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The Ren & Stimpy Show was one of the most controversial shows in the 1990's, partly because it was one of the first gross-out shows out there, and one of the biggest examples. This is the show that popularized the Gross-Up Close-Up trope, after all.

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    Spümcø episodes 
  • "The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball". Stimpy runs out of hair to lick up and swallow; Ren doesn't have enough, but Bubba is hairier than a Greek. Stimpy tries to stop at one revoltingly hairy arm, but Ren goes, "Where are you going? Your plate's still full!" Cue shot of Bubba's hideous back. Then, a shot of Stimpy trying to speak around the mass of black clocksprings in his mouth.
  • In the first episode "Stimpy's Big Day/The Big Shot", when Ren tries to take credit of Stimpy's winning poem worth $47,000,000 he tries to prove that "he's the cat". This results in him eating kitty litter.
  • In "Mad Dog Höek", when trying to get Lump's shoe off his tail, Ren inadvertently rips the top of his shoe off, revealing a giant, throbbing boil on his big toe. He holds it up to his face, gives the audience an excited look, opens wide, and bites it, causing an explosion of sickly orange pus.
  • "Son Of Stimpy". Long story short, Stimpy farts for the first time and spends the rest of the episode looking for his sentient flatulence.
  • "Ren's Toothache". That episode truly does a good job of teaching us that it pays to brush your teeth.
    • On the page image, there's Ren's extremely gross teeth.
    • Ren plucking out his nerve endings to give to the "Nerve Ending Fairy".

    Games episodes 
  • For a specific example, the episode Double Header begins with Ren and Stimpy being hit by a bus, and in order to survive they're stitched together. They then get jobs as freaks at a circus, and the first freak they meet has the lower half of a human growing out of his chest. And it's Truth in Television; it's known as parasitic twins.
    • Later in the same episode, they're hit by "Ursa Minor"note , and are stitched together again. Only this time, Ren's head and legs are sticthed to Stimpy's back, with Ren's attached right above Stimpy's...posterior. The episode ends with Stimpy eating "barbecued Boston baked beans"...and that's all there is to say about that.
  • "Stimpy's Cartoon Show": The first half is just Stimpy growing more and more haggard as he tries animating an entire short film on his own. The second half is Wilbur Cobb decomposing before our very eyes.
  • There are two notable examples in "Magical Golden Singing Cheeses". First is the Jester cutting off the skin near his elbow with a cheese grater, rubbing a lemon against the wound, and finally pouring salt onto it. The second is the scene wher Stimpy pries off a giant ogre's toenail with a crowbar. This causes one of the corns on the giant's toe to rupture and start oozing pus.
  • In "Travelogue," Both Ren and Stimpy are shown vomiting offscreen (rather violently, for that matter,) after eating "monkey brain soup." (It should be mentioned that the locals appreciate this.)
    • In the same episode, Stimpy is shown eating a sandwich with products better left to the imagination, (bones, eyeballs, raw fish, etc.)
    • Again, same episode, the country they were visiting is called "Acromeglia." This is based off of the disease "acromegaly," which is "an abnormal growth of the hands, feet, and face."
  • "Jerry the Bellybutton Elf": After Stimpy crawls inside his own navel, Ren breaks into tears. What should have been a tearjerker moment is ruined when Ren inexplicably starts chewing Stimpy's bellybutton.
  • In "Road Apples," instead of the big, hot meal they were hoping for, Mr. Pipe tells them they need to drink a big glass of skunk milk. The following scene is not pretty. It consists of Ren eating his own vomit and smiling with disgustingly discolored teeth.
  • The entirety of "Blazing Entrails," and how. It comes in waves of nausea fuel.
  • "Insomniac Ren" has one moment where Stimpy, fresh out of milk, offers Ren some mystery brew that puts him halfway to sleep. When Ren asks for another, Stimpy calls in a camel who phlegms into a glass and Stimpy urges Ren to drink it while it's still fizzy.

    Adult Party Cartoon 
  • Bambi eating Ren's mom's placenta in "Ren Seeks Help."
    • In the same episode, Ren's parents making out. Their faces become more realistic right before they kiss and you can see their tongues slip out. Also, Ren's dad hikes up his mother's skirt and she's either wearing a g-string or going commando. Keep in mind that this is happening while they've tasked Ren with chainsawing a frog to death. That, and the fact that Ren is narrating this, meaning he knows about his parents' sex life and has no problem telling others about it.
    • Some of the horrifying ways that Ren abused others, but most prominently how he tortured the frog.
  • "Naked Beach Frenzy" has Ren washing naked women in the shower room, and then Ren sinks into a naked man's rectum.
  • Basically the entirety of "Onward and Upward",note  wherein the duo live in a spittoon and they eat the stuff that the people in the bar spit in there, from snot to blood.
  • The Cheif taking a dump onscreen in "Fire Dogs 2". Twice.

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