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  • Nigel proves despite being flightless that he can still overpower humans when he spots Blu and immediately charges after him with Gabi and Charlie.
  • Blu leading everyone against the loggers, culminating with him lifting bundles of dynamite into the air, so they would explode without damaging anything.
  • Linda and Tulio saving Eduardo from being crushed by one of the loggers' machines.
  • Though things don't exactly end well, the soccer skills Blu displays in the Pit of Doom are quite impressive.
  • Awesome Music: Most of the soundtrack is pretty awesome, but especially the opening number, "What is Love?".
    • Nigel's rendition of "I Will Survive".
    • Give the score some love too.
    • "Beautiful Creatures", not to mention the beautful coreography the spix macaws have for it.
  • Felipe and his scarlet macaw tribe joining the spixes to fight against the loggers.
    Felipe: Hey, Old Eddie! You think I'd miss this party?! Game ON!

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