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Randall: I love you, son.
Kevin: Gay.
One of the great things about Paradise P.D. is that unlike it's Spiritual Antithesis, this show has a strong "family" element to its overarching theme. Granted, given that it's Paradise P.D., the heartwarming moments are always going to be very bittersweet, and most of the time, a lot more bitter than sweet, but there's still a small but noticeable dose of love in there and that's all that matters. Characters act a little bit more humane to one another, such as Karen and Randall actually caring for the safety and well-being of their son, Kevin and characters will show occasional genuine compassion for one another. Not only that, but there are some co-workers on the force, who just make small acts of kindness to each other. Not because they're family or because they have to but because they're friends and it's just the right thing to do.

Welcome to Paradise

  • Kevin wanting to grow up to be just like his dad.
    • Randall's former support of Kevin.
  • Randall saying that despite Kevin shooting him in the testicles and pretty much fucking up his whole life, he still loves him. This is especially heartwarming, given that it's coming from someone as hateful, spiteful, and jerky as Randall.
  • Karen giving Kevin a job as a police officer at Paradise P.D. Granted, she mostly did this to spite Randall but there's no doubt there wasn't still a little bit of love in there.
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  • Randall saving Karen's life and making her fall in love with him again.
  • In a surprise turn of events, Kevin is given his job back not by Karen but by Randall, even though he previously said he didn't want him working there.

Ass on the Line

  • Bullet showing Kevin that he was deeply and truly sorry for mauling him to a mutilated pulp.

Black & Blue

  • Bullet saving Hopson's life from an abusive retirement home.
  • Gina giving Fitz his piccolo back, after seeing how dangerously distraught he was without it.

Karla 9000

  • Karen supporting Kevin and trying to help him get a girlfriend.
    • It's also nice to see how Karen didn't insult Kevin, even when he was acting retarded. In fact, she even scolded Anton when he rightfully insulted her son's idiocy.
  • Fitz expressing care for his friend, by encouraging Kevin to leave his abusive relationship with Karla.
  • Karen saving Kevin's life from Karla.

Dungeons & Dragnet

  • Randall and Kevin playing D&D together.

Meet the Jabowskis

  • Gina turning against her own family in favor of her job after realizing that Chief Randall Crawford has given her more kindness and respect than her father ever could.
  • And even THEN, her father encourages her to visit for Christmas and to come by anytime.

Police Academy

  • Dusty helping Hopson get into Heaven.
  • Hopson wanting to his ex-girlfriend, Esmeralda one last fucking before he passes on to a higher plain.
    • The fact that Dusty went as far as to try and fuck an old lady just to help his friend.

Task Force

  • Mr. Meowgi saving Dusty from getting raped by Gina.

Parent Trap

  • Kevin going to the hospital to check on Fitz, when he was in a coma.
  • Kevin looking back at the picture of the time he and his family went to see Insane Clown Posse and remembering the good times they spent together as a family before his mom and dad's divorce.
  • Karen and Randall reuniting as lovers and then passionately fucking each other dry.

Christmas in Paradise

  • Kevin continuing to visit Fitz in his coma every single day and spending lots of time with him, talking to him and checking on him, proving that Kevin is actually visiting his friend because he cares and not just as some cheap one-time token gesture.
  • Randall proposing to Karen so they can get remarried.
  • Randall congratulating Kevin for his heroism in arresting Dusty. It was very nice to see Randall give Kevin some much-needed appreciation even if it was based on a lie.

Paradise Found

  • Gina visiting Dusty every day in prison and trying to break him out.
  • The short amount of time when Kevin was being respected and hailed as a hero before he was eventually defamed.
  • Karen and Randall getting remarried in such a magical and loving way, proving that they really do love each other at the end of the day.
  • Kevin proving that Dusty was innocent and allowing himself to be publicly mocked and scorned just so that he could save the life of an innocent friend.

Big Ball Energy

  • Randall trying to keep his marriage with Karen alive by getting a ball transplant and Karen proving in the end that she still loves him even more so than Agent Clappers despite his lack of testicles.

Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick

  • Randall gave Kevin a hug. The depths of Randall's love for him were even called out when Kevin called him gay.

Who Ate Wally's Waffles?

  • Robby's family putting up with all his shit.
  • The strong emotional bond between unlikely "brothers", Robby and Delbert.
  • As disgusting as it was, Karen helping Kevin go potty was actually very sweet.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note

  • Hopson saving Bullet's life and Bullet thanking him by being his best friend.

Flip the Vote

  • Fitz getting married to The Dolphin Queen.
  • Randall's love for Dobby.

Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry

  • Randall giving Woody his teddy bear to help him feel more comfortable at night, to combat his nightmares about his abusive birth mother.

Operation: D.D.

  • Karen and Randall showing deep and honest remorse for how they've been shitty parents to Kevin and then making a promise to start treating him with more respect.

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