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Ren and Stimpy don't have George Jetson Job Security
Episodes that start with Ren and Stimpy poor and homeless are actually them between jobs.

Stimpy is part of the reason Yui Hirasawa from K-On! is somewhat goofy.
  • What does this mean?

The theory for this show. WARNING: Major Tear Jerker material.
There was once a young boy who lived in Canada. He was always made fun of in school for always making jokes about boogers and farting. Everyone hated him and called him a disgusting weirdo, even the teachers.

His only friends were two pets he had at home. One of them was a chihuahua, who, despite being aggressive with strangers, was friendly with his owner. The other was an extremely obese cat who slept a lot, and often ate his own droppings. The boy often drew cartoons of the two doing stuff together, and having weird adventures.


When the boy was a teenager, the chihuahua attacked a child, and had to be put down. A short time later, the cat died of heart failure. Both animals were buried right next to each other.

The boy was depressed; the only things left of his two friends were those cartoons he had drawn, so he decided to do something with them.

Years later, after he had grown up, he went on to become an animator, making an award-winning cartoon series out of his two deceased friends. The boy? John Kricfalusi. The show? Ren and Stimpy.

Jossed. Stimpy was based off a cat John would constantly doodle in school, and Ren was based off a chihuahua he once saw in a postcard.

Ren and Stimpy are the reincarnations of Moe and Larry, respectively.

Ren is violent, short-tempered, and domineering like Moe, while Stimpy is more submissive and sweet. To boot, Stimpy's voice is identical to Larry Fine's.


Wilbur Cobb suffers from leprosy
Explaining why his body seems to be falling apart.

Somebody actually ripped ass in the broadcast booth while they were recording the voice track to "Stimpy's Fan Club".
And John K. was all, "Yeah, Throw It In!." I mean, ya gotta admit, that sounded real, man.
  • At what point does anyone 'rip ass' in this episode? What is this a reference to?
    • In the scene where Stimpy catches Ren writing a mean reply letter to the boy who wets the bed, he apologizes and swears to be "more kind and compassionate". Just as Ren solemnly raises a hand aloft, a loud flatulent noise is heard. It just comes out of nowhere and sounds like an actual fart the mike accidentally caught.

Stimpy is a Time Lord and his litter box is his TARDIS.
Then again, if a litter box was your first material possession, you'd be attached to it either way.

They're both victims of animal cruelty.
This is the reason Ren acts insane / psychotic /what-have-you, and why Stimpy acts the way he doesnote . Oh sure, you could say that it's because it suits the gag of the moment, but as far as their creator is concerned, it might as well be the above case. After all, the show has a number of instances that are either legitimately meant to get a laugh, or appear to be funny, but really aren't, or in some cases, ambiguous.
Related to the above, Ren has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
That ice cream bar must have meant a lot to him...
  • Furthermore, it wasn't the narrator who made Stimpy push "the jolly, candy-like button", it was his space madness, which had taken the form of the narrator.

Stimpy isn't a "cat" at all
A cat John K. doodled in school? Either way, Stimpy is just called a "cat" since he has vaguely cat-like features. Oh sure, you could say that he's a manx (cats without tails). Heck, even John K. could say it, but as far as John K is concerned, his not having a tail could just be a running gag meant to be the you-know-what of the joke is being done at the moment. After all, even in animation, no "cat" could ever look that "eediotic". In fact...
Stimpy might even be an amoeba.
And as everyone knows, amoebas have no brains; Stimpy's "tiny brain" could just be a brain shape (that Stimpy knows how to make) for all we know. Think about it. It could explain how Stimpy is able to squish Griity Kitty litter between his (nonexistent) toes, AND why his character model is so subject to changes!note 

"Ren Seeks Help" is the chronological series finale of the show.
Ren's insanity is brought to light and he gets locked up for it. Stimpy finally sees Ren's abuse for what it is and hits the Despair Event Horizon. Mr. Horse is Killed Off for Real. All of these things feel very final and permanent, even for a show like this.

Ren's dad wasn't a real priest
The guy's Bible is hollowed out and has a gun in it. How many actual priests do that? My guess is that he's probably running an illegitimate church where he scams his followers into giving him money. It would certainly explain where Ren gets his greed.

On that note, Dr. Mr. Horse wasn't really a psychologist.
Ren was hallucinating. He thought Mr. Horse was a psychologist, when in fact he was just a random stiff who Ren happened to meet. Mr. Horse was willing to tolerate Ren's story a little until Ren got to what he did to Stimpy, which was the last straw for him. There's even a line that kind of supports this one:
Mr. Horse: What kind of a lunatic are you? You just walk up to strangers on the street and tell them "hey mister you want to hear some sick stories of my twisted youth"!?

The reboot will take jabs at John K
A scene will have the duo Leaning on the Fourth Wall about their comeback, but when Stimpy is about to mention their creator, Ren cuts him off and harshly tells him to Never Say That Again, saying that this reboot is their chance to redeem their tarnished reputation. The same could be applied to Adult Party Cartoon, followed by a Let Us Never Speak of This Again reaction by Ren.

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