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Headscratchers / Paradise PD

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  • Just why is a small police force for a town in charge of investigating the Argyle meth trade instead of the DEA?
    • Because the mayor is corrupt and/or incompetent and probably kept it quiet as long as she could so her administration could get credit for solving it.
  • Okay, seriously. What is with the Kamehameha energy ball thing that Bullet does in the intro?
    • This Troper would attribute it to Rule of Cool, as most of the stuff in the intro we never see outside of it, aside from the featured gag at the end of it (e.g. when Bullet gets his sobriety patch, we see that instead of his bong).
    • I always figured it's a Shout-Out to Hadouken from Street Fighter. Steve from Brickleberry tried that in "Amber Alert" on a bully who banged his mom.
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    • Or that Bullet's only doing so in his hallucinations induced by one or more of those many drugs.
  • Heroin has a very bitter taste. How come Dusty's fried chicken tasted really good when he put heroin in it?
    • Dusty's chicken doesnt actually taste all that good, everyone who eats it are just getting high off the heroin which is why they love it so much.
  • In episode 1, Randall said "We only have 12 bullets to last us till the end of the month!" before Kevin wasted them all at the video store. Where did Hopson get a bullet for his gun to accidentally almost shoot himself when Karen called him?
    • Plot hole.
  • In episode 9, Randall claims that he first met Karen (Kevin's mother) by rescuing her from an apartment building on fire after rejecting an elderly woman, an Asian guy, and a baby cause he's not Kevin Spacey. This was roughly 18 years ago because Randall and Karen's son is at least 18 now - meaning the fire incident took place in the late 90s. However, the sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey did not break out until 2017, and Season 1 occurred in its release year (2018) making reference to Donald Trump's presidency. Am I the only one confused how Randall could know about Spacey's alleged behavior in the late 90s if the victim didn't speak out back then? Even so, wasn't Kevin Spacey's victim at least 14 years old (at the time), what makes Randall think Spacey would want to rape a baby?
    • Not all comedians care to account for time-frames when referencing topical subjects in flashbacks?


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