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Who says a cartoon can't have Heartwarming Moments? Especially a cartoon as bizarre as Regular Show? Surprisingly, this show had a lot of heartwarming moments that were really genuine.

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  • Despite everything, Muscle Man's relationship with Starla should count. Granted, every time the two of them make out is considered disturbing and disgusting by the show itself due to the fact that neither them is what you would call a looker, but they've consistently remained one of, if not the, longest standing couple in the entire show, and Muscle Man frequently goes to great lengths to make Starla happy just because he loves her that much.
    • And as of the end of season 6, they're married. And as of the finale, they have kids! Lots of them.

    Season 1 
  • Mordecai finally letting Rigby win at punchies in "Death Punchies," complete with a heartwarming scene where they soar out of the magma pit together.
    • "Dude, of course you can be Player 1."
  • From the hot dogs episode: "See, I told you I could fix this."
  • Rigby's apology to Mordecai in "The Unicorns Have Got To Go", complete with big, sorrowful eyes. Mordecai forgiving him probably counts as well.
  • Skips thanking Mordecai and Rigby for throwing him a birthday party, because no one had ever thrown him one before.
  • Benson's reaction to Don hugging him - at first looking startled and caught off-guard before returning the hug with the most heartwarming smile of all time.
    • Pops' reaction to getting a hug is also pretty adorable.
  • From the "Don" episode: Mordecai telling Rigby that Rigby's like a brother to him, and that he still sticks with him even when annoyed by him... then Rigby finally caving in and giving Don some "sugar".
    • Everything in Don was either this or a Tear Jerker
    • Fridge Heartwarming: Rigby gave Don sugar for the first time in at least seventeen years.
  • Benson has several, particularly in "Mordecai and the Rigbys" when he goes to see their performance simply to watch them fail. However after Mordecai and Rigby were getting booed on the stage for admitting to lip synching (albeit accidentally), Benson manages to get the audience cheering by immediately applauding for them instead. For the first time, he shows that he's not simply a Grumpy Bear who yells at them, but actually a Not So Stoic who's simply Not So Above It All.

    Season 2 
  • Rigby thanking Mordecai for helping him get over his fear in "Ello Guvnnor".
  • At the end of the episode "It's Time", when Mordecai is sent back time after accidentally killing Rigby, he seems very happy to see him alive again.
  • From the episode "Appreciation Day." Benson is handing out plaques to everyone and saying what they did to deserve their appreciation. He hands one to Pops, and says, "Pops- for helping a baby bird back into its nest." The scene wasn't shown, but the thought of sweet ol' Pops lovingly placing a baby bird back into its next is ridiculously adorable and heartwarming.
  • "Thank you, papa... thank you."
  • Leon pushing Benson out of the car so he can perform the Heroic Sacrifice himself.
  • The end of "Benson Be Gone" has Benson order Mordecai and Rigby to get back to work. They instead go play video games. Benson watches them leave from his rear view mirror and smiles in content. Given the hell he had to go through to save them from the workaholic demoness Susan, he not only understands their own feel of down time once in a while, but also is glad for things to return to normal.
  • Really, any time the Five-Man Band come together to accomplish something. Sure, they don't get along a good chunk of the time, but when they do, it's both a Heartwarming Moment and a Moment of Awesome. The best examples are in "Rage Against the Television", where the group performs a Misfit Mobilization Moment to help Mordecai and Rigby, and "This Is My Jam", where the others come to help defeat the physical manifestation of an Ear Worm, without even being asked.
    • Though to be fair, Mordecai and Rigby weren't the only ones that were plagued by the Ear Worm, they all were. Still counts that they'd help, though.
  • Muscle Man confessing to Starla at the end of "Muscle Woman"... Until they kissed.
  • Mordecai and Rigby's hug in "Temp Check"... until you realize that Rigby would never hug Mordecai, and Mordecai used this as a trap to find out who the real Rigby was.
  • "Hey, Rigby? Do me a solid and come to the arcade with me."
    • It was Rigby's solid that nailed it down for This Troper. After being a total douche through his solid-abuse, he does the honorable thing and keeps his word by destroying the tape with no regrets.
      • He didn't even have to. He made up that thing about the solid so he'd have an excuse to destroy the tape without looking like a wuss.
  • "Really Real Wrestling:" Pops apologizes to Benson and says that Mordecai and Rigby aren't to blame.
    • The fact that Pops bought three tickets to the match so he, Mordecai, and Rigby could all go together. Also, Benson's concern for Pops after Mordecai and Rigby's ill-fated wrestling results in Pops throwing out his back.
  • Skips putting his soul on the line to win Rigby's soul back from Death and apologizing to him for killing him (well as much as The Stoic can).
  • A combination of awesome and heartwarming: in "A Bunch of Baby Ducks", Mordecai and Rigby team up with a mother duck to go rescue her babies from a creepy old man.
    • "Hey, Mordecai and Rigby. Thanks... for being the coolest losers we know!"
  • Pretty much everything with Mordecai in "Skunked" while he's trying to cure Rigby from being a Wereskunk. This was really one of those episodes that shows the same thing Mordecai said in "Don", that he cares about Rigby like his brother.

    Season 3 
  • Skips returning to bowl even though Death was holding a secret over his head that he felt could have ruined him, after looking through the scrapbook. Skips even referred to the guys as his friends and made it clear he'd never turn his back on them.
  • In the camping episode, the part where Margaret and Mordecai were lying on the hood of her car and talking was just so great. Their dialogue was unbelievably natural. It's one of those moments when you just want to track down the person who wrote the episode and give them a big ole hug.
    • Rigby actually being nice to Eileen for once (and her happiness at that fact) was pretty sweet, too.
  • Benson's admission near the end of "Cool Bikes". "Mordecai and Rigby . . . are the coolest guys I know."
    • He even saves them from getting sentenced to death for being too cool.
  • The entire rapping contest episode definitely qualifies as this.
  • After the hellish conclusion of "Think Positive," Pops has enough grace to admit that his decisions as park manager were wrong, and that Benson is a much better fit for the position than himself. Then he and Benson shake hands, smiling.
    • Though his priorities weren't in the right place, Pops' intentions certainly were. The episode begins with Pops looking increasingly furious and disgusted when he sees Benson yelling at Mordecai and Rigby. And when he calls Benson into his office to address this, Pops acts like a complete gentleman, never once raising his voice.
  • In a fridge heartwarming way, Pops getting a spare cake for the surprise birthday for Skips waaay back in season 1 when you watch the episode "Skips Vs Technology"'s opening montage of Skips being at the park when Pops' was just a kid.
  • The Reveal of what Mordecai and Rigby had been trying to print all day in "Skips VS Technology". A thank you note to Skips, for all his hard work around the park.
    • The montage at the beginning of the episode is also sweet. An ageless immortal and what Skips finds most fulfilling is helping the various generations of workers around the park.
  • After listening to Mordecai's butt-dialed song, Margaret finds it both funny and sweet. She loves the song so much that she sets it as the ringtone for her phone. Then she says: "That way I can hear you singing every time you call me. So you'd better call me!" It's a sign that it made her crush on him even bigger, and that she wants him to keep in touch with her more often.
  • In "Eggcellent", the fact that even when Mordecai felt that Rigby may never recover, he still kept his promise and went though all the trouble to get Rigby that hat.
    • In a way, while also mostly a Tear Jerker, Mordecai punching Benson in the face for the crap he said. Rigby may have screwed up, and for a stupid reason, but Mordecai is NOT going to take shit from Benson for saying things like that about his best friend.
    • The entire Five-Man Band helping Mordecai so he can win said hat. Also, both the scene where Benson admits that claiming it was Rigby's fault this happened was a really stupid thing to say and the later one where Mordecai tells Benson he didn't mean it when he said nobody likes him, and that even though Benson can be a jerk, he's also a good person, and that Mordecai really does consider him a friend. Seriously, this episode was heartwarming incarnate. Seems like there's one of these per season, 'Don' and 'It's Time' being the last two.
    • That small scene when Benson gives Mordecai a small smile and saying "Just get in there and win the stupid hat for Rigby." That was a really nice thing to say.
  • In "Gut Model:" HFG telling Muscle Man that he would be miserable without him and he is his best friend.
  • Mordecai handing over entire stack of money he had been saving up for a date with Margaret in "Trash Boat" when it becomes clear Rigby needed it to save his own life.
    • Notably, Rigby actually protests using that money despite having spent half the episode begging for 50 dollars to change his name back. He DOES care about Mordecai getting with Margaret after all.
  • In "Busted Cart" Benson tries to reach a warehouse before the warranty on the busted golf cart (which, of course, Mordecai and Rigby busted) expires. He explicitly tells them not to come with him, but they sneak on board anyway out of a sense of guilt. Of course Benson freaks out... and then we get one of the sweetest moments in the series when Rigby asks why Benson hates them so much, and he gives a pretty nice speech about how he doesn't hate THEM, but some of the things they do and all he wants is to push them to be better - implied to be "as good as he knows they can be". They then put on some music and drive along happily together. Of course, more stuff happens, they screw up more and Benson gets pissed again, but it's a very, very sweet scene and shows more of Benson's development as a character over the series.
    • The fact that Mordecai and Rigby risked their LIVES for Benson's job.
    • Both Mordecai and Rigby realizing that they really screwed things up when Benson has a complete emotional breakdown upon believing he's going to lose his job in "Busted Cart". And then putting their lives on the line to keep that from happening.
  • The ending of "Access Denied" it´s pretty heartwarming, with Mordecai and Margaret finally dancing with each other.
    • Eileen even hints that the real reason Margaret invited Mordecai and Rigby to her birthday party was so she could dance with Mordecai. It's sweet knowing that Margaret wants to dance with Mordecai as much as he wants to dance with her.
  • Also doubles as a hilarious moment, and YMMV, but Muscle Man as a little kid and his dad making "My Mom" (or "My Wife") jokes.
    • Heck, everything involving Muscle Man and his dad in that episode. Not to mention that Muscle Man honestly opens up to Mordecai and Rigby and admits they're his friends.
    • Mordecai saying "it's an honor to meet you, Muscle Dad," when the gang encounters Muscle Dad's ghost.
    • In the car, Muscle Man has a meltdown when the dial on the radio snaps off. Mordecai and Rigby immediately comfort him and assure him that it's not a big deal. Muscle Man is genuinely grateful for this.
    • The whole Park is on Muscle Man's side in his episode. Benson is the one to ask Mordecai and Rigby to go with Muscle Man and comfort him, and their only objection is asking why High Five Ghost isn't doing it - throughout the rest of the episode they are genuinely supportive the whole way. A far cry from the guys who said they hated Muscle Man a season or two ago.
  • The revelation of why Skips always skips from "Diary." Apparently, some of his happiest moments were skipping with a past love. He skips all the time, as something to remember her by.
    • In the same episode, Rigby actually admitsthat Eileen would be hot if she didn't wear glasses.
  • Muscle Man's concern for Pops, and the fact that he gave up pranking for him. Considering the fact that Muscle Man is the kind of guy who gets his kicks from hurting people, and once LAUGHED WHILE RIGBY WAS CHOKING, that was rather touching.
    • After Pops is hurt and crying hysterically, it's Benson who immediately rushes to him to comfort him and tell him it's going to be okay.
    • The fact that Pops has absolutely no resentment towards Muscle Man even after what happened to him. As the paramedics are taking him away, he assures Muscle Man "no worries."
  • Mordecai and Margaret's interactions in "Death Bear." Throughout most of the episode the two playfully tease each other, not in a mean way of course, but in a friendly way. It's a sign that they're really growing close together. And then there's the end when Mordecai tackles Death Bear to save Eileen's life.
    • The entire scene with the train. Mordecai comes across a train he used to ride as a kid, and Margaret seems interested. When the two sit in one of the small seats, Margaret doesn't mind how small it is and says it's cozy. You can tell she likes the close contact with Mordecai.
      • The ending. Margaret thanks Mordecai for saving their lives and being brave. Mordecai admits he was scared, but Margaret says that's what made him brave, and she affectionately hugs him. Then Eileen tells Rigby that even though he wasn't brave, she still liked being with him and that he is pretty cool. Rigby thanks her and tells her she's cool, too.

    Season 4 
  • Pops winning the blue ribbon (his 10th one!) in the pie contest.
  • In "Terror Tales of the Park II," Benson's concern for Pops. He knows that Pops is very child-like in nature and is utterly terrified of scary stories, so he constantly yells at the others to not tell scary stories, to avoid frightening Pops. Though everyone has a soft spot for Pops, it's most evident with Benson, because Benson usually isn't very gentle towards other people at all.
    • Pops insists (pathetically and unconvincingly) that he isn't scared, because he doesn't want to ruin the fun of the others.
  • Though Pops hadn't completed the milk challenge, the guys still would have let him join in on guy's night just because they saw how much he wanted it.
    • His addition to the scrapbook and his joyful giggling cements this as heartwarming.
    • Near the beginning of the episode, the guys are obviously apprehensive about Pops being able to complete a challenge, and hesitantly try to talk Pops out of it. Shockingly, it's MUSCLE MAN who persuades the rest of the guys to at least let him try. Muscle Man, the most brutish, jerkish, and crude guy out of all of them, is the one who's the most confident in the comically effeminate Pops. Now that is saying something.
    • In general, despite the madness the Milk Challenge brings, the guys are very gentle about their hesitance to bring Pops in on Guys' Night. It's not that they don't like him, they genuinely just didn't think he'd enjoy the night and didn't wanna put him through it.
  • Rigby thanking Eileen for her help in "One Pull Up". He would've hugged her if it wasn't for his massive muscles that he feared would crush her spine. She took her chance as she removed her glasses. Worth it.
  • In "The Christmas Special", when Mordecai tackles the enemy over a pit of lava, Rigby screams his name and dives right in after him without a second thought. Not to mention later in the scene where Mordecai tells him to let go and Rigby trusts him. The genuine friendship and how they honestly would do anything to help each other really shows here.
    • Santa deciding to break the rules and give Mordecai and Rigby the invisibility cloaks they've been asking him for since they were little was pretty nice of him. Especially since they just helped save Christmas.
  • All of "TGI Tuesday," especially the ending.
  • After making fun of Benson the whole episode and not believing that he played the legendary drum solo in 150-Piece Kit, Morecai and Rigby INSTANTLY support him when it becomes clear that his old ban Hair to the Throne are a bunch of jerks, and angrily throw the backstage that they were so enamored with down. They bicker, but they got Benson's back.
  • In "Do or Diaper", Mordecai attempts to get Margaret to kiss him by midnight, friday, and will ave to wear a diaper for a week afterwards if he fails due to a bet with Muscle Man. Margaret is understandably upset when she finds out, and through his apology, Mordecai ends up finally genuinely confessing his feelings for her. She still deliberately makes him fail the bet, but he's seen the next day, smiling confidently even with it on, because he has now confessed, she had a good time on their date, and he realizes he'll get another, genuine chance sometime.
  • Mordecai and Rigby hanging out with the baby ducks at the end.
    • Before that, the mother duck scolding Benson for not just yelling at her babies but for also yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, which shows how much she appreciates them for taking care of her babies.
    • After the ducks lose their first fight with the geese, Mordecai and Rigby refuse to abandon them no matter how dangerous the situation is.
    • Near the beginning of the episode, we see Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops having lunch together, in a nice little call-back to "Guy's Night." Mordecai and Rigby have completely accepted Pops as "one of the guys," and have gotten a lot closer with him.
  • In "Fool Me Twice," when Mordecai and Rigby wants to give up on the obstacle course, Benson helps them continue despite not wanting to participate in the game show in the first place.
  • "Picking Up Margaret", Mordecai offers to give Margaret a ride to the airport, and she's grateful for this. Sure she's a little suspicious because of what happened in "Do or Diaper", but she still has feelings for him and wants to give him another chance.
    • The ending, of course. When the two reach the airport on time, Margaret thanks Mordecai and apologizes to him for freaking out while being chased by the Wickets. You can tell she regrets doubting Mordecai because of her feelings for him, and the fact that he's always there for her. When it's time for Margaret to leave, she and Mordecai struggle at first to separate, a sign that they really, really like each other. When Mordecai attempts to make some sort of romantic declaration or something (most likely "I love you"), Margaret understands and surprises him and the audience by giving him a big kiss. It's her way of telling him she likes him as much as he likes her.
  • "Radio KILLIT" is pretty much a love letter to the days of the independent radio DJ, and as such is full of awesome and heartwarming moments. A great one is the flashback to the station's better days, with all the DJ's doing what they do best, and a Suspiciously Similar Song version of Rush's "Spirit of Radio" playing in the background.
    • Muscle Man's love song for Starla in the episode was genuinely sweet.
  • In "Skips' Stress", after dealing with the Stress Monster, Pops' car has a flat. Skips prepares to fix it but the others tell him they can handle it and work together to fix it. Skips' smile says it all.
    • The whole episode is full of Heartwarming moments, really. Everyone at the park clearly loves and values Skips. When they realize he's too stressed to work, they give him the day off and take up the slack. And when that's not enough, they get him to the Stress Bell and stand with him while he battles the stress monsters.
  • "Trailer Trashed", Mordecai, speaking on the behalf of the other park gang, with probably the exception of Thomas, saying they consider Muscle Man a friend. Take in mind that in the beginning of the series Mordecai consider him annoying and to hear him say that show that when the chip are down they have each others back.
  • "Meteor Moves" for sure.
    • At first Margaret says she's worried she won't get into a college, but then she reveals to Mordecai the main reason she doesn't want to leave: She's going to miss Mordecai the most. You know what this means? This means that even though Margaret wants to go to college, at the same time, she also doesn't want to go, because she loves Mordecai so much that it would emotionally hurt her if she were away from him for a while. This makes the Season 4 finale even more heartbraking.
      • And of course, the ending. After being pressured by the "Guardian of the Friend Zone", Mordecai finally kisses Margaret. To make it even sweeter, this happens with the beautiful meteor shower behind them. When the two finish kissing, they look at each other lovingly. It's a sign that they were both dreaming for this moment for a long time, and it finally happened. It just melts your heart to no end...
      • Margaret's response to Eileen after being asked about the meteor shower: "It was amazing." Only Margaret doesn't mean the meteor shower, she's actually referring to her kiss with Mordecai, as evidenced by her looking lovingly at him. After this, the two hold hands while walking back to the car. Awwwww...
  • At the end of "Country Club", Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby that he's proud of them for sticking up to the titular club and trying to get their things back.
  • Benson learning to trust Mordecai and Rigby in "Blind Trust." Especially at the end where they admit that they love each other.
  • The entire premise of "World's Best Boss." The workers going out of their way to get Benson the mug, their sincere compliments towards him while fighting the other boss' workers, and then Benson joining in on the brawl.
    • The fact that the whole idea to get Benson a gift was Pops' idea. Though the two have had their disagreements and have frustrated each other in the past, Pops clearly values all of Benson's hard work, and his friendship.
  • Despite it being more of a Tear Jerker, Margaret running out of the restaurant in tears after rejecting Mordecai shows how bad she feels about doing it to him, and that she would had gladly been his girlfriend if she hadn't been accepted to her dream college.
    • Rigby being fully and completely supportive of Mordecai throughout the entire episode. It shows just how far he's come from being the selfish jerk who tried to ruin Mordecai's chances of getting together with Margaret in the past. The ending scene with Rigby coming to comfort him on the roof after his heartbreaking rejection is beautifully touching.
    • Rigby giving Mordecai his Amadeus Dollars, no strings attached, because he respect how much effort Mordecai put into moving to the next level with Margaret.
    • Even if the ending makes it bittersweet, it's hard not to smile at the "date montage" in the beginning, which plays this a bit more straight.
    • A minor one, but when Pops panics and bursts into tears in the interrogation room, Benson gently tries to calm him down, saying "use your words, Pops."

    Season 5 
  • The entire park uniting to cheer Mordecai up at the beginning of "Laundry Woes" after his devastating breakup with Margaret, and the montage of them gradually succeeding. It shows just how far all of them have come since the beginning of the series.
  • When Skips puts his hand on Mordecai's shoulder at the bowling alley, he has a very knowing, comforting smile on his face. This is especially poignant when you remember that Skips lost Mona, the only girl he ever loved. Even if it's on a smaller scale, he knows what Mordecai is going through.
  • Towards the end of "A Skips in Time:"
    Walks: Skips, I can tell that living our life will be the greatest adventure of all... but I'm still not changing my name.
    Skips: You've just got to meet the right girl.
  • In "Tants"
    Rigby: And Eileen worked really hard to help us! (Rigby and Eileen smile at each other)
    • And shortly afterward . . .
    Pops: But that is the reason I consider you my best friends!
    • Don't forget the president of the company that makes the Tants, because after he sees this scene, he gives all of them free Tants after burning the fake ones, saying that real friends deserve real Tants.
    • Though misguided and strange, Pops' gifts for his friends were very sweet. And despite being incredibly lame gifts, his friends sincerely thanked him for them.
  • In "Bank Shot:" When Rigby is in trouble on a Bank Shot bet, his first reaction is to call up his brother Don.
  • The climax of the Thanksgiving Special. One of the many moments where the park workers really treat each other as a secondary family.
    • Hell, Mordecai and Rigby's Thanksgiving song counts as this, considering the song says that family is way more important than food. The fact that they won the contest also counts as a CMOA.
    Benson: I forgive you.
    • At the end of the episode, Muscle Dad's ghost is also attending the feast. It seems like not even death is able to stop him from celebrating with his family.
  • "The Heart of a Stuntman" has the flashback montage of the boy Timmy and the previous birthday parties the main characters have made possible, as well as Timmy actually being impressed by the lame stunt Muscle Man and Rigby had to perform due to being injured horribly from passing stunt college.
  • In "New Year's Kiss", Rigby goes out of his way to help Mordecai. It's not for his own benefit, he's actually trying to be selfless.
  • The climax of "Dodge This" due to CJ and Mordecai avoiding each other, and what happened during CJ's previous appearance. The two are forced to confront their awkwardness when they're teleported away by the galactic dodge-ball council who then proceeded to play previous scenes of the pair when they try to avoid the topic further. It's revealed both sides were avoiding each other because they thought the other was mad, Mordecai due to the events of "Yes Dude Yes" and CJ due to her running out after the kiss. The two then agree to start over, as friends and finish the match, with Mordecai congratulating CJ after she wins.
  • The ending of "The Postcard"where High-Five Ghost finally reunites with Celia after it looked like that they missed each other.
  • In "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito", Rigby admitting to Mordecai that despite making fun of the things Mordecai did in high school, he was actually cool in high school.
  • Doubling as a Tear Jerker is Skip keeping the necklace he made for Mona.
  • CJ giving her support to Eileen in "Video 101". When Mordecai and Rigby slowly start to take over her project, CJ reminds Eileen that she should make her video the way she wants to since it's her project. She calls Eileen later at night to check up on her, and she brings coffee to her house on the morning of her project.
  • The ending of "I Like You Hi". Mordecai puts his feelings for Margaret behind him and asks CJ out on a "date date", which she happily accepts with a ;-). If that wasn't sweet enough, she then clarifies it as an yes, likely knowing Mordecai might misinterpret it.
    • Rigby expressing pride in the above.
    • The montage at the beginning, showing Mordecai and CJ happily spending time together and ending with them hugging. Daww!
      • For added points, Mordecai is shown at community college, showing he's regained his love for art post "Bad Portrait."
    • While they rib him for "Pulling a Mordecai" again, the park workers all trying to help Mordecai with his problem. Granted their ideas are either incredibly stupid (Rigby saying to To dunk the phone in acid, thinking that will erase the text, Muscle Man trying to claim the phone was stolen), useless (Thomas' gibberish about his girlfriends, Fives Suggesting waiting four years based on his experiences), or ignored (Skips' suggestion to just tell the truth.), but they mean well.
  • Play Date has plenty.
    • The hug Mordecai gives CJ towards the beginning.
      CJ: Whoa-ho-ho! You're a real move-maker today.
      Mordecai: Oh. Uh...I mean, I thought-
      CJ: Hey, hey, I'm just teasing. It's cool. You already got me on a date. There's no need to impress me.
    • CJ's general attitude during the episode, simply trying to have a good time with Mordecai and shrugging off Thomas' attempts to ruin things for them.
    • "I've been looking forward to this date for a long time and I'm sick of you messing it up!"
    • The conversation at the end and the kiss that follows.
      CJ: I can't believe you learned how to ride a bike so fast. That was awesome.
      Mordecai: Yeah. Well, I was just trying to look cool.
      CJ: (playfully shoves Mordecai) All right. All right. I can get wanting to impress your date.
      Mordecai: So, did it work?
      CJ: He doesn't need to impress me. I already think he's cool.
      Mordecai: Well, he thinks the same about her. You've really been looking forward to this for a long time?
      CJ: Yeah.
    • Mordecai giving CJ a lift on his back at the end after she hurt her ankle.
    • A minor one, especially since it's accompanied by Rigby being rather assholish, but the fact that Rigby went to Eileen's to hang out, showing just how closer they've become since she was introduced.
  • The end of "Real Date" is just made of daw inducing moments.
    • The charm bracelet Mordecai bought for CJ fusing into a heart.
    • Mordecai and CJ's kiss.
    • Eileen giving Rigby the waffle cake. The sheer happiness and gratitude in his voice speaks volumes. Kind of ruined by the fact that Eileen STOLE the cake CJ bought for Mordecai.
    • Rigby helping Mordecai with the charm bracelet without being a jerk about it.

    Season 6 
  • "The End of Muscle Man" is equal parts heartwarming and saddening. The episode consists of the gang helping Muscle Man complete his bucket list as he nears death from his declining health, and it culminates at Wing Kingdom, where the whole gang is decked out in white tuxedos watching Muscle Man eating his last meal. As Muscle Man approaches and accepts his fate, Starla arrives only to see her boyfriend dead. Then in a huge twist, Muscle Man reveals that the whole shebang was actually going to end with Muscle Man proposing to Starla.
    • Muscle Man was actually planning to "kill" himself so that the real him (Mitch Sorenson) remained. Starla turns down his proposal, since she wants to be married to the man she fell in love with. Muscle Man reproposes, and Starla accepts.
    • "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" Everything about that line is just the most jarringly harmonious mix of Heartwarming Moment and Tear Jerker.
    • Look at how happy Muscle Man as he completes the events on his bucket list, but especially as he flies in a jetpack. He's crying.
  • "Maxin' and Relaxin'" is incredibly adorable. When CJ visits Mordecai's parents so she can hear an old mixtape Mordecai made, he's deeply afraid that his mother will embarrass him in front of her, particularly when she wants to show an old home video called "Mordy Moments" full of some of the more embarrassing moments of his childhood, and during the entire episode, Mordecai is incredibly defensive around her and rather rude. When he goes to the basement to find the tape, he attempts to break it, only for manifestations of his embarrassing moments to materialize and remind him that his mom only recorded such things because she loves him, and that she always went out of her way to cheer him up after each incident, explaining to him that "the problem isn't that we're stuck like this in the tape, it's that we're stuck like this [in Mordecai's head]". He realizes they are right, apologizes to his mom for being a jerk and cheerfully makes a few jokes before popping the tape in himself. Topped off with CJ whispering to him that 'this is way cooler than a mixtape.' Everyone, together now: Daaaaaaw.
  • In "Merry Chistmas Mordecai", putting the Mordo drama aside, Muscle Man/Starla and HFG/Celia had really cute, light-hearted moments and Rigby kisses Eileen on the cheek.
    • It's not just that Rigby kisses Eileen on the cheek that makes it great. it's that Mordecai goads him into it when he reads the mood AND the fact that it takes almost none of said goading to get Rigby to comply. All Mordecai has to do is point out the rule and call Rigby "chicken" and he's on it, and Mordecai immediately finds an excuse for leaving the two after. In earlier seasons, Rigby would complain loudly and for ages about having to hang out with Eileen. Here, it took the equivalent of a little poke to the shoulder to get him to kiss her on the cheek. Also the fact that he was giving her a present to begin with and wrapped it himself despite being horrible at it.
  • Mordecai doing everything he can to reconcile with C.J. in "Sad Sax."
  • In "I See Turtles" despite a incredibly awkward tension between them thanks to what Mordecai did in "Merry Christmas, Mordecai," CJ and Margaret are willing to try and get along for Eileen's sake (even though it doesn't look like they'll be able to hide their animosity towards each other).
  • Muscle Man and Starla almost winning "Married and Broke" with just The Power of Love.
  • A couple from "Dumped at the Altar"
    • Muscle Man repeatedly calling his wedding day "the most important day of [his] life." Throughout the episode, it is easy to see just how much he loves Starla and how anxious he is to make this day perfect.
    • Rigby somewhat sheepishly admitting that he and Eileen have been secretly dating for "a couple months," and the fact that they have matching bracelets. It's easy to hear the happiness in his voice, and he even says that Mordecai deserves to be as happy with someone as he (Rigby) is with Eileen. Additionally, there's the fact that Rigby didn't say anything (or "shove [their] happiness down [Mordecai's] throat") simply because Eileen told him not to, thus adding to the heartwarming character development. It was clear that Eileen is really good for Rigby, and it is nice to see a functioning, healthy relationship on this show.
    • As a Freeze-Frame Bonus, you can see Thomas sitting in one of the chairs, albeit heavily disguised due to being on the run from the CIA and the KGB. Even with his life in danger he still finds the time to attend his friend's wedding, which shows how much he cares about the park workers. Even better is that this is Muscle Man we're talking about: the same guy who pranked him mercilessy back in "Starter Pack".
    • Rigby consoling Mordecai after CJ (once again) breaks up with Mordecai and the two share a soda and watch as Benson cries over the damage done to his car after a frozen turducken crashed into it.

    Season 7 
  • Rigby risking his relationship with Eileennote  to save Mordecai from Dumptown, USA's toxic influence, then telling Mordecai that he should stop worrying about dating for a while and be single so he can figure out what he wants out of life.
  • ALL of The Parkie Awards. This episode truly shows not only the massive Character Development ALL the characters have gotten since the show's debut, but shows that, despite everything Mordecai and Rigby (and even on occasion Muscle Man, Skips, Fives, and Pops) have put him through, Benson wouldn't change a thing in the world if he had the chance.
    • Benson and Rigby getting along and becoming more likable (for fans who think Benson is a jerkass Mean Boss and Rigby is a lazy slacker who doesn't care about anyone but himself), as seen in "The Lunch Club" and "Hello, China."
  • "The Eileen Plan." Rigby decides to go back to high school after learning that one of Eileen's life goals was to marry a brilliant man. He does this because he wants to live up to her expectations. After Eileen reveals that she likes him Just the Way You Are, Rigby decides to stay enrolled in school anyway because he really does want his degree.

    Season 8 
  • Mr. Maellard admitting that while he was not Pops' real father, Pops was always his real son.
  • The final scenes of the finale. Pops hugs his brother and doesn't let go until they're both gone. The Park Dome returns to Earth, three years after it left. As soon as Margaret found out, she bolted from the Channel 6 News Set to be there. When the gang (minus Pops) emerged, a crowd cheered for them. Mordecai was embraced by his parents, Rigby got a hug from his very proud father, Starla ran to Muscle Man with their daughter in tow, and after the reunited couple kissed, Muscle Man held his daughter and wept tears of joy. Skips and Techmo had a bro-hug, Margaret and Eileen had a sis-hug, and Celia leaped into Fives' arms for a spinning hug. Benson hugged his pig, and Rigby and Eileen kissed. Mr. Maellard has a somber look on his face, knowing Pops did not return. A statue of Pops was erected in the park, with the plaque "He chased butterflies, he loved to laugh, he saved the universe, he was our friend, Pops Maellard."
    • The series finally concludes with a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue. Mordecai finally realizes his dream of becoming an artist, and becomes fairly successful. A few years later, he meets the love of his life (a fellow artist) at one of his shows, and the two marry and have several children together. Rigby marries Eileen and they have two daughters whom Rigby introduces to video games as soon as they are able to play. Benson marries Pam, and while the two never have kids, they raise several cats together, along with Benson's pet pig Applesauce. Muscle Man and Starla have five more children over the next few years. Fives and Celia become a popular DJ duo and eventually have a child together as well. Skips remains at the park, helping Benson train a new crew of park workers. The series concludes with the gang meeting for a 25th anniversary reunion at the park to raise a statue of Mr. Maellard, who has now passed on. They are joined by their children and grandchildren. Mordecai and Rigby remain best friends to this day. And Pops is shown from Heaven seeing that his old buddies are now in good hands.
      Pops: Jolly good show.
    • The song used for the montage helps too. Who'd a thunk J.G. was a fan of David Bowie to use "'Heroes'"?
    • A subtle one during the montage, but still sweet. During the shots with Mordecai painting, one on the right are stylized heads of Margaret. Despite the fact they don't end up together, it is sweet she is still important enough to be a muse (even when he's older, as one of his pieces has her color scheme.)
      • An even subtler one is one on the left. A painting of a vaguely feminine humanoid figure in a violet background with the key thing being she doesn't have a head, but a few white puffs floating. It's probably an homage to CJ.
    • Just before they die, Anti-Pops can be seen hugging Pops back.


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