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The year is 2005.
  • Not sure if WMG is the right place but:
    • In "Prank Callers" the most recent year shown when they travel to the past is 2004, making 2004 the "past year".
    • 2005 is the year in which J. G. Quintel (aka Mordecai) was 23 years old.
    • In "The Best VHS in the World" it is implied that DVD has surpassed VHS in usage, which happened in 2003.

Pops is Benson's father or grandfather that he's caring for.
  • Jossed. We've seen both Benson's and Pops's families, they don't seem to be related.

Rigby and Mordecai are reincarnations of Beavis And Butthead.
  • Rigby is Beavis and Mordecai is Butt-Head

Alternatively, they're like Sam & Max if they came from California instead of New York
  • Mordecai is Sam and Rigby is Max. Mordecai has a laidback personality and is tall, Rigby has a hyperactive one and is short, both are co-workers who are almost never seen apart. Despite being the laidback one, Mordecai/Sam is not afraid to be violent to Rigby/Max due to their size, yet Rigby/Max is known to be the more violent one in fights with their enemies. Both star in Subverted Kids' Show s and live in ostensibly normal places that quickly turn into Crapsack Worlds due to their actions. Both live where they work. The premise of each episode of both is them getting given a task by their boss (in Mordecai and Rigbys case, Benson, and in Sam And Max's case, The Commissioner) and finding it doesn't go exactly as they planned. Both have been best friends since childhood and are well known to each others families, and despite occasional fighting, are inseparable and couldn't work apart. Both have TV Show, Comic Book and Videogame equivalents. The Comic book version of Regular Show is significantly crazier than the TV Show, which is true of the Sam And Max comics as well. The main difference in their personalities is that Sam and Max are harder working because they are detectives and a decade or two older, whereas Mordecai And Rigby's job of looking after the park is shown to be the only job they could get, and as such, they don't particularly care about it.

Alternatively, the series tales place in the same universe as Sam & Max
Both have anthropomorphic animals and humans coexisting, with a lot of strange villains and monsters turning up to terrorise otherwise mundane settings.

The reason Rigby is so lazy?
He's a raccoon. Raccoons are nocturnal. Go figure.

Muscle Man and Starla are of the same species as Ganon.
I don't mean that they are Gerudo, such as those found in Ocarina of Time I'm referring to his more piggish depictions. The CD-i games come to mind, but most canon Ganons have distinct boar characteristics. Traits they share: green skin, IMMENSE physical power, piggy body types, incredibly destructive, clearly evil tendencies, affinity for the undead, the list goes on... IT ALL FITS!
  • Wrong. Muscle man's brother is shown to be a normal human being. His character design is meant to imply substance abuse.
    • Muscle Man had green skin ever since he was a kid. His trucker dad shared the same trait. Perhaps his brother is adopted?
      • YOU KNOW WHO ELSE MIGHT LOOK LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING? THEIR MOM! yeah, so John must've got normal skin from their mom.
      • Jossed, Muscle Man's Mom is green as well. So his brother might well be adopted
  • Well, considering the fact that Gerudos are a subspecies of humans in the Zelda series, you might be on to something.

CJ founded the Cloud Kingdom.
She strikes me as a character that would come from Adventure Time.

Mordecai and Rigby have some sort of connection to Reginald and Beartato
The adventures of an anthropomorphic Avian and his short brown furry friend that take place in a bizarre world that treads the line between impossibly insane and average. Which pair am I talking about? Now the only question is: Alternate universe or failed prototypes?

An RS video game
How about a game where the people from Regular Show beat a bunch of other people up? It could be a side-scrolling Streets of Rage-style Beat em' up! You could play as everyone who works at the park, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and it would support up to four players.
  • Mordecai would be like Axel, a balanced character with no significant strengths or weaknesses.
  • Rigby would be like Skate, a short Fragile Speedster who uses rapid fire attacks to make up for his lack of power.
  • Muscle Man would form the equivalent of Adam, Heavy on power but slower than Mordecai.
  • High Five Ghost would be the Roo or Ash of the game, a Lethal Joke Character with terrible range and weak attacks but great speed and a near infinite combo attack.
  • Pops would be our Max equivalent, his age makes him the slowest character of the group but his really real wrestling would do the most damage.
  • Confirmed, expect it's not a beat 'em up, but a platformer, and only Mordecai and Rigby are playable.

The entire series is a shared hallucination between Benson and Mordecai, who are actually both human, drug-abusing, gas station clerks.
  • I basically think that at the beginning of every episode, Mordecai and Rigby do LSD, and halfway through the episode, it kicks in.
This theory starts with J.G. Quintel's short, 2 in the AM PM. I think everyone aware of both of these things thought of this already.
  • What I wanna know is, since it was at least an acid trip in that short, what did Benson really eat when he ate what he thought was a gumball, taken from himself?
    • I always assumed the gumball was just in his pocket or something.
  • I believe SEVERELY that, since they both saw themselves in a different form, "Benson" turning his gumball knob, and the cop taking his head off and riding it (smashing the door), everything actually happened. Could there have been actual acid (as in the melt-your-flesh-off variety) in the candy?
  • Alternatively, everyone on Regular Show are drug-addicted humans who would have appeared in 2 in the AM PM, including Skips, Muscle Man (see a WMG below), Margaret, and especially Rigby, to the point that he sometimes acts like a raccoon. But not Pops. He's the Naïve Man from Lolliland and is normally crazy.
  • Benson got promoted because he never took drugs again after 2 in the AM PM, which is why he has authority over Mordecai and Rigby and why he is uptight while they are chilled-out stoners. We see things from their point of view, which is why he is still a gumball machine.

The show takes place somewhere in the The Land Of Ooo.
Pops and Benson are originally from the Candy Kingdom, and Pops was formerly an ambassador for Princess Bubblegum's royal family.
  • He's from the Land of Lollipops, not the Candy Kingdom.
    • Maybe the Land of Lollipops is a region of the Candy Kingdom?
      • Maybe the show actually takes place in the future Land of Ooo, and the Land of Lollipops was annexed from the Candy Kingdom at some point.
      • Or the REVERSE - The show actually takes place in the distant past, which eventually becomes The Land of Ooo. Benson and Pops are some of the first candy people, and the Land of Lollipops eventually grows into the full-fledged Candy Kingdom.
      • Not likely, as most of the candy people evolved from taffy-like substances as revealed in the Adventure Time episode Simon & Marcy.
      • Supported by the existence of humans in RS.
  • A friend and I actually have a theory that Regular Show is an alternate timeline offshoot from Adventure Time. A timeline where the dog/rainicorn war and the Great Mushroom War didn't happen, or at least not to such an extent that it made humans nearly extinct. The "magic" coming out and possible radiation would explain the talking/humanoid animals and normally inanimate objects, and the wars not happening would explain why civilization is still mostly intact. That sort of makes sense, right?
  • Makes sense, the bombs might be light enough in the Regular Show area that the buildings wouldn't be very much affected and modern life could continue, but heavy enough to cause minor to major mutations.

Everything is a hallucination of Pops's.
Mordecai and Rigby are just a regular blue jay and raccoon. Benson is just a gumball machine. Skips is just a gorilla plushie or some such. In fact, it really would be a regular show... if Pops were anything resembling sane, that is.
  • "Jolly good show!"
    • One problem with this WMG: Pops is a lollipop, so if he's hallucinating, does that mean he's hallucinating he's a lollipop?
      • In the original short, Benson hallucinated that he was a gumball machine, while Mordecai hallucinated that he was a blue jay. So really, the fact that Pops is a lollipop isn't really a problem, it's actually more of a supporting fact.

This takes place in an alternate universe where everything that happens is actually just normal.
If they were able to see what Real Life was like, they'd probably assume our entire story was just a hallucination. Because everyone knows that every single show that merits a WMG on TV Tropes has to be a hallucination of some kind.

All forms of bodily assault are legal in this world.
Rock paper scissors is an evil game, but playing punchies is perfectly acceptable. By that logic, beating up someone's grandmother should be totally fine.

The Death Dump
Mordecai said that the dump could be used to escape a pit that is filling up with lava. Obviously, the death dump is when you shoot crap out of your anus with such force that it propels you 100 FEET IN THE AIR.

Coffee is a Pokémon
He only says his own name, his friend is a Japanese man who is also only person who understands him, and at one point he uses Mud Shot on Mordechai and Rigby.
  • I don't think that was mud...
  • "Ekansssss!" "Coffeeee!"

Regular Show takes place in the Scott Pilgrim universe
A universe where out of the ordinary things occur pretty much daily and no one seems to bat an eye at it until someone is in danger. It just so happens that Canada has a higher human population than America in this universe.

Skips works at the golf course as a cover
He is really a supernatural/paranormal fighter and possibly slayer. His immortality from the cosmic babies grants him a way to keep monsters at bay for life. Pops either knows this and keeps it secret or maybe was his partner and gladly helps keep his secret by acting like a loon 24/7. Benson, Mordecai and Rigby are purposely kept from this (though maybe Benson knows more than shown) for what Skips thinks is their own good (though that really backfires obviously).

The end of "Meat Your Maker" never really happened.
Seems almost a bit too obvious, but, since Mordecai comes back to life out of nowhere, and the end of the episode is even weirder than usual, I have to say that maybe Mordecai and Rigby really did freeze to death while trapped in the cooler, and the ending was Rigby's mind's way of making everything right before leaving the world forever.
  • Original idea came from this.
    • Actually, it didn't. Either it's coincidence, or the author of that fic got their plot idea from here, because I never read that fic before posting this WMG.
  • Even if it were confirmed, it wouldn't matter because...

"Regular" stands for "consistent".
Which means "It's anything but" means the plot is never consistent with itself. So even if anyone died, it wouldn't matter because they would be alive in the next episode anyway.

The show is set in Wonderland.
Where else would all this surreal, borderline-trippy stuff occur? Talking food appeared in Through the Looking Glass so it's not much of a stretch to imagine talking gumball machines and talking hot dogs in a latter day Wonderland. Mordecai is a descendant of one of the birds from the Caucus Race, Pops is a descendant of the Mad Hatter and Rigby is a descendant of the Cheshire Cat (weirder things have happened in both franchises). Also, both have included a personification of Time.
  • Okay, so Wonderland is in Victorian times, then fast forward to Regular Show in modern day, then huge nuclear/apocolyptic war, then Adventure Time somewhere in the future? Makes sense, actually...
Pops isn't actually an employee.
It might be a bit of stretch, but in "Just Set Up The Chairs", the employees are all grouped around as Benson gives them orders, but Pops isn't there, and when he does appear, isn't given a job to do, despite Benson's statement that there was "A lot to do" that day due to a birthday party being held there later that afternoon. Then, in Death Punchies, you can quite clearly see that there are pictures of Pops absolutely everywhere inside the house, implying that he's either the owner or a benefactor of some sort.
  • The official Regular Show web site implies that Pops owns the park, but because he's out of touch with the outside world, he relies on Benson to run the park for him.
  • All but confirmed by the end of "Rigby's Body" with Mordecai stating that Pops, and only Pops, got free snacks from the snack bar. If he were a regular employee, this would be some serious favoritism that you would think would have been opposed by Mordecai and/or Rigby rather than just accepted. Furthermore, if he were on the same level as Benson, then it would only make sense for Mordecai to have stated that only Pops and Benson got free snacks, which would have made perfect sense in context, as Benson wasn't even in this episode and it would still have been left up to Pops to initiate the misunderstanding and Benson being mentioned as also having this privelege wouldn't have changed things at all, but this is never stated. No, it's said to be limited to Pops, making the idea that Pops is the owner indirectly confirmed via Fridge Brilliance.
  • According to the episode Dizzy, Pops doesn't own the park...yet. The park is owned by his father, so that means Pops will eventually inherit it. (Unless he has some siblings we don't know about.)
    • Either he or his father said Pops was his only son, at least.
    • That would explain Pops' childishness. He's probably lived a sheltered life, never having to work for anything, so he isn't jaded like almost everyone else.
  • What about the episode where Pops threatens to fire Benson if he doesn't stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby? That right there is irrefutable proof that Pops is at least higher up on the ladder than Benson.
  • In the spanish language, the pronoun you is not neutral as in english. If you use tu means familiarity (a coworker) while if you use usted means subordination (like an employee to his employer). In the Spanish dub, Benson talks to Pops with usted, fitting to Benson’s proper personality and his relationship with Pops. Everyone else talks to Benson with tu, meaning true familiarity (fitting to Skips or Muscle Man) or simply lack of respect (fitting to Mordecai and Rigby’s characters).

The Show takes place in the same world as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Mordecai and Rigby are actually two imaginary friends who were left on the doorstep of the Home after their creators were checked into rehab. However, they quickly chafed under Herriman's autocratic regime and left to pursue their fortune. Instead, they found the park.Likewise, Margaret, Benson, Skips, Pops, and Coffee are imaginary friends as well; and they were imagined by Mordecai's sister, the gas station attendant from 2 in the AM PM, Peter Jackson, J.G. Quintel, and The Japanese Translator, respectively.
  • might work, if having a hallucination works as "imagining", because Benson technically is the gas station attendant from 2 in the AM PM, just in hallucination form. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was never really clear on what "imagining" entails, and since Mac truly believed he created Cheese while dreaming, accidental imaginary friends aren't exactly out of the question, so creating one via hallucination doesn't really seem too far-fetched by FHFIF standards.

Rather than a previous troper's theory on what the Death Dump is, the Death Dump is actually where you start having to go #3 REALLY BAD but then you constipate yourself and your body LITERALLY EXPLODES WITH CRAP.
It's kinda like the Regular Show version of Seppuku.
  • ... Ew.
  • How is that preferable to dying in lava?!
  • And why would Mordecai offer that to Rigby as an option? If Mordecai didn't know what the Death Dump was, that'd be acceptable, but it was clear he had the picture and showed it to Rigby. There is no way, no way in HELL Mordecai thought seppuku with shit exploding out of you was a valid option to get out of a pit of lava.
  • Or rather you crap so much that the lava would've been cooled off?
  • The sentries disagree.

Mordecai and Rigby had become a gay couple in the future, in Mordecai and The Rigbys
Their future selves seemed to be much closer than the present ones, we all know that bandmates getting very "close" is something that often occurs, and the answer to Mordecai asking if he gets to date Margaret wraps it up : "I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise".
  • they was.Every alternative future in RS its ereased.Like night owl,they ereased that future.And they erease this future too.
  • No. Just, no. They're obviously too much like bros to even be considered a couple. That, and Mordecai is RAGINGLY heterosexual.
  • Homosexuality can stay dormant in a person's system for any amount of time. Regular show likes to really surprise it's viewers so why not?
    • Because they've shown not a lot of interest in pandering to shippers yet.

Benson, and likely Gumball Machine people in general, are homunculi.
Think of them as Pinocchio-like creatures, brought to life by some sort of alchemist or wizard. Though cut from the final product, the storyboard of "Mordecai and the Rigbys" revealed there are other Gumball Machine people besides Benson, and he even dated a female one for some time. This could apply to any other kind of anthropomorphic objects in the show too.

The series will end with a "Regular Movie"
And it will be about Mordecai trying to ask Margaret out but various random things get in his way, and it will end with Margaret agreeing to go out with Mordecai.
  • Or we could always go with the classic option with just a simple musical and the hero's getting the girl.
  • Well, less musical, more hero getting the girl.
  • I think the show will end in a similar manned that Ed, Edd, and Eddy ended. There will be a movie, however it will entail Mordecai and Rigby finding real jobs and leaving the park. Mordecai will probably become an artist of some kind and Rigby will probably get his G.R.E. and will go into the work force as a plumber or a police officer (that'd be ironic yet fitting). I think it would have to show them moving on and growing up. They would probably part ways as well. Kinda sad but fitting. They may also show Mordecai and Margret getting married and having a family. Same with Rigby and Eileen. Either way this hopefully won't happen anytime soon.
    • Actually, Benton Conner said that Mordecai is never gonna marry.
  • Sort-of confirmed. A movie happened, but it wasn't the series finale.

Pops has sepia vision.
This is due to his old age, and is a legitimate explanation other than Rule of Funny as to why he thinks his taxi is brownish.
  • Actually, it could always be due to being run over by Mordecai and Rigby. And considering how long ago that happened, it would make a lot of sense.

RS is set in an alternate version of 2010
Benton Connor said on his formspring that the show takes place somewhere between 1993-1998, which is impossible due to the technology. So I think RS is set in 2010, but society is the same as the 90's in the sense that stuff like Jersey Shore and Justin Bieber never existed
  • So that's why they play Genesis and watch Youtube?
  • ...Can I live there?
  • Don't you mean the Master System?

Muscle Man is an Ork.
He just devotes his time to annoying people rather than destroying.
  • Or maybe he's a troll by species?

Rather, everyone in the main cast were failed Mega Man X prototypes that Dr. Light shipped to a island on the video game planet without their memory of who they were. (Before you say it was Jossed in "Don," reploids grow like real humans.)
  • Mordecai and Rigby, must be an Expy of X and Zero, then.
  • Jossed in "Don."

Margaret's Non-Mammal Mammaries are actually literal "lady pecs".
Given that she's a bird, albeit a Funny Animal one which doesn't seem able to fly, they may be flight muscles, which in birds are proportionally huge.
  • Or maybe she keeps an 80's cell phone in her shirt. Those lady pecs? They're actually tumors.

The series coexists with the world of Chick Tracts
You're kidding, right?

Rigby is a lucid dreamer.
In both of the dream sequences we've seen from Rigby's point of view, he seems to have a surprising amount of control in his dreams. Aside from the nightmare aspects that pop up, he's aware of his actions and can change things.

Benson used to be in a band.
At the end of the episode "This Is My Jam", Benson was cut off before he could explain how he knew how to play the drums. If he had he been able to continue, he would have explained how he used to be in a band, referencing a scene that was cut from the episode "Mordecai and the Rigbys".There's a good chance the cut scene will appear in a later episode, and possibly be expanded upon.

Muscle Man is on/ has been on steroids and/or other drugs.
He's so flabby because that's a common occurrence after steroid usage. His green skin and rough voice are an exaggeration of the negative effects of drugs on the body.
  • Steroids do cause breast growth in men.

Rigby has a combination Bipolar disorder and mild Asperger's Syndrome.
Socially, Rigby is a little odd and immature (not nearly as bad as Pops, though) and he has a nasty temper and impulse control. Both aspies and people with bipolar are known to have fiery tempers. And who knows? Rigby may have some kind of secret obsession with something.
  • He seems rather obsessed with Strong Johns.
    • I doubt that was their intention at all. Though he does live entirely for his own means, it is because he is a raccoon. They are notoriously hard to keep as pets because they don't see their owners as their master, but will always come back to them for food. Also, they really do hate being hugged despite being capable of it, though whether they knew this when making "Don" is not known.

Regular Show takes place in the same universe as Aqua Teen Hunger Force
The park itself is the one that the leprechauns in season one called home. The park has the same sort of Weirdness Magnet that exists over in the Aqua Teen's neighborhood.

The climax of 'Jinx' was inspired by Rigby's VA mispronouncing "Ybgir" in 'Dizzy'.
  • Or by the "Bloody Mary" legend.

Margaret is a Transgender woman.
Only male cardinals have red feathers - the females are light brown. Her "lady pecs" are either implants or, as theorised above, vestigial flight muscles. This is why she only dates humans; they don't know enough about bird anatomy to know the difference, especially if she also has a cloaca (most Real Life birds lack penises). She may or may not assume that Mordecai knows, and if she does she may or may not be right.

Rigby isn't asexual or gay like everyone seems to think.
He's just extremely immature, and his disinterest in romance in general is an aspect of that.
  • Almost correct. He's not gay or uninterested in romance; Word of God states he has high expectations and expects supermodels like Scarlet Johanson. Also, Mordecai is (just about) Rigby's only true friend, he's concerned about him for a reason.
  • Yeah, he did show a fleeting but enthusiastic interest in a girl when they were picking out people to invite to a party.
  • Who thinks Rigby's gay in the first place?
  • .....You don't go into the RS fandom much, do you?
  • OK now I see what you were saying, sorry about that.
    • Rigby likes Eileen but mainly because she keeps him company when Mordecai and Margaret are hanging out.
  • Confirmed. As the series progresses and Rigby matures, he realizes he likes Eileen and they begin dating.

Skips was human once.
Watch the "Free Cake" episode. He is Simon Kipner - Godfather of the Soul Patch
  • Jossed, he was an ape in 1776, and I doubt commemorative plates existed in that time.
  • um ya do know that Mordecai and Rigby find that in the garbage and cross out words with a marker when they give it to him as a present
    • He's probably referring to the fact that, in addition to Simon Kipner's name being an extremely suspicious lengthening of "Skips", the man seems to look a bit like Skips. And that Skips has eternal youth, so who knows how his body would change.

Cthulhu will eventually show up.
With all the weird, supernatural monsters in this series, how could they overlook this one? Plus, this show is probably one that would be able to get away with a completely literal example of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?!
  • Knowing the show, it'd either be a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo, or he turns out to be a hipster. In contrast to that stick-in-the-mud Yog-Sothoth, of course.
    • Cthulhu is in the public domain, they can use him if they want to without copyrights being a problem.

The Radar was bribed.
I DARE YOU to give a better explanation.
  • Adventure time already took care of the radar.
  • The creators got in a rock, paper, scissor match with the radar and tied long enough to summon the monster from the pilot, which ate the radar.
  • J.G. Quintel shot them out in the desert.

In the episode "Go Viral" everyone in that internet video universe died.
The way everyone got sent to that universe does look dangerous, even deadly. Pops probably got hurled into space and suffocated, the wedgie ninja probably got punched so hard he dies, and we all know how "Road Hog" died and so on. Rigby also saved his life and Mordecai's life by turning on the camera, The reason why Mordecai and Rigby went to that universe is because Rigby tried to make back up footage(another dumb internet video), if Rigby didn't turn on his camera they would of just went up in space and died. Everyone who escaped that internet hell came back to life.

Pops had autism.
Whether he was born with it or it was inflicted to him because of that past injury he has it.
  • That latter part is Jossed as soon as you said 'inflicted'. Autism is not like the flu where you can just catch it.

Mordecai and Rigby are the same person.
Maybe they are actually humans, however the reason why they took the form of two creatures that look nothing alike so the truth wouldn't be so obvious. I don't know what this person's real name is but this person is probably a socially akward lonely everyman.So instead of kissing someone else's damn to make a friend, or worse yet making a super lame friend this man did something "regular" as you might say,whether it was something supernatural or sciency, to separate himself into two entities. So now that man is now a set of best friends each possessing similar and opposite qualities. The real reason why they get along no matter what is because they are the same person, In Jinx when Mordecai got mad at Rigby he wasn't really mad at him but at his self because of the stupid thing he did, and in "Over the top" Mordecai didn't grieve over(but still was p'ed) off at Rigby's death because he didn't lose a companion but some of his own personality. This person must have done it at a supposed early age, because Rigby dropped out of high school while this person's more superior side(Mordecai) decided to stick it out and get his diploma.

When I stated earlier that his different sides taken the form of animals, what I meant to state is if this person's yin yang took their human form they would of looked to alike, and something would be a little fishy.

  • Wait a minute my theory might be obsolete. Because weren't Mordecai best friends ever since they were six, maybe my theory is false or they separated at a super young age.

Mordecai & Rigby are on so many drugs that, counter the other drugs they appear as normal as any stoner
When the truth is they are on at least 2 milligrams of every conceivable drug.
And 3 tablets of every inconceivable one.
  • Mordecai and Rigby on drugs?

Every main character in this show are parodies of American stereotypes.
Let's see Mordecai is your somewhat nerdy goody two shoes.

Rigby is your typical mischievous immature slacker.

Margaret is that girl that one guy drools over.

Benson is your average adequately over-demanding boss(or at least that's how he's made out). But he is still a good authority figure evidenced by him never abusing his power despite him having the chance to, unlike some authority.

Pops is the ditzy naive person who lightens the mood somewhat(can't deal with all that tension) sometimes.

To be continued

  • Mordecai is A goody two shoes?
  • The episode with the audit, is one where Benson-bone specifically said,
"YOU BE NICE TO YOUR BROTHER OR YOU'RE FIRED. That sounds like abuse of power to me.
  • Yeah I have to agree with that, maybe Benson does abuse his power time to time. You can't fire anyone unless they broken a specific work rule and that's not one of them
  • Mordecai is a super good person as I stated earlier but Rigby is always getting him to do bad or mostly stupid things, the signature thing Rigby get's Mordecai to do is slack off. Do you think Mordecai is lazy?

Picking up from hours earlier.

Skips is a wise old man or sage (because he is immortal) young sage at that because he doesn't look like he should be in a retirement home like all other sages.

Muscle Man is your annoying loudmouth fat dude who thinks his weight is power and not excess fat.

High Five Ghost is that "other guy's" best friend.

Eileen is the girl that likes the boy that doesn't give a crap about her, better this way rather than the other way around don't you think guys (dudes)?

Rigby suffers from kleptomania.
He doesn't steal frequently like most kleptos probably because he doesn't get that many opportunities to steal. Maybe because he's chillin' with his bro(Mordecai).
  • Think of all the times Rigby stole.
  • Lets not consider that Rigby is a Raccoon. Practically natures Kleptomaniac. Up there with Ferrets.
  • Hell, for all we know, Rigby, Lifty, and Shifty could be friends!
  • In soooo many words WMG point proven.

The Death Kwon Do master actually isn't a martial arts master but he is really a sorcerer.
He can teach his techniques way easier than a real fighting master can teach his techniques. Fighting techniques or spells anyone? I don't think his students don't even have to train that hard for fighting unlike most fighting schools. Didn't anyone else find it odd how you can just steal pages out of his book and learn them? Just like a spellbook. He has to physically discipline his students depending on what move they need to see if there worthy of controlling such power, whether to make sure the move wouldn't hurt them or to make sure the power wouldn't go to their head. When his spells(alleged fighting moves) got stolen he wasn't pissed off that someone stole his junk, Because he really didn't seem all that angry. He was worried that the power would be misused, a perfect example of this is Rigby gruesomely misusing that one fighting move(Death punch of death). He's a expert sorcerer so I think writing replacing that page in his book with a new copy won't be a big deal. It's him that makes him the master of Death kwon do not the book, it's just a index to his greatness. I'm pretty sure if he and not someone else can make that spellbook he can do it again.
  • Possibly he operates on D&D logic. and he is a sorcerer and a warrior.
    Lower level sorcerer though, that's why he can only do learning spells.

The Death Kwon do master and Muscle Man are played by the same person.
Because they have the same voices, duh.
  • Confirmed.

Death has something to do with Death Kwon Do
He does have a mullet and jeans.

This show has the potential of Spongebob Squarepants.
When it started it showed extreme promise just like Spongebob did, I believe if J.G Quintel kept working on it, it could be on air for more then a decade and stay fresh just like Spongebob.
  • It's already been renewed for a FIFTH season... so the validity of this is very much legit
  • Jossed. It ended after eight seasons while SpongeBob is still on the air. While Regular Show got Screwed by the Network in its twilight years due to a change in leadership, it was actually J.G's decision to end the series.

One of the main characters on the show, probably Muscle Man is an alcoholic.
Let's see he exhibit traits of your typical alcoholic. Grumpiness, overweight, shamelessness, bloodshot eyes and any other alcoholic characteristics.

The Radar told the writers to tone it down a bit.
Is it just me, or do the jokes just not seem as edgy as they were in the first season?
  • I have to agree, they also took all of the very subtle profanity too.
  • Confirmed. Apparently a change in leadership wanted to steer the network in a more "kid-friendly" direction so they enforced stricter content guidelines on the series.

This is the most inappropriate children's show on T.V. right now.
I dare you to name a worse show. Hmm. I wonder how many people might say The Amazing World of Gumball because of the occasional nudity?
  • It probably was not meant as a "children's show" in the first place. It's rated TV-PG, not TV-Y, TV-Y7, etc.
  • The most inappropriate children's show on TV ever would be Escaflowne on Fox Kids, (dear Celestia, when that guy got crushed to death...I don't even think Regular Show can show that...), but right now I would say it's RS.

Eileen is a nickname
Her full name is Eleanor.
  • Jossed. Her full name is Eileen Roberts, as revealed in "Video 101".

Despite the possibility of the Radar telling the show to tone it done, the R word might be used later in the series.
I don't see why not. The only reason it hasn't been used earlier is because it hasn't been thought of. This show uses a lot of appropriate enough things and this is definetly one of them. It's more appropriate then piss. I remember in that cartoon network movie with the goth girl and the haunted book on CN a girl used the R-word.

The scene in "Brain Eraser" where Margaret thinks Mordecai is hot because he ignored her was foreshadowing for a future/latefuture important movie or plot point.
In that episode it tells us the viewer what kind of guy Margaret is attracted to. In a future episode if Mordecai adopts a "bad boy" persona or looses interest in Margaret or at least appear like it in Brain eraser his chances with Magaret will shoot up significantly.

In "Jinx", J.G Quintel originally intended to use the real "Bloody Mary".
But the Radars told him not to, because despite it being really awesome it's still a childrens show and shouldn't be introducing childhood terrors like that. The idea was too good to discard however and J.G Quintel decided to do something heavy brainstorming and recycle his obsolete idea instead.

Some characters on this show harbor a deadly sin(s) that plays an important role in the show.
  • Rigby= Hates it when someone has something or more than he has, covets others fortunes and is jealous of his younger brother.
  • Margaret=Lust- Whore who dates many guys
  • Benson=Wrath- Highly irrataible, threatens Mordecai and Rigby quite frequently
  • Rigby=Sloth- Very lazy individual, hates doing anything productive
  • Muscle Man=Gluttony- Very overweight and likes to eat a whole lot.
  • Rigby=Greed- Likes to steal.
  • Muscle Man=Pride- Apparently overestimates himself, he thinks all the repulsive gross things he does is so great and fails to see how everyone else is disgusted by it.

Additionally everyone is supposed to be similar to South Park characters as well.

Mordecai- Stan Marsh

  • If that was the case, why hasn't Mordecai barfed on Margaret yet?

Rigby- Kyle Brofloski (immoral negative inverse version)

Benson- Mr. Garrison

Pops- Butters

Muscle Man- Eric Cartman

High Five Ghost- Kenny McCormick (except instead of keep dying HFG stays dead 24/7)

Margaret- Wendy Testaburger

Skips- Chef

Pops was stupid before he recieved brain damage.
In the short "The Naive Man from Lolliland" Pops didn't seem too sharp in there either. We all know that takes place before Regular Show, if that short is non-canon however this theory is obsolete.
  • In "Prank Callers", he got brain damage after Mordecai and Rigby ran him over.

HFG has his own species.
Mostly supported by the episode "See You There". His family are ghost. I mean if High Five Ghost wasn't natrually a ghost what was he before he died. Maybe he is a spector instead of some ghost that walks the Earth. HFG might night be any supernatural entity, he could be an extraterrestrial. I mean his family are ghost.
  • He IS a ghost, but the only reason he didn't crossover into the afterlife or ascended to Heaven is because he is linked to Muscle Man. As shown in Muscle Man's story in "Terror Tales of the Park", after Muscle Man died, HFG ascended up to Heaven with him.

Rigby practices Obfuscating Stupidity.
This is so obvious it shouldn't even be here but it is anyway. Even though Rigby is depicted to be stupid immature and even irresponsible at times, he can be intelligent when ever he needs to or better yet any time he wants too. Rigby feels like it's best to surpress all of his intelligence so everyone won't expect much out of him, also so he won't have that much responsibility evidenced by Mordecai & Rigby not having as much harder jobs as everyone as shown in the episode "Just set up the chairs" and "Muscle Woman". Instead of trying to impress the boss he tries to dissapoint Benson so he won't expect much out of him. Rigby is shown to have the ability to work hard, however as shown in "Stick Hockey" and in "Caffienated coffee tickets". So is it stupidity or is it really apparent lazyness/surpressed ability.

Mordecai and every other anthromorphic species on this show possess some human DNA.
They are half human, having one human parent and one non human parent. If some of the characters on this show have parents who are of the same species, then the characters on this show must have descended from human ancestors. Margaret is the only animal in the series who is shown to date or at least have any interest in a human being, therefore proving that it's possible for humans in this show to mate out of their own species. As for Benson, it's pretty disturbing to know that a human had the nerve to have sex with an inamimate object and create a breathing offspring.

Skips skips so much because he perfomed the spirit dance so many times in his life.
It's very likely that Skips has been alive for a lot of years, and he performed the spirit dance once all those years until up to that free cake episode. I don't know much about Skips pact with the guardians of youth but I do know they are real funny about skips not doing the spirit dance correctly,meaning that if he messed up on it he was screwed. So practice makes perfect right, so to avoid messing up on his up and coming spirit dance ritual which requires a ton of skipping by the way, Skips practices on his spirit dance routine non-stop. He became so used to his spirit dance skip that it became the way he walked. His walk might look a little "funny" but at least it was fail proof came time to do the spirit dance on his birthday. The spirit dance is so natrual to Skips that he doesn't even have to try, hence him not caring about missing his birthday to do the spirit dance, or maybe because he couldn't tell anyone about the pact.

Rephrasing the previous statement about this being the most innappropriate children's cartoon, this is the most radar dodging cartoon to of ever existed.

Everything on this show is just appropriate enough to not be dissaproved by the radars. The profanity on here might be pretty darn weak but it has profanity. In fact most of the funny moments on this show were a tad bit obscene.

  • Eh, not really. Animaniacs was probably the master of slipping jokes in. Regular Show has somewhat edgy content, yeah, but it's not hidden. The show is simply aimed at a slightly older audience.
  • But the thing is, their "edgyness" is way more open than any other cartoon. Such as they actually show someone taking a piss(The power) even if they didn't show their genitals, what other show has something as edgy as that.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show episode "Sven Hoek". Ren very explicitly pisses on Stimpy's board game. That was in 1992. Of course it was eventually cut out from reruns but the original version is still out there and premiered in this form. I agree that Regular Show has a ton of edgy stuff, but that was a poor example. I think the references to alcoholism, sexual jokes/innuendo and realistic violence is a lot more prominent. It's hard to pinpoint the most inappropriate moment because of the sheer amount of them.

HFG is really a physical manifestation of someone who is stoned out of their mind.
Hence "High" five ghost. In reality he is so stoned that he is walking on air, literally. He's transparency and all other ghostly characteristics are signs that he is out of touch with reality.

The Wizard from the Halloween special KILLED the Censors

The reason they seemingly get so much past the censors is because they're all dead, killed by the wizard! And he killed them because they weren't going to allow the Halloween episode air, which made him mad. And when he's mad, people die.

  • Or J.G. Quintel shot them in the desert.

Mordecai's chances with Margaret (and maybe Eileen's with Rigby) will rise to the status of a serious Will They or Won't They? rather than a simple, one-sided crush by Mordecai (or Eileen).

Not saying they'll get together, mind you. I'm just saying that there'll be more episodes like "Camping Can Be Cool" where the crushes are both treated like relationships that could happen, rather than just a source of humor, like in "Do Me a Solid."

It's possible that Rigby does have a crush on Eileen.If you watch the Halloween episode where Rigby tells the story about him turning into a house, the scene where everybody is inside House Rigby, there's a quick scene of Skips looking at a picture by the fireplace, it's a picture of Eileen. The reason he acts like a jerk to her is....well he IS Rigby.

  • Possibly confirmed in the ending of "Butt Dial".
  • It's probably safe to say that it's confirmed as of "Do or Diaper".
    • Confirmed in "Dumped at the Altar", they have dating for months with neither Mordecai nor us (the audience) ever aware of it.

Benson was a "Well Done, Son" Guy as a kid.
In the same fashion as Toomy from The Langoliers, Benson also had a father that didn't appreciate his son getting The B Grade. Toomy flipped out at others for that, and Benson probably flips out at Mordecai and Rigby for being lazy because of that reason.

Death isn't a huge deal in this world.
In most episodes, someone gets killed and no one seems to worry about the consequences of that death. Just look at the Unicorns. Benson blew them up and didn't really think "oh my god I murdered someone." Same with Starla killing that news reporter and no one seeming to think to much of it. Possibly the biggest indicator of this lack of concern for life was in the episode "Skunked" Mordicae and Rigby kill the were skunk and after wards are excited over the fact that they got a bingo and don't have to keep picking up road kill. Granted it was hilarious but still. When Benson was talking about how he wasted his life playing stick hockey, that was the only thing he seemed to regret. Not the loss of his protegee Dave. Even when Rigby was killed by Skips, everyone was sad but not to the degree that you would think they'd be. Plus they all new Rigby very well so it makes sense that they would react stronger.

  • OF COURSE, they react if their loved ones die! How do you explain the tear in Benson's eye about Dave?! It seems Benson didn't want to tell Mordecai and Rigby, about Dave, because he didn't wanna upset them, NOT because "he didn't care". In "Over the Top, how do you know Mordecai didn't react more far once he left the hospital?? And Benton Conner said OF COURSE Mordecai reacted strongly to Rigby's death. In "Eggcellent" he reacted strongly when Rigby lost consciousness, but he was holding off to tears cause he was busy doing his promise to Rigby. When he felt he couldn't do it, THEN he was ready to give in to TEARS in the middle of the episode before the others came for help. The fact that Mordecai learned from "House Rules" that his best friend may die young doesn't make things more "calm" for him either!"

"High Five Ghost" isn't really HFG's real name.
What parent would actually name there kid that? "Muscle Man" wasn't a real name so why would high five "ghost" be one? Five's brother calls him that but his grandpa doesn't call HFG that, because it isn't his real name.

Rigby hired the Wizard to tell the story for him
Why? So he could create a Jump Scare to scare the crap out of everyone to ensure that he's the best story-teller.

What Mordecai's 10th solid was...
He has to squat down and masturbate. And he has to make truck noises while stroking it as it grows hard. And he has to say "honk honk" the moment he ejaculated. I mean, come on! Everyone else thought the same thing. Look at the other characters' disgusted looks on their faces.
  • That idea wouldn't have come from here, would it,The Legendary Geoff? Hey, if not, I'm sorry for sending you to the crudiest rendition of a Regular Show edit or parody since MAD.
  • Wow that makes sense. Most people thought Mordecai just took a crap, maybe because he squated down as if he was going to do so. Let's just remember there are a number of positions you can be in while maturbating. It was kind of strange how Mordecai didn't show any hesitataion or at least any shame before doing his "solid", as if he didn't mind doing it; maybe because he sort of would of enjoyed doing the solid. We know Mordecai isn't the kind of guy who would do something embarrassing and think nothing of it. Masturbating isn't as shameful as taking a crap in front of everyone, in some cases it might be kind of cool if you have a sweet enough package (NOT trying to sound homo or anything). Margaret subconsiously thought it was kind of cool seing a guys private like that but didn't want to show it for already known reasons. Mordecai and Rigby are super cool friends and with that being stated, it's possible that Rigby wasn't just trying to flat out ruin Mordecai with that last solid, he might have thought that Margaret would want to see Mordecai's junk.
    • That puts the scene in a whole different light.
  • ERROR DETECTED WITH YOUR LOGIC. There is one huge factual error with your statement that josses it. (Cue dramatic sounds.) Birds lack penises. You hath failed biology.
    • In real life birds can't walk or talk and they can fly, so explain all that on Mordecai?
      • We call that "Funny Animal" here on TV Tropes.
      • A. Standard biology DOESN'T APPLY WITH MORDECAI AND MARGARET. B. That is actually a pretty convincing argument!! But for sake of funny, I may still continue to think of him taking a dump.
      • Well, birds do jizz out of the cloaca... So it seems that the theories over Mordecai's 10th solid could go either way.
      • Debates about Mordecai genital aside, he could have just been taking a dump. Since Rigby was wasting his solids to ruin Mordecai’s life it would be fitting that Rigby made Mordecai made solid waste to ruin his life. Which explains why he made DUMP truck noises.I highly doubt that Jacking off in front of your friends, boss, co-workers and potential love interest is less embarrassing then shitting in front of them. With the idea that the “Honk, Honk” symbolized ejaculation Mordecai can last for approximately 8 seconds which is not impressive to say the least. That’s just my two cents anyway.
      • Then again, "dropping a load" is also slang for masturbating so it really could go either way.
      • Shit is solid. End of discussion.

The events in "Rigby's Body" is the alternate resolution switched to canon to what really happened.
In reality he died, by eating himself to death. The creators couldn't have Rigby actually die in such an unexpected and bland way so they decided to add a little twist to the story and came up with an whole entire story plot with just an idea. As for the weight lifter he in reality died, but possibly because of more than just weight lifting, steroid use sounds more plausible than "if you keep pumping iron (all by itself) your body's going to quit on you (die in reality)".

HFG, Pops, and Skips will eventually get paired with someone.
Am I the only one who hopes this happens ?
  • Apparently so.
  • On Deviantart, though, there are like hundreds.
  • Yes, but do the creator's of the show feel mutual?
  • Update: As of now, Pops is still the only member of the main cast who has remained single.
  • Semi-confirmed. HFG eventually begins dating Ceila, Skips remains single, and Pops dies.

Mordecai and Rigby have hearing aids
After the end of "Think Positive" (Where they lost their hearing), Benson buys Mordecai and Rigby hearing aids (it was HIS fault that they lost their hearing, you know), and they shove it deep in their ears so no one can see them.

The creator's of the show have been slacking off since season 3.
Is it just me? Or do the new episode seem a little bland compared to the old ones. Maybe it's because since everyone's finally hooked on the show the creator's feel like they have to compensate a little less maybe?
  • No, it's not just you. They're just... horrible, with a few good moments sprinkled through the seasons.
  • I HIGHLY beg to differ! S3's actually been pretty good in my opinion!

Benson is the father of Princess Bubblegum
This is mostly on the basis that Benson is a gumball machine and that PB is made of gum. Plus this WMG is inspired by this fanfic which was inspired by This drawing.

This show and Adventure Time share both a universe and a time period.
The city (or possibly 'kingdom') the Regular Show cast live in is designated for those who wish to keep things the same as they were prior to the Great Mushroom War, and is the 'Regular Kingdom', the citizens called 'Regular people', etc. None of the seemingly human characters are actually human - they're all either part animal (like Eileen, who, excluding the tail, looks mostly normal but is actually half mole) or have some kind of powers that make them abnormal (like Susan, who seemed ordinary but could turn people into clones of her and go all One-Winged Angel when pissed.) Most of the characters try their best not to act like the animals they've been fused with or use their new powers, but that's not how it is in other kingdoms, hence why Gary, the babies, Death, and others all have no qualms about using their powers. It makes people of the Regular Kingdom uncomfortable, though, hence why the bowling alley guy got mad at the usage of such powers. However, it's impossible to keep the Regular People completely away from the other kingdoms who've embraced the post-Mushroom War changes, so while they react to it with fear and aversion, they aren't quite as surprised as you'd expect people who've never been exposed to such things to be.
  • Except Regular Show is probably set in the 2010s (otherwise the nostalgic allusions to the 1980s wouldn't be such a big deal). Adventure Time might be in the same universe, but it is supposed to be the far future.

The reason Benson hates slackers is...
As we've seen in "Benson Be Gone", he's under pretty strict monitoring, given that he's pretty much the owner's second-in-command. Because of this, he can't get away with slacking off like Mordecai and Rigby, in addition to the simple fact that their slacking off makes Benson's job a lot harder. He yells at them more to dish out his anger at his boss on them.
  • Possibly confirmed with "Broken Cart"
    • He's also frustrated that he has to work with Mordecai and Rigby whether he likes it or not due to Pops (son of his boss) liking them and wanting them to stay. Pops would probably rather have Benson fired than Mordecai and Rigby and Benson is fully aware of this. In fact this is basically the entire function of Pops' character.

In "The Night Owl" episode the past Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost murdered their future selves after the episode ended.
This wasn't show because the creator's couldn't get a big piece of crap like that past the Radar. Fearing for their lives and not understanding the concept of what their future selves said the past/present gang took that practical joke as a death threat and murdered their future selves before even asking them any questions.

Margaret's boyfriend addiction will be brought up in-universe
Someone (Likely Mordecai, less likely but possibly Rigby or Eileen) will call her out on it. For an explanation, Margaret will be revealed to have a Freudian Excuse or be given a Cerebus Retcon of her actions, possibly that she needs to feel loved at all costs. It would make her alot more tolerable imo.

As part of his deal for eternal youth, Skips is trapped in a lifetime-spanning "Groundhog Day" Loop.
This explains why, no matter how bizarre the situation, Skips has always seen it before. Besides, it's been established already that his deal has some strange conditions.
  • Doubt it, he was shown implanting a wooden arm onto Techmo in 1776.

Mordecai and Rigby used to curse a lot
But Benson got tired of it and said that if they curse one more time, they'd be fired. I think this happened before the actual series but after the pilot so they took his threat more seriously than they do now. Eventually, they just stopped cursing all together and as a consequence, don't curse in the episodes.

Every character is symbolism for a drug

  • Mordecai is Weed for his chill going nature.
  • Rigby is Caffeine for being mostly energetic
  • Skips is Tobacco for being the clear thinker in the group
  • Benson is Alcohol for being very angry
  • Pops is Cocaine for not making sense and being completely silly
  • H5 Ghost is Ecstasy for feeling like a ghost
  • Muscle Man is Heroin for sometimes being overemotional and feeling strong

    • I think Muscle Man is Steroids, Margaret is Heroin, and Eileen is Nicotine.

Mordecai and Rigby's actions in Think Positive were a Secret Test of Character by Pops
M and R were heavily Flanderized in that episode. That's because Pops organized that to see how far Benson's patience can go.

Benson's body gave up on him
He's currently possessing a gumball machine.
  • Jossed: He's been a gumball machine ever since he was a child, plus his parents and his very younger sibling is a gumball machine as well and if that isn't enough his dead friend was a gumball machine.

The girl Benson had a crush on in "Weekend at Benson's" isn't into him anymore
Maybe she got together with some guy... or her ex. It might be part of why Benson was so upset during "Broken Cart".
  • Audrey split from Benson as of "The Real Thomas" in an off-screen moment.

Skips has Alzheimer's
He's old and he forgot how to fix Pops in "Sugar Rush"... so yeah.

The park is a weirdness magnet
Paranormal artifacts and creatures are drawn to it and to its inhabatants. Mailerd's employees are the the protectors of this scared ground, but none of them, expect maybe Skips, know of the true signifagance of the place.

Mordecai actually likes "Summertime Lovin' (Lovin' in the Summer (Time))".
In "This is My Jam," Mordecai tells Rigby to listen to Summertime Lovin' one more time from beginning to end, because then his brain can have closure and it'll stop being such an Ear Worm. Mordecai leaves the room a few seconds after the song begins in supposed disgust. However, as soon as the song ends, he comes back in the room almost immediately, implying both that he knew when it ended and he was right outside. He was waiting right outside the door, jamming to the song, and just didn't want Rigby to know he immediately betrayed his views on "poppy trash."
  • There's also the implication that Mordecai spent his teenage years listening to glam metal, but stopped doing so because it was no longer trendy (Rigby maintains an interest though). In a similar fashion, Mordecai probably writes off old pop music but secretly enjoys it. The fact that Mordecai is sometimes portrayed as a hipster is backed up by this.

The Best VHS in the World will be Defictionalized
  • Although it will be on DVD instead of VHS. The DVD case will be made to resemble a VHS tape.
  • Confirmed. A recent Regular Show DVD was titled "The Best DVD In The World!"

The second halloween episode is the last episode canonly.
It ended with them all dying and coming back as ghosts and I really doubt they will conitue being ghosts the rest of the show, so its either this or the entire episode was noncanon.
  • VERY likely to be noncanon.... since A. it would be WAY too dark of an ending and B. Same thing happened towards the end of the Halloween episode with Rigby BECOMING the wizard.
  • They likely came back to life because Death was too busy attending a Halloween party.
    • Jossed. It's non-canon.

Muscle Man's species evolved from manatees.
In "More Smarter", when Mordecai and Rigby saw everyone as primitive versions of themselves, why else would they see Muscle Man as a manatee-like creature? It's pretty obvious that Muscle Man's ancestors are manatees that (somehow) climbed up onto land and developed a humanoid body shape.

Muscle Man is always apprehensive towards new co-workers
It wasn't until mid season two that Muscle Man saw Mordecai and Rigby as aquantancies and later friends and he treats Thomas like he used to treat said duo.

The future Mordecai from "House Rules" was what would have happened if he stayed in that dimension
For all we know Rigby might not die young as OM! said, but he might have if they stayed in the dimension.

Muscle Man uses the "My Mom" jokes as a way to insult his mom
I'm guessing Muscle Man had a bad experience with his mother in his youth, so his uses the joke to get back at her.
  • We don't see her in the flashbacks so she either abandoned him, in a coma, or dead.
    • Jossed. She's still alive and made her debut in "Terror Tales of the Park IV".

Benson is the last of his species
Think about it, we don't know whatever happened to his family, his partner at stick hockey was killed, and we never see another gumball machine person outside of Benson's flashbacks so he must be the only one left! Also during his rant in "Broken Cart" he claims that his job is the only thing he has left, hinting he has no family or other people of his own kind left, makes you think!
  • Jossed. His family finally appears in the Thanksgiving Special, along with the other characters' families.

Regular Show is an alternate universe of Adventure Time, in which magic never went away.
Both Regular Show and Adventure Time share very similar character and art designs, both of them are full of weird stuff and both of them have magic. Since the pre-Mushroom War Ooo seems to be as close to the real world as it can, Regular Show can't simply be the past. Rather, it's an alternate universe where the magic never went away, meaning that no-one fought over its discovery and caused the Mushroom War. In this universe, civilization developed in unity with magic, leading to a much more peaceful co-existence with animals or inanimate objects who've been turned humanoid/sentient with magic. It should be noted that it's possible Regular Show came into being when someone met Prismo and tried to wish away the Mushroom War (it is possible that the original universe still exists, hence why Regular Show and Adventure Time co-exist), or the opposite is true-someone, for whatever reason, wished magic never existed. Given the wishes have an ironic twist, magic never existed...until now.

Mordecai and Rigby are eventually going to leave the park to become rap stars.
Because, well c'mon you gotta admit they'd be pretty good at it.
  • Jossed. Mordecai became an artist while Rigby's career is unknown.

The reason there's so many animate objects in the RS universe?
A Wizard Did It. For all we know, there's a wizard fratboy tradition of giving life to at least one inanimate object.

Regular Show takes place in the Powerpuff Girl universe.
Well, later on when the girls are teenagers and don't really feel like saving the town anymore. The monsters started roaming the city, including all of the smaller harmless ones that resembled talking animals and machines. The townspeople don't worry as much anymore because they realized the monsters don't attack unless provoked. Him controls the lives of Mordecai and Rigby, and Mojo gave up his life of crime to work at the coffee shop.
Another theory on the setting of RS
Mordecai is supposed to be an Author Avatar of J.G. Quintel, who was born in 1982, right ? And Mordecai is 23, right ? Add 23 to 1982, and what year comes out ?
  • When the gang is searching for the door back home in Prank Callers, you can see the present is after the year 2004 because that was the last door seen before Benson found the Present door.
  • Exactly !( I'm the creator of the WMG ) Not to mention, the fact that VHS tapes were no longer being sold except for the one place. Gues when the last VHS tape for a new movie was made ?
  • Probably the most likely theory in here about the show's time setting. It makes a lot of sense.

Thomas is really the Antichrist.
Think about it, Thomas is a goat man who appears before all of The parks greatest enemies are released from the depths of hell. Though this version is more of an Anti-Anti-Christ as he seems to be good friends with the park staff. His "mom" that he's been seen calling is really Susan aka Satan.
  • Or better yet, he's Death's son in an alternate form. If you recall, Death's son was also named Thomas...maybe it's more than just a coincidence...
  • Not to mention a goat's similarity and connection with Satan. (Beard and horns.)
  • Jossed. He's a Russian spy.

Muscle Man is a zombie.
The green skin, the foul odor, and his best friend is a ghost because they're both undead.

Animal/object species are considered races of human beings.
Yeah, I know it might seem obvious, but that's why Mordecai, Rigby, or any other anthromorphic thing is ever called by their actual species, as that would be considered racist there. It's also why Margaret dating human men, they were both considered human/having the qualifications of a human.

Muscle Man's mom is incredibly nice and/or incredibly attractive.
It'd be humorous to see that Muscle Man's jokes would be even more ironic.

A girl actually named/nicknamed "The Power" will show up at some point.
And she will be so awesome, Mordecai will struggle between choosing her and Margret. Unless that all changed after "The Power" (the episode).
  • Jossed.

The college Margaret is going to will be revealed to be some kind of brainwashing cult that Mordecai and Rigby have to rescue her from.
Given the tendency for weird revelations and such to go on in this show, it seems likely.
  • Jossed.

A new female character will appear in season 5
She'll have a crush on Mordecai, but he's too busy missing Margaret.
  • Sort of confirmed. CJ, although she appeared earlier in the series.

There will be an alt-universe episode.
In this situation, it will be showing what would have happened if Mordecai actually stayed in Art School instead of dropping out. The reason for his initial dropping out would be the school he was at had a program where he would be tutored under a very famous celebrity animator. Unfortunately, is turned out his tutor was under an Expy of John Kricfalusi, whom, while a very well-respected, talented, and influencial person in the animation biz, treats his pupils and underlings a little above dirt, literally working them like slaves with a Drill Sergeant Nasty attitude to match. We see the Expy as someone even worse than Benson and even Mr. Mallard combined, and the constant pressure finally broke Mordecai.

The split occurs depending on how Mordecai finally quits. The current timeline with him being a park groundskeepers occurs when Mordecai just snaps and punches the guy out before quietly saying he quits. The other path, which leads to the rest of the episode, shows Mordecai going into a heartfelt angry rant and then punching his tutor out. This rant actually catches the attention of two other famous animators, a husband and wife duo - Expies of Craig McCracken (human) and Lauren Faust (alicorn). Seeing potential in Mordecai, they decide to take the blue jay under their wing (with the Lauren expy its sorta literal).

Fast forward, and the episode follows the same formula as the Alpha RS episode: Mordecai and Rigby go to work, something seemingly benign, and then suddenly the fate of the city/world/REALITY hangs in the balance. However, aside from Mordecai and Rigby themselves, many of the details are different:

1) They work at an animation studio now, owned my Mr. Mallard, with the implication that Pops only comes by rarely.

2) Mordecai and Rigby live in the same house or apartment block as Craig and Lauren, with our heroes mentioning some of their adventures involved crazy shenanigans that occurred while taking care of the couple's three kids,

3) While Mordecai is an animator, Rigby is the main studio janitor and firm gofer. He's also far more consistently competent at this job because the studio is far more willing to fire him than Mordecai. Also the two due voice acting as well, with Rigby being more proficient in it despite not completing high school.

4) An entirely new cast of characters, many of them expies of Cartoon Network animators, Regular Show crew, voice actors, and actual employees even.

5) Mordecai and Rigby's boss. He's stern, but unlike Benson is fairly laid back and actually fairly competent as a manager towards his employees. He only loses his temper a few a times, but these times the targets of his ire knew they did something legitimately wrong.

6) An actual recurring villain. In this case is a rival animator at the same studio our heroes work at who has been their for at least ten or twenty years who started to become bitter, spiteful, and jealous of any promising new animators and his fellow old guard ever since his own show got canceled after to seasons and the possible spin off never got picked up to be its own show. While he says he got shafted like every other animator with a hit show, in truth his show was just a less funny and sensical ripoff of the John K. expy's magnus opus that only survived by riding the coattails of the more successful shows and the main characters better received when outside the source material. Whenever anything bad happens at the studio that either not directly Rigby's fault and/or complete random chance, it will be caused by the Rival (Feiss)'s latest hair-brained scheme to try to get rid of Mordecai, whether by merely getting him fired or by more destructive means. These plans often go horrifically off the rails or work far too well and result in catastrophe.

The same company that makes the super coffee in season one's "Caffeinated Coffey Tickets" made the super slushie in season four's "Cool Cubed"
It seems like a reasonable assumption as the bad guys from that episode had basically the same designs as the bad guys from earlier in the series.

Silver Dude will return.
Seeing as how we've seen more than a few villains return (not just in "Exit 9B"), he seems likely to try and plot revenge against Mordecai and Rigby for taking his money and getting him put in street jail.
  • Jossed. He never appeared again after his debut.

The park is a philanthropy project
Owned by pop's father who on the looks of it is very rich, which explains why both there's a house in the middle of the park, and employees are paid despite the park barely making money.

Rigby is not really a raccoon...
...But a coati (the South American relative of raccoons). Rigby clearly matches the physical description of a coati; such as a pointed face, rounded ears, long bendy tail and brown fur. Just look at the picture of a coati and you'll know.
  • He most strongly resembles a crab-eating raccoon, which has significantly shorter fur and more brown looking fur. In actual fact raccoons have two sets of fur, an inner and outer layer. The inner layer is brown and outer layer is gray, the crab-eating ones lack the outer gray layer so you just see the brown. It is not difficult to believe that Rigby is an immigrant, especially as raccoons often travel large distances in search of food.

Mordecai and CJ will eventually have a Relationship Upgrade and become an Official Couple.
It seems this is already happening. Mordecai and CJ are seen together in "Portable Toilet" along with Rigby and Eileen.
  • But what about Margaret?
  • To expand on the above theory, Mordecai and CJ will become an official couple, right as Margaret comes back from college for the summer. Cue awkward love triangle.
    • CONFIRMED (except Margaret came back in a Christmas special).
      • ...then Jossed. Mordecai and CJ break up later in the series.

The characters are alternate versions of Back to the Future characters.
  • Mordecai is Marty Mcfly since they have similar names and have each had a girlfriend.
  • Margaret is Jennifer since they dated the above characters.
  • Pops is Doc Brown since he has a flying car.
  • Muscle Man is Biff Tannen since he acts tough.
  • Benson is Strickland since he hates slackers.

Skips is Luke Skywalker.
They are both played by Mark Hamill, so there's Actor Allusion right there. He somehow ended up growing white fur when he was older. At that point, he dropped his first name and shortened his last name, Skywalker, to Walks. You know the rest of the story.

CJ and Margaret will merge into one character.
That way, Mordecai will be with both of them.
  • Jossed.

Thomas (the goat) and Thomas (Death's son) will co-star in an episode
Most likely battling against each other.

Gene's motive for starting two prank wars against the park.
Either of these reasons:

1. He wants to ensure he is the only park in town2. He wants city recreation funds to all go to his park3. A clandestine world domination plot, and he's field-testing his weapons at the park4. For the Evulz

If Mordecai and Rigby get fired, Benson won't let them pack their stuff.
In the episodes where Mordecai and/or Rigby are fired, Benson says "Get out", apparently wanting them to go now and not pack their belongings. In a special episode, Mordecai and Rigby will get fired, and Mordecai will say "let us pack our stuff". But Benson will claim their stuff as his property, and threatens to kill them if they ever set foot in the park.

Of course, when Pops learns that Benson fired M&R for no reason other than pure hatred, he takes charge, firing Benson and rehiring M&R. For the rest of the series, Benson becomes the Big Bad and plots to kill Mordecai and Rigby and rule the world.

  • Jossed.

Skips and Sheena Albright will eventually become an Official Couple.
  • That's not gonna happen. Skips said she was too high-maintenance, she needed to be rescued several times. Skips said he wants to meet someone he can spend time with and talk to and he really can't do that with a woman that needs to be rescued constantly. And I doubt that Sheena would go on another date with Skips again after those several traumatizing incidents in Costa Rica.
  • Jossed. Skips remains single by the end of the series.

Fans will get to choose whether Mordecai stays with CJ or goes back with Margaret.
There will be an episode in which Margaret returns and wants to be with Mordecai again. The episode will end with Mordecai realizing that he has to choose. There will be a poll in which fans can vote whom he should choose, and the ending of the next episode will depend on the results.
  • Jossed. Mordecai doesn't end up with Margaret or CJ. He ends up with Stef, the bat girl.

Benson's gumballs represent his brain/life source
The gumballs seem to glow and move when Benson becomes especially angry ("Think Positive"). He also hates it whenever someone makes him spill out or eats his gumballs. Perhaps Benson would become weaker as he loses more gumballs and dies when he runs out of them.

They will do a mind-swap episode
It will involve Mordecai and Pops switching brains (temporarily, until a solution is found, of course) somehow (however, none of the other characters will be aware of the mind-swap).

The show takes place in the same universe as Gravity Falls
All the weirdness and paranormal activity from GF has migrated to where RS takes place.
  • Gravity Falls doesn't seem to have a noticeable population of anthropomorphic animals and objects (which would be considered paranormal in their world).

Thomas is a Russian spy.
A line from the ending of "Thomas Fights Back" seems to mildly imply something unknown about Thomas, and the plot and preview for the upcoming episode "The Real Thomas" seems to outright suggest this. However, Thomas may just turn out to be a Red Herring. It'll probably turn out to be the latter, but who knows?
  • Or alternatively, Thomas will turn out to be a heroic spy.
  • Confirmed! Thomas is actually Nikolai, a Russian spy. However he pulls a Heel–Face Turn after realizing his friendship with The Park crew.

Eileen does not know that Margaret is back in town.
Eileen loves the local news, but her roommate had not allowed her to watch anything on TV. Once she got the flat screen TV installed, she did not try changing the channel or letting her friends know who was on the local news. Therefore, she was not told and will be upset that she was not told.

Margaret, Eileen and CJ will end up being friends
  • That is after Mordecai settles his awkward love triangle.

The mistletoe disco ball hypnotized Margaret and Mordecai into kissing each other.
It would not have happened under normal circumstances because they have platonic feelings now, but they were under its control.

Margaret kissed Mordecai on purpose to spite CJ.
Margaret is really a Manipulative Bitch who thinks men she has dated are her property. This was what happened to her old boyfriends: she killed them all when they tried to dump her for being clingy and manipulative. She intends to make sure Mordecai is her's, and she'll do anything to eliminate the competition, up to and including murdering CJ.
  • In short: we just witnessed Margaret pull a Face–Heel Turn.
    • Doesn't help we saw her exboyfriend Angel from "Mordecai and the Rigbys" in the Rock and Roll underworld in "Guitar of Rock" meaning he died between those episodes.
      • However we have nothing to worry about since Mordecai did end up finding the one after all.

How Mordecai's love triangle will be resolved
Matchmaker McInthyre has actually survived his quarrel with CJ. He returns to discover that both she and Margaret have a thing for Mordecai. He pulls a scheme that lands Mordecai in a game show where he must determine whether to choose CJ or Margaret as his girlfriend, but McInthyre will kill the loser. Ultimately, Mordecai makes a Heroic Sacrifice to save both girls, killing himself and McInthyre in the process. Margaret and CJ will finally bond over the loss of Mordecai (along with Rigby and Eileen), when Mordecai is miraculously resurrected through their tears, and then makes his decision. The other girl will eventually start a relationship with another character.
  • Jossed. Nothing of the sort happens, and Mordecai ends up with neither girl.

Mordecai and Rigby will end up running the park
Benson will retire and look for successors, and while that happens, Mordecai and Rigby will do something that completely redeems them in Benson's eyes. He also realizes how M&R have thwarted world threatening events (despite causing most of them), and, after convincing Mr. Maellard , turns over Park Management duties to them.
  • Jossed. Mordecai and Rigby quit their jobs at the Park at the end of the series, Mordecai to pursue an art career, and Rigby to start a family with Eileen. Benson continues to run the park after Mr. Maellard's death.

Regular Show is set in an alternate universe.
This is probably very obvious, but the reason nobody finds talking animals, objects, and monsters to be unusual is because they've coexisted with humans for all of recorded history.

Margaret and CJ will fight each other.
CJ might accuse Margaret of seducing Mordecai into kissing her and become determined to get revenge on her.
  • Jossed. They never fought.

CJ will break up with Mordecai again.
CJ told Mordecai he has one more chance. This may be foreshadowing another break-up.
  • Having no interest in the Romantic Plot Tumor, I just want this to be quickly resolved and over with already.
  • Confirmed in "Dumped at the Altar".

Jebediah Townhouse was a time traveler.
He was a wizard after all, he probably used magic to visit the 1980s. After getting enamored with 20th century pop culture, he returned to his 18th century hometown, where the villagers noticed something strange about him, and tried to have him burned as a witch.

Assuming that Jebediah Townhouse isn't non-canon, Skips knew him.
They did live in the same town in the same time period.

"Mordecai and Rigby Down Under" is maybe the first non-canon episode that is not a Halloween special.
I'm feeling this episode is the first non-Halloween special that maybe is non-canon, that ends with them possibly trapped in Australia forever, even revealed at the end that the majority of it was a dream, except for the first part.
  • Itself nearly supported this theory because since when see Mordecal and Rigby care about football as we never see that before in this show as in very few minutes of episode and also 'backstory' to explain why they are so tries that kick the episode's plot, Since most of time that play or doing Immature stuff and Football is popular [american] sport that Hipsters sould be hating, That means Mordecal (Who have some hipster traits in show) sould quickly disliked about, Last seen Benson during of episode after there phone call that seem to be thier last phone call as He planned to fire them on Monday and How even long take an find an nearest airport, That seems model after Canberra's International airport (are one of several Airports of Austrailia that used word "International" for flights into other nations) except seen by couple shot of Austrailia from SPACE that the Two hero were stuck in south part of Northern Terrority Austrailia, It will take some long hours to find nearest airport even they will be fire in what thier city's times zone (As Day time theme episode that be at ether Centeral time or Mountian time zones).
  • Other thing that how that returned back into United States as Later episodes except that still be fired in monday (regarded it will take on any day before or after monday) by thier Boss, And get that need "Aussie" money or Australian Dollars even will take forever to collected money back returning United States and still already be fired by thier [former] boss, Cost the two lose thier jobs very likely.
  • Argument: Why do you think this episode is non-canon? Even if most of the episode was a dream, and they find themselves in Australia, they could've just returned to America the same way anyways.

Benson is the reason Mordecai and Rigby are the way they are.
In the episode "Appreciation Day", it is revealed that the Book of Park Records influences events. This means that Benson INTENTIONALLY made Mordecai and Rigby slackers. But why, you may ask? He just really hates them because he harbors unexplained Fantastic Racism against blue jays and raccoons. When Mr. Malleard found out, though, he changed the book in order to make Mordecai and Rigby not as big slackers (but not completely so he could screw with Benson for laughs), and also greatly toned down Benson's temper.

Benson and the magical Book of Park Records are responsible for everything that happens in the show.
After becoming the manager of the park, Benson succumbed to the allure of this powerful book, and decided to play God by writing wacky adventures into the lives of the park staff for his own personal entertainment.

Muscle Man's My Mom jokes, are not an insult to his mom.
They are an insult to M.O.M.M.

At the end of "Terror Tales of the Park I", Rigby turns into a wizard. It is even creepier when you realize that the wizard Rigby turned into was the same one from "The Power".
Now how do I know he is the same wizard? Look at both of their faces: They have pretty much the exact same nose, and wear simmilar wizard hats. Why is he different this time around you may ask? He probably turned evil after finding out who stole his Keyboard. It is even MORE creepier once you find out he may have killed Rigby for revenge.

Skip's will eventually hook up with Mona's reincarnation.

Frank Smith was adopted by Robins
Hence why most of the people at his party were Robins

It will turn out that Margaret is Mordecai's soulmate.
Mordecai mentions that Muscle Man and Starla were "designed for each other." This could be Leaning on the Fourth Wall since the two characters look very similar to each other. Margaret looks designed similarly to Mordecai, and she was intended to be his love interest from the beginning whereas CJ may have originally been intended to be a one-off character.
  • Who knows? Maybe CJ's soulmate will be a cloud, rainbow or sun person.
    • Jossed. Mordecai doesn't end up with Margaret or CJ.

CJ will resort to extreme measures to cure her anger issues.
CJ will be brainwashed or be given some supernatural object and either become unnaturally happy or stripped of all emotions.
  • Mordecai and Margaret will have to kiss again to get her mad enough to snap out of it.

The Dome is meant to be sent to an alien world to establish a colony.
And that alien planet is the one Pops' favorite planet from, well, "Pops' Favorite Planet". Because that planet is special to Mr. Maellard too...because it's his and Pops' real planet of origin. Maellard came from there to Earth, had Pops, and has been part of a plan for hundreds of years to send Pops there one day with a group of friends who were capable of protecting him from whatever it was that caused him to leave to begin with.
  • It's sort of confirmed, the Park Crew has joined an organization that plans to colonize other planets. Pops does turn out to be "The Chosen One" who must confront an evil version of himself, but what significance his "Favorite Planet" has on the plot has yet to be revealed.

Season 8 will be the final season.
Let's be honest, Cartoon Network seems to have lost interest in the series. Besides, 8 seasons is unusual for a Cartoon Network show. I can't see it going on for much longer. If the ending of the season 7 finale is anything to go by, something big is going to happen, possibly setting up for the series finale.
  • Confirmed by Mark Hamill.

The series shares a universe with The Mighty Boosh.
There are some pretty clear parallels between the shows. Both feature worlds which seem superficially similar to our own, yet the main characters frequently find themselves having to fight supernatural beings to travel to other worlds. The main characters, one of whom is tall and the other is short, enjoy singing together. Music styles and fashion trends from past decades feature prominently. People with bizarrely alien features can exist (like a pie for a head) and no one is really concerned by it. Immortal beings work mundane jobs along side the protagonists (in Skips' case working in the park, in Naboo's case working in the zoo and later owning the Nabootique). Though most characters in the Mighty Boosh were human, most characters in Regular Show seem to be human as well. Keep in mind that Bollo was a talking ape and let's not forget the Crack Fox and whatever Old Gregg was (half man, half fish, or maybe it's more a 70/30 split) so it's quite possible that characters like Mordecai and Rigby exist in the Mighty Boosh universe. As for Benson being a talking Gumball Machine, keep in mind that Charlie was a living being made of used bubble-gum (with a moustache).

Mordecai, Benson and Skips will each find love again by the time of the Series Finale.
  • Confirmed with Benson.
  • Mordecai, as well, but sadly, not with either Margaret or CJ, but with some vampire-bat girl.
  • Jossed with Skips.

The final episode will have a Precision F-Strike
  • Regular Show is well-known for its somewhat risque content, particularly in the earlier episodes. The final episode is probably going to put everything Regular Show is known for and crank it up to eleven.
    • Jossed. Besides, even if this happened, CN would immediately censor it. It's a known fact that Moral Guardians run CN. Why else is Regular Show ending? They want it off the network so they can make room for what they consider kid-friendly material.
      • Actually, it's not that reason, it's was J.G Quintel's decision to end it on that season.

Anti-Pops is the physical embodiment of Cartoon Network
Anti-Pop's goal was to erase the entire universe, which in this case is clearly a parallel to the cancellation of a show, as shown by the seer's mentioning how many universe come and go, specifically mentioning that their universe went on longer than most, referencing Regular Show's six year lifespan. In addition, the way Anti-Pops goes about destroying the universe involves turning things into their base storyboard forms, which is likely a parallel to unused assets from scenes of shows that were never finished. The most important part of this theory though is how Cartoon Network treated the show when it approached the end, which was by pushing out episodes as fast as possible, with little to no schedule. This poor treatment of the show likely serves as the inspiration for Anti-Pops.
  • It's also worth mentioning that Anti-Pops was brought into the universe at the same time as Pops was finally perfected, which is likely a metaphor for how Cartoon Network allowed Regular Show to reach its full potential, but at the cost of poor treatment.

Mordecai and Rigby foreshadowed J.G. Quintel's next show
Right after Pops' Heroic Sacrifice, Mordecai says he wants to come back as a dolphin and Rigby says he wants to come back as a pterodactyl. It's a pretty big stretch, what if this could be a quick foreshadowing nod to Quintel's next project?

After the events of "Rigby's Body," Pops started sneaking Mordecai and Rigby free snacks
At the end of "Rigby's Body," it's revealed that the only employee who's allowed to take free snacks is Pops, due to being the park owner's son. It's no stretch to assume that Pops, knowing how excited Mordecai and Rigby were about the snacks, helped himself to some extra snacks to give to his friends.

Pops now has a new best friend
Pops died and went to heaven. Presumably, Muscle Dad is also there. Now Pops and Muscle Dad are good pals. And Leon is also in their friend circle, too!

In "Fuzzy Dice", the real reason Pops wanted the fuzzy dice for his birthday...
...was because he wanted his friends to have fun. He's just such a nice guy that to him, the best present would be knowing that his friends are happy, so he used a little trickery to convince them to get him a present that would require them to have the maximum amount of fun in order to get. He probably didn't anticipate the animatronics turning out to be gangsters, though, or he would have sent them to someplace less dangerous.

The Power originated on Lolliland
Throughout Season 8 we find out essentially that "that has happened before, it will happen again". In other words, the universe will be destroyed and recreated as it was, essentially being stuck in an eternal loop. However, it isn't the same. This time, things are different. There must be a point of divergence between the universes. In fact, the universe can't be completely the same each time. In some versions of the universe, Pops and Anti-Pops ended up fighting with pool noodles. History was different this time around. However, Lolliland was apparently the only planet not reset. This suggests the point of divergence must have originated there. Now we know that at least once Mordecai and Rigby had been present before, since a version of Mordecai was recorded on the wall but in that version of the universe everything was still destroyed. My hypothesis is that in the last universe they were sent back to The Power (episode) as in the finale (so the glitch in time still happened) but were unable to get the other characters to listen to them because they messed up and damaged the wall (so were assumed to be lying to distract them). They eventually got a message to Lolliland but it was too late to do anything more to save the universe this time, but they arranged for The Power to end up in Mordecai and Rigby's hands next universe (by giving it to that wizard). It is, after all, a device which lets you convince people of anything by singing brief improvised songs. Singing brief improvised songs is Mordecai and Rigby's speciality, essentially making it custom made for them and their problem (the need to convince people to listen to them).

The title of the show doesn't mean regular in the sense of normal but in the way Pops uses "Good Show" and "Bad Show"
When life makes you happy, it's a "Good Show". When life makes you sad, it's a "Bad Show". Life is a mixture of both. It's not all good and it's not all bad. However crazy the world of regular show may be, it's still a mixture of the good and bad just like real life. It's a "Regular Show". This takes on an extra meaning when you realise that Pops almost is God in the Regular Show universe, resetting the universe time and again in battle with his brother (who uses "Bad Show" as Pops uses good). It makes sense that this reality would be named in the terms of its creator(s).

Their show is actually of the horror genre, employing seemingly kiddy elements (as opposed to typical horror things like gore and Eldritch Abominations) and intentionally turning it into Uncanny Valley as well as making the main cast villainous by showing them killing their victims on-screen, with absolutely no remorse for their actions under the guise of "childlike innocence and comprehension". Their victims quite visibly suffer and beg for mercy too before they turn into glitter. The show's main flaw however is that it wasn't executed that well and young children love it despite its darker elements, and as a result can be easily mistaken for a kids' show.

Rigby is actually a Bounty Hunter hired by Mandy to capture Grim.
As we know, Grim is most supposedly living in the vicinity of the park, living with his monster spouse, as well with his newborn son, after returning to the present to fix his mistakes, so he really failed in doing this, by becoming as evil as his boss, changing his accent with a British one, pretty enough to make Mandy creating a clone of herself, which unwillingly marries Billy, so they are unwillingly cursed into being transformed into raccoon-like humanoid beings, so they later returned into pre-present, also changing their names into Sherm and Barbera, enough to gave birth to two children Click to Expand. Infuriated, the original Mandy called Ribgy at her phone to seek the Death for her, especially when he isn't working with Mordecai, in his younger adult days. And there is the point he betrayed his initial boss for teaming up with new friends for his new/current boss, Benson.

Skips has trouble walking normally
Skips is pretty much all muscle on his upper body, but his feet are smaller than almost everyone else in the show aside from maybe Rigby. Walking like that would be pretty uncomfortable for pretty much anybody. Skipping just helps him get around faster.
  • Jossed. He can walk fine. He only skips to honor the memory of his love Mona, who died tragically in the crossfire of the first battle between Skips and Klorgbane.

Most of "Grilled Cheese Deluxe" is a made-up story.
Standing in line, Rigby and Mordecai had enough time to make up a story like this as part of their lying contest. They later incorporated what happened to Benson's sandwich into the story. In the end, when he accuses them of lying, they actually tell the truth.

Muscle Man is a zombie
The green skin, pinkish eyes, gravelly voice, superhuman strength, and the fact that he's best friends with a ghost? It holds up.