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In the actual show, this sh*t isn't censored.

While Brickleberry wasn't without it's grosser moments, Paradise P.D. make its spiritual predecessor look like Peppa Pig in comparison, as this show takes everything gross and offensive about the previous series and cranks it up to sixty nine.

Being a Netflix original, showrunners Roger Black and Waco O'Guin don't need to worry about the Censorship Bureau, so unlike with their previous work, they're allowed to go full throttle with showing off all the sex, nudity, violence, drugs, and racism their cold and shriveled hearts desire. This article will focus mostly on the "sex and nudity" aspect, though full disclosure, this will overlap.



  • Kevin shooting Randall in the testicles. Although it technically only happened in the first episode, it's a major plot point that sticks with the show forever.
  • Gina's constant sexual harassment of Dusty.
  • Every time Hopson shows up on screen, get ready for him to make some kind of obscene sexual reference or demonstrate a shocking sexual act.
  • Flipper people. Even when they're not doing anything sexual or just standing there, just the idea of having hands like that is painfully disturbing.
  • Bullet has relations with human women.

Season 1

Welcome to Paradise

  • A 5-year-old Kevin finds a gun, plays with it, and shoots his dad, Randall in the testicle, while he was fucking his wife, Karen. Randall's ball gets blown up and it splatters blood all over the bedroom. Randall drops to the ground, screaming in pain and Kevin panics, thinking he had the safety on. Kevin tries to activate the safety to avoid any future mishaps, only to fire another bullet into Randall's good testicle, blowing up them both.
    • Following the destruction of his testicles, Randall requires testosterone patches just to keep him from physically transforming into a she-male. As demonstrated in this episode, Randall going for too long without his testosterone patches, causes him to sprout a big fat pair of titties that burst right out of his shirt.
  • When we're first introduced to Gina, we see her yanking on Dusty's dick and fondling his manboobs.
  • Hopson tells the story about how he once fingered Mickey Rooney.
  • Fitz likens the sunset logo of their company to a puckered anus, which pisses Randall off. note 
  • Bullet's friend, Buster, permanently has his dick up a little chihuahua's butt. note 
  • A dog doing blow off a female dog's big long row of tits.
  • Hobo Cop walks around pantsless in church, with just a sock covering his manhood. After eating pages from the bible, he goes to take a holy shit.
  • While Dusty is hospitalized, Gina peeks under the blanket to look at his buried penis.
    Gina: Looks like we're having six more weeks of winter.
  • Fitz accidentally plays with Hobo Cop's jizz sock.
  • Hobo Cop teaches Fitz how to wet his pants.
  • Randall's tits popping out, as mentioned before.

Ass on the Line

  • Kevin dresses up in a furry costume and entertains kids at an elementary school, playing the role of "Molesto the Sex Crime Dog", who teaches the kids how to avoid being sexually harassed, by demonstrating sexual harassment ... on them.
    Kevin: Everyone you know is a molester! If they're Caucasian or they're Asian or they're Black. Even sweet old Dr. Becker wants to check your little pecker and Roy the plumber wants to cock your crack.
    • In an insane plot twist, we find out that the shocked and appalled teacher of said class, was in possession of tons of child pornography, herself.
  • This episode introduces a breed of half-human hybrids known as "Flipper People", born to a bunch of drunken hillbillies and a dolphin at the zoo, many years ago.
  • Hopson tells sexual stories of his past in fucking around with such famous boxers as Joe Lewis and Jack Dempsy.
  • Due to a poor division of evidence, Paradise is forced to identify a murder victim by nothing but their bottom half, while Diamond City gets all the good stuff. Randall spends his time, observing this victim's ass intently, taking notes of all the hairs and freckles on this mystery man's butt and even taking a peek down his anus for a closer look.
    Fitz: Careful, Chief! That stink eye's gunna give you pinkeye!
  • Bullet's signature move, when fighting other dogs is "applying the lipstick".
  • Randall goes around, showing pictures of John Doe's asshole to random people on the street, including a couple eating calimari, making them barf.
  • Dusty reveals that he bleaches his cat's asses and goes in very, very great detail about it too.
  • Edna explaining to children that she uses her feet to masturbate.

Black & Blue

  • For the first but certainly not last time, Gina shoves a man's head up another man's ass. As she does, we see a splatter of shit blasting out of the guy's ass too.
  • Randall changes Hopson's diaper and gets pissed on by his long, white, hairy dick.
    Dusty: It looks like Betty White with a dead snake in her mouth!
  • Dusty eats the head off a pigeon ... twice.
  • Really every scene at the retirement home was this because, let's face it. Old people are gross.
  • Fitz shoots himself in the dick. Well, he finds out later that it was actually just his leg but the phrase "#NoNotMyDick!" is still repeated throughout the episode.
  • FOX News recording Fitz and greenscreening him off Dusty's ass.
  • The fact that the food from Red Lobster is actually dismembered parts of senior citizens is completely fucking gross.
  • Fitz raping Dusty in drag up the ass, while he performs an abortion on Gina, even if it was all fake.

Karla 9000

  • Kevin has sex with a car in this episode. Nuff said.
  • Robby vomits on Kevin's girlfriend and then Delbert eats the vomited-up food straight off of her skirt. Robby feels back about what he did so he makes it up to her by pissing all over her.
  • Hobo Cop shits in a jar.
  • Because Kevin can't afford a real police alarm, he has Hobo Cop shove his hand up a cat's ass and stick it out the sunroof of the car, so that it's pained screeches can be heard up and down the streets.
  • Hopson tells the story of being a fluffer on the set of 12 Angry Men.
    Hopson: 12 relaxed men, when I was through with them.
  • The name "Pedro Pooptooth" is called out in-universe for being a disgusting name because it's way too ethnic.
  • Delbert sticks his thumb up an elephant's ass.

Dungeons & Dragnet

  • Bullet covering his boner with a bible.
  • Preacher Paul's gay son's homosexual reprogrammer is actually a pedophile priest and a gay one at that. He takes Preacher Paul's son to camp, where he binds him up in bondage and whips him straight again.
  • Kevin has sex with a watermelon sex doll, that doubles as a father figure.
  • Fitz also calls out Randall on fucking a watermalon but Randall defends himself and makes it clear that it was actually a honeydew! As though that makes a difference.
  • Randall tries to bond with Kevin by watching porn with him.
    Randall: I thought this would be fun but now that it's happening, it's just disturbing.
    Kevin: Yeah, especially since that's a video of you and mom.
  • One of the kids in Kevin's D&D group is a sick fuck, who likes to watch his sister in the shower.
  • A lying teenager dressed as Jesus Christ, fucks Chastity up the anus in church.

Meet the Jabowskis

  • Gina forcefeeding a nun a bunch of soda until she gets bloodshot eyes and her veins show in her forehead.
  • Gina's brainus.
  • Robby sucking a guy off for crack.
  • Hooker Gina dying a horrific death by rolling her eyes into the back of her head, foaming at the mouth, and voiding her bowels all over the car seat.
  • Elon Musk sucking his own dick.
  • Hobo Cop swimming around in a pool of corpses in a garbage bin.
  • Bullet forces Fitz watch him lick his own crotch.
  • Robby and Delbert buy crystal buttplugs.
  • Robby and Delbert rape the corpse of Hooker Gina.
  • Bullet and Fitz's fight sounding like sex out of context.
    Fitz: Oh, I'm gunna fuck yo ass up!
    Bullet: How would you like to get choked by something furry!?
  • Hopson tricks Randall into kissing his dick ... twice.
  • Fitz shoves a semen-drenched motel blanket in Bullet's mouth.
  • Gina gets long-awaited revenge on Robby and Delbert by shoving Delbert's head up Robby's ass.

Police Academy

  • Hopson thinking he's dead and prancing around ass-naked in front of everybody, teabagging people and farting in people's faces. What makes it worse is everybody is forced to pretend they don't notice.
    Randall: Oh, everything's normal. [ack] So normal I can taste it!
  • Bullet had sex with a cat.
    • More specifically, he did blow off her asshole.
  • Hopson pisses in the coffee that Fitz is drinking, making him spit it out in disgust. Fitz then tries to wash it out with water but Hopson says he dunked his nuts in the water dispenser.
  • Kevin is forced to dress up like a hula dancing woman and tricked into giving Delbert a handjob.
  • Hopson apparently tricked Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic into drawing him naked, while he was dressed as Rose.
    Hopson: Don't be afraid to make my tits look big.
  • An angry neighbor spanking Dusty sexually and implying that he does that to his son.
  • In an actually pretty clever comedy bit, Prop Cop whips out a fistful of shit and gives us a barrage of puns.
    Prop Cop: Boy, shit just got real! Get it? It's real shit! Boy, I pulled this joke out of my ass. What? Does this bit stink? Too corny?
  • Randall shitting his pants after getting pepper-sprayed.
  • Dusty fucks a gross naked old lady to death.

Task Force

  • Handi-Cop puts a dildo in his mouth and asks Gina to sit on his face.
  • Kevin and his Task Force’s office is located in the basement, which is underneath a busted toilet pipe, making the room full of toilet water, piss, and shit.
  • Lady Gertrude taking off her robe and revealing her naked old lady body complete with a second beard drooping off of her pussy. She also forces Kevin to motorboat it.
  • Mr. Meowgi buying Dusty’s virginity on the internet and then whipping him silly in some king cross-species S&M shit, while Joe Biden watches and masturbates.

Parent Trap

  • Pussyland. makes it's first appearance in this episode and it's just about as gross as it sounds.
  • Kevin talks to a comatose Fitz and notices his boner and takes this as a sign that he can hear him.
  • While comatose, Fitz has a wet dream about Shelley Long but because Kevin keeps talking to him, his likeness is incorporated into the dream, with a bunch of tiny faces of his replacing Long's genitals. Fitz decided, fuck it. I'm still going for it, only to find out that his dick has also been replaced by a Kevin head.
    Kevin: Hi, Fitz!
    Fitz: Aaah! God dammit!
  • Dusty showing off his big fat naked ass through his Native American loincloth.
  • Karen putting a mousetrap on Randall's testicles.
  • Randall and Karen fucking each other silly all over the house, and even dryhumping their son by mistake

Christmas in Paradise

  • Gina plans to have Dusty kiss her on the vagina lips under the mistletoe.
  • Kevin receiving a blowjob from Hopson through the glory hole.
  • A flashback to the events of “Welcome to Paradise” revealing that after Randall grew boobs, Kevin was turned on and tried to feel them.

Season 2

Paradise Found

  • Robby and Delbert jerking off into a test tube and mixing their cum together to create a mutated homunculus creature, which they call their son.
  • Kevin wins an award for "loudest masturbator".
  • Hopson being implied to have given Kevin a handjob.
  • Randall whacking Hopson with a shit stick, causing him to fly into the sky on a geyser of his own diarrhea.
  • Thester offers to travel back in time and prevent his own birth by sucking his seed out of his dad's tallywacker.
  • Randall's brain developing a penis and ejaculating hundreds of other tiny brains into his head.
  • Toilet-cam footage showing Dusty taking a shit in the toilet from beneath his ass.
  • Harvey Winstein raping a plant.

Big Ball Energy

  • Dusty serving people cookies, resembling Kevin sucking a giant cock.
  • Jojo Siwa getting high on houndstooth meth and tearing her face off with a wrench.
    Jojo Siwa: I'M THE DEVIL!!!
  • In one of the most iconically gross moments of the show, Randall gets surgery to fill his scrotum with hundreds of testicles and then walks around town like that, showing off his big ball energy.
  • Randall getting into a ball-off with Agent Clappers, where they take turns kicking each other in the tested to test each other's strength. This ends with Agent Clappers kicking Randall in his overinflated scrotum, causing it to pop open and flood the children's hospital with balls, burying a cancer kid alive.
  • Kevin masturbates in front of monkeys at the zoo.

Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick

  • Dusty eating eggs that are shat out of Hopson's ass.
    Dusty: These is better than they ones they serve at Denny's.
  • The Paradise P.D. Men's Force compensating for their lack of exercise equipment with each other, using Dusty's boobs as punching bags, Hopson's dick as a jump rope, and Kevin's boner as a fist to punch Bullet in the face.
  • Kevin, in the form of Kev-Man impregnating several women just by looking at them.
  • The entire evil plan made by Gal-Qaeda, which is to dissolve the dicks of every male in Paradise. They plan on putting acid in all the chicken wing sauce at Hooters, so that guys will get it on their hands and since wing sauce stains people's hands for at least three days and men can't go half a day without jerking it, they'll inevitably disintegrate their ding-dongs to death within mere hours and have no idea what hit them.
  • Tucker Carlson revealing that he is actually a giant anthropomorphic penis and there being a bunch of gross visual dick gags during his fight with Fitz and Thester.
  • Gina punching Kev-Man in the face with her boobs.

Who Ate Wally's Waffles?

  • Dusty filling a bunch of jars with piss.
  • Randall begging Kevin to shit at work. He asks for him just to poke out a little turtle head, while he grabs on to do the rest.
  • Randall takes a violent bloody shit only once a month and then needs to shoot it to death before flushing it to keep the living creature from coming back and killing everyone.
  • Delbert playing ring toss by throwing funions at Tom Hanks' erect penis.
  • Robby flaying Goofy and wearing his bloody flesh as a skin suit.
  • Hopson suspecting Kevin is guilty of having three dicks.
  • Karen helping Kevin poop in the toilet like he's two years old.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note

  • Hopson sneaking into the shower to stare at Kevin's cock.
  • Jerry barfs up Mary Poppins.
  • Hopson getting kicked out of his nursing home for sucking a woman's tits.
  • All of the scenes with naked Hopson pretending to be a dog.
  • Dusty dressed up in a sexy cat outfit.
  • Pat Robertson admits to jerking off to pictures of Jesus Christ.

Flip the Vote

  • Ronald MethDonald vomiting up blood on a bunch of kids.
  • Kevin shows Randall a drawing he made of himself shooting his dad in the testicles.
  • Randall brings up a time when Kevin got cum all over his Hustler magazine.
  • Karen's topless victory dance.
  • Hopson has a children's game called "Teabag the corpse".
    Hopson: Choking hazard.
  • Dobby shoving a screwdriver up Randall's dick.
  • Fitz is forced into having sex with a dolphin. A montage that includes lots of rapey weirdness.
    Fitz: This is why you don't go into politics, kids.
  • Hopson teabags the dead bodies of Dusty, Gina, and Bullet.

Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry

  • Karen barfs into her beer bottle and then drinks it again.
  • Dusty farts in the car and the windows are stuck so they can't roll them down. Hopson tries to make things better by shitting in his pants.
  • Denzel shows Steve some weird gerontophile porn of an old lady with a long, droopy pussy.
  • Connie begging Ethel to lick her box.
  • Woody shoves Connie's steam-powered dildo up Randall's chin.
  • BoDean tells the long and rambling story of Bobby getting high, raping him, and dying.
  • Ethel asking Gina if the sexual things he does with Dusty involve "Cutting him out of his house." ... whatever that means.
  • All of the animals in the Hazelhurst Titty Bar being revealed to actually be animals.
  • Dr. Kuzniak gives a rimjob to a duck.
  • Ethel and Gina lighting a firecracker to blow Firecracker Jim's dick off, making it open up and look like the head of a Demagorgon.
  • Gina living out her oddly food-specific sexual fantasy with Connie, mistaking her for Dusty.
  • Dusty building statues of The Golden Girls out of shit.
  • Randall beinging back his stripper alter-ego of "Summar Sausage".
    Woody: Wait, why do you have tits?
    Randall: Yeah, long story.
  • The shocking revalation that Malloy had been trapped inside of Dusty's fat rolls for three days, explaining his absence. One can only imagine the pure horror he went through, while in there.

Operation: D.D.

  • Pussyland is revisited and even Fitz is suffering from the overdose of pussy.
  • Thester using the corpse of his taxidermy grandmother as a puppet.
    • It's later revealed that Thester occasionally has sex with this thing too.
  • The Cops, Karen, and Thester riding on Dusty's back, while whacking him with the shit stick.
  • Hopson killing a flipper mutant by jamming a metal dildo into his head and making him explode.
  • Hopson getting an erection, while tied up in chains.
    Fitz: Why does Hopson have an erection?
    Hopson: I get fear boners.
  • Agent Clappers making Randall shove his hand down his pants to feel his balls by means of gaining his trust back.
    Hopson: Now convince my tonsils.
  • When Kevin goes to Pussyland, the place is guarded by a large gate with a giant pussy on it, that he's supposed to "get off", before she opens up for him. However, Kevin has his own ways of getting her off. When he tries to pleasure her with sparkling conversation, he actually grosses her out and makes her shrivel up and die because of how nerdy he is.
    Kevin: Now, here's why My Hero Academia is one of the better animes of the new Japanese renaissance, it-
    Vagina: Ack! Too gross! Nerd talk! Aaaaack! (shrivels up and turns to dust)
  • Dusty splitting his pants and two birds flying into his anus and then fighting, fucking, or both in there.

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