messed up," recognizing that she was performing Domestic Abuse.
  • Vambre also gets this for also calling out the Phantom, averting The Unfair Sex.
  • Vambre and Prohyas using their brains to get him out, combining the right kind of Magiswords to make an exit and nullify the Phantom's powers.
  1. The Wrath of Neddy:
  • After being defeated by Neddy several times, Grup and his coworkers finally manage to best him in combat with teamwork, traps. and the element of surprise. Unfortunately, Neddy recovers and trounces them once more, but they get points for beating a strong opponent.
  • Grup coming up with the idea to use Neddy bad memories when it comes to names to defeat him.
  1. Working for Scales:
  • King Rexxtopher has had it with the Warriors meddling in his kingdom and summons his mighty Dino Patrol to fight alongside him in an all out brawl. The Warriors put up a good fight, but get so overwhelmed that they're forced to retreat once they get what they're looking for.
  1. Gotta Get Grup to Get Down:
  • The Warriors being able to save Grup's song with some quick thinking on their part.

  1. Thick as Thieves:
  • The warriors besting Phil with magiswords they previously thought were lame as they realize it is not the magisword, it's how you wield them that makes them cool.

  1. Biggest Fan:
  • At the end of the episode, Prohyas, who has been holding back the entire episode, totally snaps and gives Glori an overdue "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Prohyas: That's it! I was fine with you being a fan. Heck, I was even excited about it! But THIS! HAS GOT! TO STOP! Muy prontissimo! You don't need us to rescue you. you need to rescue YOURSELF from acting like a maniac! You think it's OK to mess around with people's lives like this?!? We're HUMAN BEINGS!
    Glori: But-
    Prohyas: BUT NOTHING! Wanna be a fan? Do it far away from me! I'M DONE-ION RING!
    • This could also be seen as a Take That! to real-life Loony Fans. Celebrities may be famous but they are REAL PEOPLE and they should be treated as such.

  1. Dungeons and Dayjobs:
  • The Warriors using their magiswords to finish making a ton of Slugburgers just in time for the dinner rush.
  • Hell, Ralphio of all people gets one by revealing exactly how much of a Magnificent Bastard he is, selling Prohyas a Paper Bag Magisword for practically free so that the Warriors can finish their orders, which causes Mr. Spoony to start buying magiswords for use in his kitchen.

  1. Little Sword of Horrors:
  • Prohyas and Vambre utilizes a super teamwork combo that uses the Carnivorous Plant Magisword's hunger against it-feeding it so much that it explodes.

  1. Champion of Breakfasts:
  • Prohyas and Vambre using nonviolent attack to handle Grup, Lady Hiss and Skullivan.

  1. Gut Feelings:
  • Hoppus using all his magiswords.

  1. Share and Share Dislike:
  • When Frostferatu takes the new Shooting Star Magisword away from the Warriors to get their attention, they respond by unleashing ALL THEIR ON-HAND MAGISWORDS ON HIM!

  1. Grup Jam:
  • When Ralphio tries to put a price on the map that leads to the Tall Uninteresting One, Prohyas STANDS UP TO HIM and EXPLODES at Ralphio into giving it to him by force, and actually frightened the greedy store owner into submission!
    Ralphio: I have a map, but it'll cost you-
  • Grup, who has been left out all throughout the entire basketball game, manages to score the winning point for the good guys by carrying the ball to the net and flapping his tiny wings as hard as he can!
    • And when the Galacton leader threatens the little dragon after his team loses, Princess Zange arrives and places him under arrest for attempting to invade Rhyboflavin illegally.