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Wonderful times in Paradise P.D. when a complete loser breaks through and does something big and heroic or a long-suffering character finally catches a break be they standing up to their oppressor or something else.

Warning: Unmarked spoilers may follow.

Welcome to Paradise

  • For 13 years, Randall told Kevin that he would never get to become a cop like him and repeatedly crushed his dreams on a daily basis by means of trying to shoo him away from following his true calling in life.note  However, sometime after Kevin's 18th birthday, Kevin walked into work one day revealing to Randall that he just a job as a police officer at his police station. Randall didn't believe this shit for a second before Karen walked in and said that as the mayor, she got Kevin hired at his police station and was now forcing Randall to work with the very man he had put down for many years.
    • Let's also not ignore how Karen had an offscreen moment of awesome, as mentioned during this time when Randall told her that as a woman, she'd never become mayor only for her to, get this, become the female mayor of the town he lived in and then rub her feminist victory in his face ever since.
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  • Kevin proving in the final battle that he is worthy of being a cop by using his shop class abilities to carve a stop sign into a giant ninja throwing star and then having the finishing blow in the battle against Terry Two-Toes, when he chopped his arm off, stopping him from blowing up the dentistry.
  • Fitz also had a moment of awesome shortly later, when he heroically got over his fears (somewhat) and had a bomb-defusing robot come by and defuse the ticking time bomb.

Ass on the Line

  • Randall finally solving the Jane Doe severed ass case, just when he's at the bottom of his luck.

Black & Blue

  • Gina realizing she was wrong and stupid to confiscate Fitz's piccolo and replace it with a gun and then making up for it by apologizing and giving Fitz his piccolo back. Fitz thanked Gina for finally coming to understand his disorder and allowed for the whole ugly mess to be put behind them.
  • After being insulted and repeatedly forced out of work by Randall, Hopson strangles Randall with his crab claw, forcing him by violence to let him come out of retirement and get his old job back.

Karla 9000

  • Karen changing her mind about letting her son stay with his abuser and just in the nick of time too, as she drove Carbortion Wrex to grab Karla out of midair, just as she drove off Lover's Peak, to kill herself and Kevin, saving the latter's life and getting him away from his abusive girlfriend. Fortunately, Karla did not further attack Kevin after this as she found love with Carbortion Wrex and started publicly fucking him right then and there. She tried to get the last laugh by insulting Kevin, saying Carbortion Wrex's dick is much bigger than Kevin's but this didn't really matter as Kevin was relieved to be alive and was just happy about that.

Dungeons & Dragnet

  • Kevin and the D&D playing gang standing up to the Paradise Pentecostal Church and attacking them to save their board games and handbooks from being burned to ash.
    • Not to mention how at this time, Preacher Paul's gay son got some revenge on his homophobic father by sprinkling some fairy dust in his eyes.

Meet the Jabowskis

  • After 14 years of her memory on the instance being wiped, Gina finally gets a flashback triggered to the moment of her childhood, when she was used as a human shield by her own father and left for dead. Gina then pulls her gun on her father for treating her this way and then lying about it and then shooting him. In an instance of history repeating itself, Gina's dad blocked all of her shots with other family members and got away a briefcase of stolen money, no less but this hardly took away from the fact that Gina heroically stood up to her abuser and got her point across.
  • Gina coming back from her long "vacation" and kicking Robby and Delbert's asses right out of the station.
    Gina: Mama's home, bitches!

Police Academy

  • Kevin proving in police academy that he's actually a lot better at being a cop than his own dad.

Task Force

  • Hopson exposing Randall for the abusive-to-the-elderly asshole he is in front of the printers of "Senior Living", whereas to publicly slander him for his despicable ways after Randall was trying to conceal his abuse toward Hopson by chaining the latter up in the woods and denying his existence entirely.

Parent Trap

  • Karen and Randall offer to let Kevin come home but Kevin declines the offer, saying that he's grown up now and doesn't need to live with his parents anymore.

Christmas in Paradise

  • After Dusty's idol, Santa Claus crushes his spirits to Christmas dust by revealing that he's actually a drug lord and then mocking him relentlessly for not noticing, Dusty finally snaps and actually shows some jingle bells for the first time in his life by beating the fucking snow out of Santa Claus and then stabbing him to death with a candy cane, amid a flood of crazy profanities.
    Dusty: And I'm keeping the chuggy chuggy choo choo!

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