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Nedroid is the pen name of online artist Anthony Clark who draws silly pictures and comics "when there's nothing good on TV." You may recognize his work doing the colors for a—ahem—little-known comic called The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

On his own site, Nedroid draws all kinds of interesting stuff—he has a special fondness for dinosaurs, ladies, and lovingly rendered landscapes following his self-image character, the Eternal Homeless Robot.

But the most popular and recurring subject, and likely the reason you're here, is comics based around the adventures of Beartato, Reginald and their friends, officially titled Beartato Comics (also known as Beartato and the Gang). Here are some of the characters:

  • Beartato is half-bear, half-potato, all heart. He's naïve, and impossibly charming.
  • Reginald is his best friend who is all bird, all muscle, all brain, and totally available, ladies! Ahem. Reginald is also all ego, and rather desperate. He fancies himself a ladies' man yet hasn't had much success so far.
  • Harrison is... who the hell is Harrison? Moving along...
  • Gary is a towering humanoid thing whom Reginald considers his most hated enemy for no reason in particular; he's actually good friends with both Beartato and Reginald.
  • Rudy is Reginald's dog. He is actually Reginald's most hateful enemy, whom Rudy considers the stupidest being in the world.
  • Teddy The Phoenix is an on-fire Reginald with wheels for feet. Keen to cart off the wrong people to save some planet.
  • Weirdo is a bearded man who wears all sorts of things on his head. An acquaintance of Reginald and Beartato.
  • There's also an assortment of minor characters, that don't usually get any attention these days. Don't worry about them for now.

Also of interest are his collaboration comics with Emmy Cicierega (Yes, sister of THAT Cicierega) under the shared name Laserpony Studios. There aren't any recurring stories or characters, but they're always a new, surreal and hilarious experience.

Not to be confused with Metroid. Not even as a Shout-Out. Or confused with Nendoroid, either.

Compare with Regular Show, which has a similar bird-and-mammal protagonist duo and absurdist sense of humor.

Nedroid contains examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Actual story arcs are rare but Nedroid is infamous for switching back to gag-a-day mode and never finishing the ones he starts.
  • Accidental Misnaming: Reginald takes this to the extreme when, at the end of an evening of romance, he accidentally calls his date Becky "Lord Voldemort."
  • Affectionate Parody: Pictures for Sad Beartatoes
  • Alt Text: Most comics have it (the first one, a one-off, is July 2008; it became a more regular feature the next month). When switching web hosts in May '09, however, converting all the alt text (and comic titles) from before that date was deemed unreasonable to convert. You can still get all that on the livejournal mirror.
  • And I Must Scream: The Alt Text of this comic:
    "It grows from here. Reginald begins reducing more and more actions to simple lines of dialogue: "nod", "dance", "laugh", "love". Eventually his muscles atrophy; his body wastes away. Only the left hemisphere of his brain remains alive, the spoken word itself reduced to mere thought. And once Beartato earns his master's degree and invents a brain-to-speech synthesizer, that final thought is at last heard: "Weep a single tear for the life I have wasted".
  • April Fools' Day: In 2010, Dinosaur Comics replaced the entire cast with Nedroid characters (Reginald in place of T. Rex, Beartato in place of Utahraptor, etc). Not just in the latest page, but in the entire archives. You can still see it here. The newspost at the bottom shows you where to find some other cool ones.
  • Art Evolution: Over time, the art style got more simplistic, yet more polished. In contrast, the older comics had a bunch of artistic experimentation, ranging from sketchy to finely touched.
  • Author Avatar: The Eternal Homeless Robot.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: INVISIBLE SWORDS!!!
    "Probably the best and worst thing about invisible swords is that they are invisible
  • Bait-and-Switch: All the time. For example, in the origin stories comic, we see a robotic shark-man being assembled in a lab...only for baby Harrison to toddle in a few panels later.
  • A Day in the Limelight: It rhymes with “Schmarrison Stories”
  • Decoy Protagonist: The site calls comics featuring Beartato or his friends Beartato Comics. If you read from the beginning, he definitely seems to be the focus. However, as time goes on it becomes increasingly clear the main focus of the comic is Reginald as most of the jokes are about his insecurities or negative qualities and a lot more information is revealed about how he lives and thinks, with Beartato only there to play the Straight Man. He even appears later on in Harrison's Adventures while Beartato is absent.
  • Mind Screw: A storyline revolving around Reginald's "brain problems".
  • Missed the Call: Harrison constantly pines away to be swept up in some big heroic adventure like Beartato and Reginald often are. He's offered several chances practically on a silver platter, but turns his nose up at all of them until recently. Then he comes across Beartatonote  and Reginald, who literally fell into the same thing he was chosen to do.

Alternative Title(s): Beartato, Nedroid Picture Diary