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Regular Show has a load of funny moments.

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  • Anytime Muscle Man starts screaming.
  • Quite a bit of whatever Pops does is gonna be worth a few laughs.
  • Rigby's consistent inability to deal with scary movies, no matter how cheesy or ridiculous they are.
  • Mordecai's forced laugh. [Throughout series, but a prominent example: "I guess I am pretty hot. ...Hot on the trail of finishing your website. Ha! Ha! Yeah..."]
  • Despite very rarely saying anything, High-Five Ghost's expressions are usually pretty funny to look at.

     Season 1 
101 — The Power

102 — Just Set Up The Chairs

  • The little boy yelling "JUST DRIVE THE BUS YOU CRAZY SLOP JOCKEY!!!" at Benson
    • In that same episode, Rigby throws a rock at the destroyer of worlds. It passes through him, and he gets pissed.
    Rigby: Uh-oh.
    • The destroyer of worlds chases Mordecai and Rigby at starts shooting lasers at them.
      Mordecai and Rigby: AHHHHHHHHHH!
  • "Oh who unleashed Destroyer of Worlds? Good show!"
  • Pops grabs onto some balloons, then floating up in the air.
  • He'll be like, "Oh no, my gumballs!"
  • Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost picking up the "special" entertainment (a clown with a hangover and a horse.)
    Muscle Man: You know who likes special entertainment like that? MY MOM!
    Clown: (with slurred speech) Can I borrow five bucks?
  • When they're facing Destroyer of Worlds with a giant video game character:
    Mordecai: Dude! Quit messing the buttons! You're messin' up the legs!
    Rigby: SHUT UP!
  • When Mordecai tells an angry Benson, "We totally set up those chairs" pan camera to the kids in the chairs, cheering while surrounded by a fiery inferno the Destroyer caused. Bonus points for Muscle Man and HFG among them, with Muscle Man swinging his shirt around saying "WHOO! This birthday party is hot!"
  • When Benson notices all of the destruction after the Destroyer of Worlds was killed:
    Benson: YOU IDIOTS!! That's the last time I entrust you with something important, LIKE THE CHAIRS!!!
    Mordecai & Rigby: OOOOHHHH!! Not settin' up the chairs next time! Not settin' up the chairs next time!
  • The moment when Mordecai was winning the arcade game with different shots of him yelling "OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!"
  • Nice to see Skips break out into a Not So Stoic moment: "YOU FOOLS! DESTROYER OF WORLDS WILL KILL US ALL!"

103 — Caffeinated Concert Tickets

  • This exchange of conversation:
    Rigby: Going to this concert could be the greatest moment of my life.
    Mordecai: Whooa, sounds like your life sucks.
    Rigby: SHUT UUUUUUP!!!
  • The coffee bean takes his flabby nipples and shoots coffee out of it. It borders on funny and Squick.
  • This:
    Mordecai: "One day, Rigby, you'll understand the real reason people go to concerts."
    Rigby: Yeah, whatever, I already know, okay? It's to listen to music!
  • Benson telling Mordo and Riggs that they have to mow the lawn. As in the entire park.
  • The Karma Houdini at the end of the episode.
  • Benson: Haha, are you serious? Fist Pump? Do you know what kind of people go to those concerts?
    Muscle Man: (Standing on a cart and twirling his shirt while High-Five Ghost Drives) WHOOOOOO! THAT'S RIGHT, LADIES! WE GOT TWO TICKETS TO FIST PUMP! SEE YOU LATER, GRANDMAS!

104 — Death Punchies

  • Before Mordecai & Rigby start playing Dig Champs, Mordecai picks player 1 with the shovel, leaving Rigby with player 2, who has a "sucky" pickaxe.
    Rigby: Aw, what?! I wanted to be player 1!
    Mordecai: Dude, I'm player 1. You're player 2.
    Rigby: I don't wanna be player 2! He just digs with a sucky pickaxe! I want the one with the shovel!
    Mordecai: Dude, they're exactly the same!
    Rigby: Then why don't you be player 2?!
    Mordecai: Pffft! I'm not using that sucky pickaxe!
    Rigby: (gasps) SEE?!
  • In "Death Punchies", the montage of Rigby losing to everyone (even Pops) at Punchies(Pops punch sends Rigby flying into a cabinet and onto the floor). Especially the part with Skips, where it cuts to a helicopter taking Rigby's body away. WEE-OOH WEE-OOH WEE-OOH
    • Rigby being called the One-Cheek Wonder, with one of his butt cheeks removed.
      Mordecai: WEE-OOO WEE-OOO WEE-OOO! (impersonates a doctor) Quick doctor, both of these butt cheeks are unrecognizable. If we want anyone to recognize this as a butt in the future, then we have to do a complete butt-transplant stat!
      Rigby: STOP TALKING! There was only damage to the one cheek and you know it!
      Mordecai: (laughs) That's right! We used to call you the One-Cheek Wonder! Dude, I'm bringing it back!
      Rigby: You better not!
      Muscle Man: Is that One-Cheek Wonder? I hope he's not trying to play punchies with cheeks like that!
      • Followed by a shot of Rigby's asymmetrical butt.
  • The sensei saying NNNOOOOOOOOO!
  • Muscle Man getting his butt on his face.
    Muscle Man: Ohh no bro.
  • Rigby: YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!! [Throws phone book at door, which bounces right into his face.]
  • Rigby dying almost immediately after getting a chance to become player 1.
  • That the martial arts school Rigby goes to is called "Death Kwon Do", featuring moves such as the "Death Punch of Death". When the master threatens to kick him out, he gives Rigby until the count of 3 "of Death" to leave.
  • Mordecai remembers all the times that he beat Rigby in a flashback...including holding him down and punching him in the gut, hitting him in the arm and a Groin Attack, all to calm music.

105 — Free Cake

  • The entire "Free cake! Free cake!" "No cake, no cake..." sequence in Free Cake is pretty hilarious, but the whole "disappointed" version of Mordecai and Rigby's usual "happy dance" just really takes the cake.
  • This exchange at Skips' surprise party:
    Benson: Kill the lights, it's almost 8 p.m.!
    (Unzipping sound)
    Muscle Man: Skips is going to be so surprised when he sees us totally naked!
    Benson: It's not that kind of party, Muscle Man.
    Muscle Man: Awwww....Don't turn on the lights!
  • When Mordecai and Rigby are thinking of a plan...
    Rigby: I know! How about we get a van?
    (Mordecai and Rigby lugging a Bound and Gagged Skips into the back of a van)
    Rigby: Bam! Free cake!
    Mordecai: No dude. That's kidnapping.
  • Rigby: Are you a doctor now? Did you go to medical school in the last five minutes?
  • Mordecai and Rigby thinking $1.50 for cake mix is "too expensive."
  • The fact there is a "Free Store."
    • Then their multiple groans after there's no cake at the Free Store.
  • The fact that Mordecai & Rigby don't like vanilla.

106 — Meat Your Maker

  • Mordecai dramatically folding his arms just to show how pissed-off at Rigby he is.
    Rigby: No, no don't!
    Mordecai: It's too late.
    Rigby: C'mon, dude, don't!
    Mordecai: It's already in motion.
    Rigby: Well, put it out of motion!
    Mordecai: (folds arms) You pissed me off.
    Rigby: ARGH!
  • A hot dog eating itself out of existence.

107 — Grilled Cheese Deluxe

  • "This better not be the ostrich thing with the balls again".
  • Rigby: The only thing you're better than me at is being a big piece of sh-
    Mordecai: (punch)
  • "It's supposed to say, 'Rigby,' but they misspelled my name wrong."
  • When Mordecai and Rigby return with Benson's burnt sandwich, he demands an answer. Rigby tries telling him the events of the episode, but Benson doesn't believe him. So Mordecai simply states "We ran over it by accident".
    Benson: See? Was it so hard to tell the truth?

108 — The Unicorns Have Got To Go

  • DUDETIME (Beat) For Men. ...There's a DUDETIME For Women?
  • The unicorns tricking Mordecai into drinking unicorn slop.
  • The unicorns locking Benson in the closet and using him as an actual gumball machine.
  • How they dispose of the unicorns, with Benson nonchalantly blowing them up, then ordering Mordecai and Rigby to clean up the mess or they'll wish they were in the unicorns' car.

109 — Prank Callers

  • Pops in this episode was freaking funny:
    Pops: Oh and boys be careful, I think those phones cause brain tumors! *Pops turns around and his head starts pulsing*
    Pops: (gets hit by Mordecai's car) Ha ha ha ha!
    Pops: I'm holding to talk with Joe Mamma! (Tone from phone)
  • "HE'S STILL ON THE PHONE!" (rolls on the ground laughing)
  • Benson's Berserk Button over Mordecai & Rigby's prank call, and his payback.
    Benson: Ring, ring. Hello, what's that? Mordecai and Rigby are banned from using the house phone? Okay! (proceeds to smash the phone up) GOOD LUCK MAKING YOUR PRANK CALLS NOW!!!
  • When the Master Prank Caller makes Mordecai and Rigby wear Eighties outfits.
    Mordecai: Aw man, these aren't even the cool clothes from the Eighties!

110 — Don

  • This exchange.
    Muscle Man: I know someone who can help!
    Benson: If you say "your mom", you're fired!
    Muscle Man: MY MOM!
    Benson: GET OUT!
    Muscle Man: It was ''worth it!'' *high-fives HFG*
  • The flashback to Rigby's birthday party.
    Young!Rigby: Guys! Guys! Guys! Watch me blow out the candles, guys!
    Don comes up out of the basement
    Don: Hey Rigby. Happy birthday, bro.
    Rigby: Wha...wha...I told you to stay in the basement!
    Don: Oh. Sorry, bro. Just wanted to give you some birthday sugar.
    Rigby: I don't want your freaking sugar!

111 — Rigby's Body

  • Pops thinking calling someone a "turd" (or a "plank" if you've seen the UK version) is a compliment.
  • Rigby screaming in intense pain after he goes back into his just-run-over body.
    Mordecai: Dude, how do you feel?
    • In the same episode, Rigby curled up on the floor, suffering from intense stomach pains after a huge junk-food binge.
      • —>Rigby Ooh! Ooh! Ow! No, wait, (body) don't go!
    • Rigby's rapid-fire "Hmm-hmm"-ing immediately before said binge.
    • "Its a bucket of diarrhea!"

112 — Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • This:
    Present!Rigby: Hey, in the future, do we get that thing we've always wanted?
    Future!Rigby: Oh, we've got it.
    [Lifts his sleeve up to reveal a shark tattoo on his armpit, which he opens and closes]
    • Also Benson's reaction to their performance in the episode. "HOLY CRAP!"
  • This humorous exchange from Benson and Pops:

     Season 2 
201 — Ello Gov'nor
  • "Ello govNAH!!" The whole episode is one big CMOF.
  • Mordecai: No dude, not another horror movie. Last time, I had to walk you to the bathroom every night for a week.
  • Either way, the entire "LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT IT! ... Look ah-tit, yer guhna louhk ah-tit...louhk at-tit yew..." sequence was hilarious.
  • When Mordecai tries to get Rigby into Pops' taxi:
    Mordecai: What the heck, Pops? I thought you said you had a British taxi.
    Pops: A British taxi? Oh, I thought you said a "brown-ish" taxi!
    Mordecai: But that taxi's yellow.
    Pops: "Yellow"? My taxi's no coward, I guarantee you that!
  • "HOLY CRAP, IT'S REAL!"note 
  • Rigby beating up the British taxi and then picking up a tree and hitting the taxi with it.
    • He really should have used the Death Punch if he still remembers it.
    • And then he learns that the taxi is the man from the video store in a costume. "Oh..."
    • Pops then attempts to pay him with a lollipop, then the three of them escape while the guy is distracted. His disgruntled reaction is priceless:
      Video Store Worker: I gotta get a better job...

202 — It's Time

  • "You're just jealous that I made Margaret laugh when all you do is sit there going 'UH. UH. UH.'"
    • The Time Pony.
  • After beating the video game:
    Rigby: (tongue-kisses Margaret) Uh, oh, yeah! Uhh, uhh, oh yeah...oh...
  • The trailer for Pajama Sisters 2.
    Girl in trailer: Hahahaha! Ohhhh...Why doesn't he like me?! (falls down onto bed crying)
    • Even funnier, the girl in the trailer was very obviously voiced by JG Quintel.

203 — Appreciation Day

  • This:
    Muscleman (regarding a year): That's almost, like 400 days!
    • What really brings it home is the look on Mordecai and Rigby's faces after hearing the utter stupidity of his statement.
  • The part where Benson is giving out plaques for the employees for their accomplishments, such as the one for Skips for never taking a day off. Since Pops is just the son of the guy who owns the park and doesn't really do much in terms of being an employee, (but is still really liked by everyone for being such a nice dude,) Benson gives him a plaque for helping a baby bird back into its nest. It was a pretty chuckle-worthy moment.

204 — Peeps

  • The crudely drawn picture of Mordecai and Rigby washing the car and a jet saying "You guys are doing great".
    • Also Skips' deadpan "Why is there a jet outside?"
  • The ending of the episode, which also doubles as Nightmare Fuel.
    Muscle Man: I learned that Mordecai can go a long time without blinking!
    Mordecai: Actually, my eyes won't blink anymore. Somebody get me some eye drops?
    Mordecai holds the eye drop over his eye. The drop dissolves in midair.
    Mordecai: Take me to the hospital.

205 — Dizzy

  • Iacedrom and Ybgir (a realistic bluejay and raccoon that Pops meets in a hallucination).
    • The best part is JG Quintel trying to do a funny accent.
      • "WOULHD YOU LIHKE SUM ICHE CREEEEM?" to be precise.
    • Pops' speech from the end of that episode.
  • This one:
    Benson: Muscle Man, have you seen Pops at all today?
    Muscle Man: Yeah, and you know who else has seen Pops today?
    Benson: (dryly) Who, your mom?
    Muscle Man: I wasn't gonna say that! Why does everyone always think I'm gonna say "my mom"?
  • Mordecai and Rigby try to get Pops to practice giving a speech by just pretending that he's addressing a crowd. Pops laments that they must have left already because "they hated his speech." Rigby tries to help by taping a picture of some tough-looking rock musicians to Pops' head, and tells Pops to address those guys instead. Pops panics, wonders where those guys came from, screams "GET AWAY!!," and then accidentally runs face-first into a telephone pole.
  • One of Mordecai and Rigby's attempts at getting Pops more comfortable with public speaking, was getting Pops to address a crowd at a movie theater, who had no idea who Pops was or why he was there.
  • The drawing that Rigby did on Pops' face was pretty freaking funny.
  • The fact that Pops' supposed speech, the one he spent the entire episode freaking out about, was only one sentence long.

206 — My Mom

  • This:
    Rigby: Dude! Benson will blow a fuse if he knows we were slacking off!
    Muscle Man: You know who else would blow a fuse if she finds out we were slacking off?
    Mordecai: We don't have time for this!
    Muscle Man: You know who else doesn't have time for this?
    Mordecai & Rigby: Uhh!
    Muscle Man: You know who else says "uhh"? (beat) MY MOM! (High-fives High-Five Ghost)
  • Then later on, Muscle Man asks the two if they know who taught High-Five Ghost his mechanical skills:
    Muscle Man: You know who taught him? My Uncle John. He's a mechanic [Beat] You know who taught him? MY MOM!
  • "Pull your panties out of your butt, bro!"
  • Muscle Man in general is an amazing source of funny moments.
    Mordecai: I really hate Muscle Man.
    Rigby: You know who else really hates Muscle Man?
  • "That's not even a picture of my mom! It's a picture of my buttcheek! I just squished it up to look like a woman's face!"

207 — High Score

  • Mordecai:(monotonous tone) DUUUUUDE. Why ya crying, duuuuuude.
  • When Mordecai kicks GBF between the legs.
  • "But, now that I'm covered in brain goo, I've realized my mistake!"
  • After GBF's Wounded Gazelle Gambit is revealed to be a lie...
    Crowd: *Boos*
    GBF: Oh, boo yourselves! I am Garrett Bobby Ferguson.
  • The world record that Mordecai and Rigby beat was 1.250.000. GBF's Universal record that he prized so highly? 1.250.001
  • Mordecai's Epic Fail at his first attempt at Broken Bones.
    Rigby: How do you score negative points? How is that even possible?

208 — Rage Against the TV

  • Muscle Man getting hit in the face by his own tits.
  • The commercial for TV Store Warehouse.
    "TVs are trash to us and so are you!!!"
    "We're literally giving them away! Literally!!! And the other TVs are really cheap so we're practically literally giving them away too! Literally!!!
  • "Try kicking him in the junk! Kick him in the junk! Kick him in the junk!" "I'm kicking him in the junk!"
  • Muscle Man breaking his own TV.

209 — Party Pete

  • Mordecai and Rigby's rap:
    M+R: We gonna par-tay!
    Mordecai: Got some chips, got some dip.
    Rigby: Some call me CHEAP, bit of a free-loader, but I bought CUPS for that old-school soda!
    Mordecai: I don't mean to BRAG, I don't mean to BOAST, but I got hummus for these MINI-TOASTS!
    Rigby: HUUUMMUS!
    Mordecai: HUMMUS!
    Benson (off-screen): Why are you guys yelling hummus?
  • Rigby's attempt to get the party started with his horrible music and everyone's reaction to the music.
  • Pops' reaction to the scantily-clad women twerking around him- a massive grin springs up on his face and he starts doing a jig.
  • The ending. Oh man. Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, and some centaurs help clean up the mess from the party...just before Benson arrives. Once Benson inspects the house, he commends M&R for not throwing a party and says he wants to do something nice for them? What's the reward? Why, the vintage Radicola M&R gave to Party Pete, of course. The Unreveal of Benson's reaction to the missing cola makes it all the more priceless.

210 — Brain Eraser

  • "I watch Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent all day, every day".
    • Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent itself, being a parody of what most people who aren't anime geeks think anime looks like.
  • The scene where Mordecai accidentally gets a glimpse of Pops naked is made even funnier when Pops becomes just as mortified and traumatized as Mordecai, and they both spend about 5 seconds screaming in utter terror at each other. Pops' first instinct is to cover his chest with his hands- when this proves to be woefully ineffective, he covers up his crotch with his top hat instead.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus shows that the hat stays in place after he takes his hands away, implying that Mordecai saw Pops with an erection.
  • The scene at the video store after Mordecai is completely squicked out at seeing naked Pops on all the video covers:
    Rigby: So, see anything you like?
    Mordecai: NOOOOOooooo...
    Rigby: You mean (Pops') junk mail?
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus shows all of the video covers with naked Pops in a bunch of silly poses- including one of Pops lying down, with his hat placed on his rear end.
  • After Mordecai watches Planet Starlight Chasers Excellent, he becomes braindead. Doing so causes him to completely not notice everyone/thing around him.
    Eileen: Is Mordecai ignoring you??
    Margaret: Is it me, or has Mordecai been working out?
  • The end of it where Benson comes in and yells at Mordecai, Rigby and Skips after taking a shower, and his towel falls off and his slot springs open...

211 — Benson Be Gone

  • When Benson is fired, he copies Mordecai and Rigby's over-drawn "OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!"
    • Susan demoniacally floating out of the house screaming after Benson gets everyone to slack off. Oh yeah, and her head was spun around.
  • Mordecai accidentally driving Mr. Maellard's limo into the house. The second floor of the house.
    • Then backing out of it...

212 — But I Have a Receipt

  • Pops choosing a cyborg-cowboy character and speaking in a Southern accent is funny enough:
    Pops: Mordecai, Mordecai, but ah reckon ah'd lahk a turrrn nooow!
  • "I smash it with my war-claw, and a bunch of ladies come out like 'Muscle Man, ooh, quit pinching my butt with your war-claw!'"
  • The whole scene that unravels after they realize that they just stabbed the comics shop owner in the chest with a yardstick is priceless.

213 — This Is My Jam

  • After Rigby thinks he's got "Summertime Lovin', Lovin' in the Summer(time)" out of his head:
    Rigby: Mordecai! Mordecai! I don't have that song stuck in my head anymore!
    Modecai: Oh, that's great, dude. Now we never have to listen to that dumb song ever agai- (Sees the Ghost Tape Dancing) ....What the heck is that?
    Rigby: I have no idea what I'm looking at.
  • Mordecai's philosophical realization as to why the Ghost Tape can hit him, but he can't hit it back:
    Mordecai: It's just music. You can't touch music... but music can touch you.
    Rigby: Oh barf.
  • The montage of trying to get the song out of Rigby's head. First, he sticks his head in a toilet. Next, Mordecai tries to use loud objects like a pencil sharpener and a blender. Finally, Muscle Man is hitting Rigby on the head with a broom.
    Rigby: Wait, stop, stop! It's not working! The song's still stuck in my head!
    Muscle Man: You have a song stuck in your head?
    (Rigby throws the helmet at Muscle Man)
  • When the ghost tape appears, and in every scene, it's boogying down with a new dance move!
  • Skips. Just... everything he does. For example:
    Skips: (in response to Mordecai and Rigby asking him how he knew about their idea) I know everything, remember?
    Mordecai and Rigby: Whaohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    Skips: Just kidding. I was on the can and I heard your plan.
    Mordecai and Rigby: Ew.
  • The only way to stop the song is to create an even dumber earworm: "Aw snap! Aw snap! Come to our macaroni party and we'll take a nap!"
  • At the very end of the episode, the Ghost Tape has been destroyed. Then Rigby begins constantly repeating the song they just used to destroy it. Cue the Big "NO!" by everyone else.

214 — Muscle Woman

  • Mordecai and Rigby worked all day on the rock garden...and walked on it.
  • Muscle Man trying to talk to a woman in the supermarket, but has a meltdown and screams Starla's name before it smash cuts to Muscle Man (once again) crying in the shower.
  • Starla's tramp stamp of all the men she dated before (with Muscle Man's name on it twice)
  • "That guy who thinks he's a knight got out again and made a fortress out of mattresses down by the creek, get him out of there."
  • The slow motion running of Muscle Man and Starla...with both their Gag Boobs flapping in the wind.

215 — Temp Check

  • Mordecai and Rigby finish mowing the lawn...only for Benson to tell them to mow the whole lawn again because of the grass being an inch too tall.
    Benson: Do it again! Do it ALL again!
  • When Rigby is interviewing Doug:
    Rigby: How are you with mowing lawns?
    Doug: Well, I don't mean to be negative, but it looks to me like that grass is an inch too tall.
    Rigby: Ohhh, you're good...
  • The biker farting through a harmonica as part of his audition (if you live in the UK, then you get to see the same biker stick a kazoo in his nose and blow through it).

216 — Jinx

  • Benson unleashing his rage.
  • After Summoning the monster, it goes on a rampage on patrons of the park. Among them is a rather dedicated jogger. After being attacked by the monster, the man gets up, turns into a monster himself, gets ready to find and kill Rigby.....then goes right back to his jogging routine.
  • Rigby tries to get Benson to say his name three times, as saying his name three times will break the jinx. He throws trash in Benson's face. "Rigby!" screams Benson. Rigby throws more trash in Benson's face again. "Rigby!" screams Benson again. Rigby throws trash in Benson's face again. Benson FLIPS out, starts screaming, and drop-kicks the trash-can, then throws it at the cart, and kicks it.
  • Poor, adorable, helpless Pops feebly protesting against the Jinxed people who are carrying him away. "Where are you TAKING me?! I DEMAND you put me down at ONCE!"
  • The whole montage of Mordecai punching Rigby.
  • Pops giggling at his own wavy reflection in the water of the fountain.
  • Skips gets caught by the monster Ygbir:
    Mordecai & Rigby: SKIIIIIIPPPSS!
    Rigby: JINX!
    Mordecai: SHUT UP! (punches him)
  • Rigby attempting to jinx Mordecai and then succeeding.
    • Leading up to Rigby being unable to cause Mordecai any harm with his punches, Mordecai states that it's sad that Rigby will never be able to enjoy this game since he's too weak to punch anyone for breaking the jinx, and after a second of glaring, Rigby just pokes Mordecai in the eye instead.

217 — See You There

  • Muscle Man's epic freak out after Rigby spills soda in his face. Twice.
  • Muscle Man's Batman Gambit prank.
  • Muscle Man: "Does THIS answer your question?" [Tosses cassette at boombox, misses.]
    • Benson: "No...that doesn't answer my question, actually."

218 — Do Me A Solid

  • Mordecai's 10th solid. It's mind-blowing. Mordecai must do this solid so no one dies. He squats down on the floor, and randomly makes truck noises. Everyone else gives this noise/look of disapproval/disgust. If you didn't laugh at that, Margaret just has this...LOOK that seals the deal. And then Rigby, the guy that's been putting Mordecai through hell, gives the best shit-eating grin, then pulls out a camera. If you saw it when it premiered, your sides would've hurt.
  • Oh, and Rigby saying Mordecai will "Mordi-cry himself to sleep tonight".
  • Though considering how Mordecai treated Rigby in the Jinx episode, this was definitely some hilarious Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Eileen was just hilarious in this episode.
    Hey Rigby, look at me! I just laid sea turtle eggs, and now I'm gonna swim out to sea! Although many of my hatchlings won't live to adulthood.

219 — Grave Sights

  • Mordecai assuring Benson that the scary movie night will be a success:
    Mordecai and Rigby: (singing) Because we know everything about scary movies, and you know nothing about scary movies, we'll save the park with our knowledge of scary movies—
    Benson: Stop singing or YOU'RE FIRED!
    Mordecai and Rigby: (stop singing) —with our knowledge of scary movies. (short Beat)
    Mordecai: We'll go get the movie.
  • While handing out flyers for the movie night, one guy just limbos under Mordecai's arm.

220 — Really Real Wrestling

  • "For tickets, call yo momma and cry 'cause they're SOLD OUT!!"
    Rigby: And that's why we don't have tickets, because all you can think of is Benson's crank.
  • The fact that when Mordecai and Rigby are obviously play-wrestling, Pops (having been a real wrestler back in his "school days,") gets way too into it, runs up to Mordecai, and just straight-up tackles him and throws him onto the floor while laughing.

221 — Over The Top

  • Skips BREAKING MORDECAI AND RIGBY'S GAMING SYSTEM IN HALF simply because he was denied a rematch in arm wrestling.
    • DRUNK. BENSON. Notably: "SKIPS. SKIPS. I am your BOSS. And as your boss, I order you... To arm wrestle me..."
    • Skip's and Rigby's third arm-wrestling match, complete with Mozart's "Dies Irae," in the background.
  • After Skip's Moment of Awesome where he defeats death in an arm-wrestling match for Rigby's soul, Death brings him back by hocking a loogie into his mouth. It's as funny as it is disgusting.note 

222 — The Night Owl

  • "Do you love cars so much that if they were a beautiful women you'd try to get to second base with them?"
    • Bit of Fridge Brilliance there, since second base is often referred to as 'going under the hood'.
  • The scene where Muscle Man pretends to kill Mordecai and High-Five Ghost floats up.
  • In the distant future, the park is now a museum dedicated to the Night Owl, and Benson is still working there.

223 — A Bunch Of Baby Ducks

  • From "A Bunch of Baby Ducks" the baby ducks bitch slapping/karate-chopping a dog and snake to death.
    • Also, the ducks imitating the "Ooooh"s and "Hm"s that Mordecai and Rigby have as catchphrases.
  • The baby ducks forming into a muscle-bound man and karate-chopping their kidnapper so hard it causes an explosion.
  • It's a blink and miss thing, but if you watch as Mordecai and Rigby are running out of the house to chase the kidnapper, you'll see Mordecai slip and fall into the kiddie pool. It's hard to choose between what was the funniest part though: the fact that Mordecai tripped and fell, or the face he makes while in the pool.
  • Form a mental image of the ducks' non-anthropomorphic mother calling Mordecai on the phone.

224 — More Smarter

  • When Mordecai and Rigby's verbal abuse of each other is literally taking physical form and assaulting the other... and then Mordecai still falls back on calling out Rigby's lack of a high school diploma as his proof of higher intelligence.
  • The emphasis on the words while Mordecai and Rigby are arguing. Among them, "butt cheeks".
  • Now-genius Mordecai and Rigby replace their "Hmphs!" with "Tsks!"
  • "Quarum hi! Fitio morionis!"
  • "And if you don't stop goofing off, and clean up this graffiti, NOW, I'M GONNA TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!"
  • Muscle Man calling the bizarre Latin that Mordecai and Rigby were speaking 'Spanish or something'.
  • Rigby tries to get a high school diploma online:
    Computer voice: Welcome to the Education Mentor. Get your diploma now by taking our online test.
    Rigby: Hmm, hmm! I got this. Bam!
    Computer voice: First question. Which of the following is not a square? (computer shows a picture of a square and a rectangle)
    Rigby: (beat) Gah! This is too hard! (starts getting into a fit of rage by throwing the chair and shaking the computer monitor) I WANT MY DIPLOMA!!
  • "That's good Rig Juice."

225 — First Day

  • Rigby shoving a bunch of cereal into his mouth and then pouring milk in.
    Pops: Oh my- I've never seen anyone eat cereal quite like that! How quaint!
    Benson: They're not supposed to do that.
    Pops: Oh, they're fine!
  • Mordecai and Rigby's increasingly stupid attempts to demonstrate how "uncomfortable" the chair is.
  • Pops' complete amazement over Mordecai and Rigby's game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which is shown in the image of this very page.
    Pops: Benson, come quick! Quartz-Parchment-Shears and they already tied TWO times, IT'S POSITIVELY FASCINATING!!
  • "ooh- an evil game!"
  • "It sounds like old man pants!!"

226 — Go Viral

  • Muscle Man finally getting what's coming to him when the bear lands on him, plays the xylophone, and then farts on him.
  • Everyone in the room joining in with Mordecai and Rigby's "OOOOOOOOOOOH" when Muscle Man is forced to pay up the 20 bucks he owes them for the bet.
    MM: Dont you losers have somewhere to be?!

227 — Skunked

  • "Dude, bingo!"
    • "Bingo?"
      • "OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"
  • Rigby pouring hot coffee on himself trying to get rid of his smell. Mostly because he was screaming in pain while spinning in the air.
    • In the UK/AUS edit of the show, Rigby pouring the coffee on himself is removed and it's just left as him spinning in the air, which is arguably funnier.

228 — Karaoke Video

  • Mordecai and Rigby's reaction to seeing their karaoke video.
  • Pops singing "Footloose" at karaoke night. Mandatory karaoke night.
    • A massive bar brawl breaks out almost immediately after he starts singing - this being Pops, he doesn't seem to notice anything wrong and just goes on singing and enjoying himself, so his performance becomes Soundtrack Dissonance for the rest of the scene.

     Season 3 

301 — Stick Hockey

Mordecai: Don't worry, Benson, we respect you. Oh, wait—now I'm taking the respect I said you could have and I'm throwing it away!
Mordecai and Rigby: OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!
  • So much fun. So much fun. So much fun.

302 — Bet to Be Blonde

  • Rigby making... "Blondecai" jokes.
  • Skips is definitely not happy when Rigby ignores his advice.
  • Mordecai's Batman Gambit being revealed and backfiring at the same time.
    Mordecai: I knew you cheated, dude. I was just waiting for you to come clean to teach you a lesson.
    Rigby: Oh, so these blondes are all just wearing wigs to teach me a lesson, too?
    Mordecai: Uh, no. They're actually an evil secret club. We should probably run for our lives now.
    [Cut to them running from the blondes]
  • The fact that the cult of blondes aren't even real blondes. They use peroxide to dye their hair and just pretend they were naturally born with blonde hair!

303 — Skips Strikes

  • When Skips (who is the team's best player by far, and the reason they've done so well) tells the guys during their pre-match meeting he can't play the tournament, Benson changes the topic from a tentative schedule for who gets to have the trophy on what days of the week to “Losing, and how to deal with it. Because we’re going to lose”.
  • Who is Skips' replacement on the team? Pops.
    (Shot of bowling ball barely grazing and knocking down a single pin, then cut to Pops lying on the floor)
    Pops: Yay! One pin! One pin!

304-305 — Terror Tales of the Park


306 — Camping Can Be Cool

  • Mordecai's response to Margaret saying guys are jerks. His expression right after is amazing.
  • Eileen stating she used to get lost in the woods a lot... last year. It was a phase she was going through.
  • Rigby telling Mordecai that he didn't pack the tent because he wanted to bring the tarps — but he forgot those too.

307 — Slam Dunk

308 — Cool Bikes

  • The entire plot of the episode. Mordecai and Rigby get arrested by intergalactic police and are sentenced to death for being too cool.
  • This exchange:
    Rigby: And then you'll be all like "WHOAAAA" and then we'll be all like "IN YO FACE!"
    Benson: And then I'll be all like GET BACK TO WORK!!!
  • "Hey, quit murmuring excitedly!"
  • Mordecai: Admit it, Benson. [...] How 'bout now, B-benson?
  • Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost, wearing sunglasses and holding drinks while riding with two girls in their golf cart, said this:
    (Seeing Mordecai and Rigby on their bikes)
    Girl: Muscle Man. What are those things?
    Muscle Man: Those are losers, baby. You don't want nothing to do with those.
  • During the trial, the prosecutor ends his statement with a guitar riff. The judge asks the escribe to repeat the prosecutor's statement and she does so... Including making the exact same guitar riff with her mouth.

309 — House Rules

  • Mordecai and Rigby: Rules are for fools, rules are for fools! Save your stupid rules for fools that need some schoolin'!

310 — Rap It Up

311 — Crusin'

  • When Mordecai and Rigby are trying to get dates, just to get away from them, a woman runs, jumps on a car, launches from said car, and grabs onto a helicopter, Speed Highway style.

312 — Under the Hood

  • After being forced to admit to painting graffiti in the park, [a man with a spray can nozzle for a head goes into a rant about how he's "showing the truth" and Benson deadpans, "I'm calling the cops." Spray can nozzle head tries to escape through a portal made by spray paint from his head but gets stuck while Benson casually dials the police.

313 — Weekend at Benson's

  • Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson's epic Mushroom Samba after they drink the "Mississippi Queen", which appropriately has the song of the same name playing.
  • Benson falling out of the golf cart.
  • Any time Benson falls over or Mordecai and Rigby accidentally drop him. An unconscious person falling over or getting dropped shouldn't be this funny.

314 — Fortune Cookie

  • The whole sequence of Benson's bad luck which ends with him getting beaten up by the same guys from the bus stop and then, for no particular reason, a beekeeper just runs up and throws a beehive at him.
  • "What are you guys doing? You gotta get outta here! Here, take my keys. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!" [Jumps off but gets sucked up into the warlock's bag]

315 — Think Positive

  • "B-b-b-busted!"
  • "Yeah and like, what is a hose? Hose... Hose?... Hose..."
  • No wonder Benson was so mad in this episode, Mordecai and Rigby's general incompetence says it all. Instead of painting the shed with brushes like a normal person would do, they paint themselves and jump into it, with Mordecai making a big gaping hole during his try.
    • And the whole counting sequence with M&R joining in with Benson who is "trying" to calm down: "88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93..."
  • Benson's violent verbal assault, combined with Mordecai and Rigby's appearance as they're being zapped.
  • Right after Benson’s epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Mordecai and Rigby lose their hearing while lying in a hole. They are completely confused on what Benson, Pops and Skips are laughing at.
    Mordecai: What? What are they laughing at?
    Rigby: What?!

316 — Skips vs. Technology

  • The computer staff getting frustrated with Skips' inability to use a computer.
    • Those two kids were just TERRIBLE; "Oh my GOD, you don't know exactly as much about computers as we do? How can you even be ALIVE?" something they likely would have said.
  • "Wanna hear my band?". Techmo then plays a techno remix of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" as Skips looks like he doesn't know why he's here.

317 — Butt Dial

  • "Burn them! BURN THEM!"
    • "We're not going to burn them; when have we ever 'burned' anybody?"
  • Pops: Oh, was that your phone Mordecai and Rigby were sucked into?
    • Margaret: Uh, sure...
  • Pop's face when he hears Mordecai sing about how "hot" Margaret is.

318 — Eggscellent

  • Rigby convincing Mordecai into going to the restaurant with him by screaming random crazy words.
    • "Shubaboo! Slebeeboo! Meybeway."
  • Rigby: Hold on, I'm confused. I'm the customer, right? [...] What does that sign over there say? [...] And what am I? [...] And the sign? [...] SAY IT.
  • Mordecai: Dude, you're allergic to eggs?!
    • Rigby: (weakly) I thought if I ate really fast, maybe I wouldn't notice.
  • During the training montage, when Mordecai chokes on the omelet and Benson pats his back to make him accidentally spit it out on Muscle Man's face which makes him run away screaming again.
  • The fight between the park staff and the restaurant staff which includes Benson slapping the restaurant waiter with a pizza and Skip pouring soup down one of the staff's shirt and then punching his gut which sends the soup flying back up to his face.
  • "That's the hat of a trucker."

319 — Gut Model

320 — Video Game Wizards

  • The Maximum Glove commercial.
    Kid: What is that!?
    "Cool" Kid: Haven't you been watching the commercial, you idiot? It's the Maximum Glove! *Pumps fist in the air* Huh!
    Kid: *Eyes catch on fire* MY EYES!!!
  • Rigby's mixtape.
    • Why do friends not pick their friends to enter a video game competition with them when they know that they would wanna be in it?
    • They never pick their fre-yends! They never pick their fre-yends!
    • On the night before the tournament, Rigby holding a boombox over his head playing his tape outside the hotel they're staying at, Lloyd Dobler-style. Mordecai is dead awake and shoves his pillow on his head.
  • Skip purposely breaking his hand and displays his mangled hand in a calm matter to the referee to prove that he could not continuing playing.
  • When Rigby uses the Maximum Glove for the first time and the results did not go as expected.
    Rigby: Dude. This controller blows.

321 — Big Winner

  • The montage of Muscle Man pranking Mordecai and Rigby, each time saying "Gotcha dudes!"
    • Especially with the soundtrack of The Big Laugh by Jürgen Schlachter playing in the background. And some people may recognize that this soundtrack was also played with the tickle belt in SpongeBob.
  • When one of lottery security guards hits Muscle Man's stomach with a nigthstick, it bounced the nightstick back at his face guard shattering it.

322 — The Best Burger in the World

  • Just the sheer insanity of the Best Burger in the World. It's a cheeseburger, wrapped inside a cheeseburger like a Beef Wellington, with two deep-fried cheeseburgers for buns. And it's only sold once every hundred years. And has ketchup from the Himalayas on it.

323 — Replaced

  • Mordecai and Rigby waking up late because Rigby accidentally set the alarm to the wrong time.
    Mordecai: Dude, come on! We got to clean this place up. We were supposed to meet Benson at the paddle boats two hours ago!
    Rigby: But I set an alarm!
    Mordecai: Yeah, but for 6 P.M, instead of 6 A.M, you idiot!
    Rigby: (pouty) Aw, man! Pizza King not happy! (throws crown to the ground)
  • The pizza party fight at the lake, which featured a man challenging a giant lake monster to a fight with expected results and one man killing another man by throwing a slice of pizza into his chest.
    • And Muscle Man made a cameo in the middle of the fight waving his shirt around.

324 — Trash Boat

  • The fact that Rigby changed his name to "Trash Boat".
    • The fact you could see it coming from a mile away, yet it was funny.
    • Rigby: Aw coooool, I wanna change my name to two completely random words, but what words should I pick?" Wait, what was the name of this episode?
  • The guy in line behind Rigby at the courthouse wants to change his name back to Chad from "Butt Cheeks." Seeing as how he was wearing a Barracuda Deathwish t-shirt, he clearly saw the same show Rigby did and got the same idea.
  • Anytime "The Urge" starts screaming.
  • The ending where several rock stars, each with a different Instrument of Murder, travel back in time to kill the rock star that stole their fame in the future, which results in a large battle. The battle ends when a maraca grenade kills them all and destroys the courthouse.

325 — Fists of Justice

  • "We know you're home, Skips! Pick up the phone, Skips!"

326 — Yes Dude Yes

  • When Mordecai's moping about Margaret's situation, Benson tries to help:
    Benson: You don't have the right to be sad. You never even had the guts to tell Margaret how you feel. Listen. If you leave things the way they are now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Telling her might not change anything, but at least you'll have closure.
    Skips: You should just tell Margaret how you feel.
    Mordecai: You're right. Thanks, Skips.
    Benson: What? Ugh! (walks away grumpily) Whatever! Just turn off that music.
  • Rigby's casual "Hey, what's up CJ?", right after Mordecai uses CJ's movie ticket to give to Margaret.

327 — Busted Cart

  • Benson getting pulled over and forced to do a road sobriety test.
    • Later on, when Mordecai, Rigby, & Benson were dancing to music in the car, they get pulled over again by the same cop but he decides to dance along with them.

328 — Dead at Eight

  • Muscle Man's water slide accident.
  • Mordecai looking through Death's refrigerator to look for food for Thomas.
  • How Thomas finally falls to sleep. A glass chandelier drops on him and knocks him out cold.
    • Mordecai and Rigby's reaction to it.
      Mordecai: Dude. We're so dead.
      Rigby: He could be alright.

329 — Access Denied

  • Once Ladonna enters with a weird outfit, Mordecai and Rigby decide to follow the example and build something out of garbage. It works.

330 — Muscle Mentor

  • This little bit.
    Muscle Man: Hey everyone, look! It's Rigbaby!

331 — Trucker Hall Of Fame

  • A rather morbid moment of funny, when we find out how Muscle Man's dad died.
    Muscle Man: We're here today, cause my dad put a cactus under a cop in a bear costume, who turned out to be an actual bear.
  • The fact High-Five Ghost doesn't deal well with these things. ...When he's a GHOST.
    • Though, since he and his family 'started out as' ghosts, he conceivably could have no personal experience with death.
  • Muscle Man's breakdown in the field. It just barely straddles the thin line between being a genuine Tear Jerker and being hilarious. Muscle Man punches the framed picture of his dad in frustration. His fist gets stuck, and he starts squealing like a pig. Still screaming, he starts running around, then falls, and rolls around in the grass, with the picture still on his wrist, and he's still screaming.
    • "Son, if you're reading this, you punched my face and freaked out in the field by the rest stop where I faked that picture."

332 — Out of Commission

  • The "Family" "Restaurant." The sign quotes everything ("Live Entertainment", "Fine Dining", "Fun", est. "1960"), making it seem like everything is a perception. And then some, because the "Family" "Part" has decayed to not being followed to the point that the "Restaurant" became a truckstop-like bar.

333 — Fancy Restaraunt

  • Muscle Man and Starla's dad taking their shirts off and screaming, "Whoo!" at Wing Kingdom, and Mordecai and Rigby getting sickened by it.

334 — Diary

  • Mordecai's and Rigby's failed attempts to fix Margaret's diary ends with the diary burned and wet.
    • Rigby's suggestion to heat the glue off in the microwave:
      Mordecai: Wait! (flashbacks to when they put clocks in microwave, going to an alternate dimension and Rigby's temporary death)
      Mordecai: We are not putting anything in the microwave.
    • When they show Margaret's diary to Skips:
      Skips: Why does it look like that?
      Rigby: It's a long story.
      Skips: Oh.
  • Rigby's big secret, to save himself, Mordecai and Skips from the Guardian.
    Rigby: I think Eileen looks hot without her glasses on!
  • This:
    Mordecai: How can we repay you Skips?
    Skips: Do you remember that stuff I said about why I skip?
    Mordecai: Yeah?
    Skips: No you don't.

335 — The Best VHS in the World

  • The titular VHS. Everything in it comes so out of left field.

336 — Prankless

  • Gene's Big "NO!" when Muscle Man launches a gigantic water balloon at his park.
  • Skip throwing expired bologna all over the place.

337 — Death Bear

  • While being chased by Death Bear in the zoo:
    Rigby: Oh my gosh! Death Bear is real!
    Mordecai: Oh, man! I'm gonna kill you for this, Rigby!
    Eileen: I think Death Bear is gonna take care of that!
    Margaret: Quit it! Don't say that!
  • Death Bear kicking away the animal control officers.
  • One animal control officer's reaction to getting his arms ripped off by Death Bear:
    Animal control officer: I wanna go home.
  • Mordecai accidentally shooting Rigby with the tranquilizer gun.
    Rigby: (slowly and in a deep voice) What the heck, man?

338 — Fuzzy Dice

  • Muscle Man bluntly telling Pops they don't know what to get him for his birthday after Benson tries to hide the fact from him.
    Muscle Man: I'm saying what's on my mind, bro. I'm just real like that.
  • Skip's plan to have Rigby dress and act like a kid to get inside the Fun Fun Zone.
  • This exchange when the gang can't afford the tickets to buy the dice:
  • During the ticket winning montage, Rigby made a kid cry after beating him in air hockey and then gloats and Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost playing on a DDR-like game, "Dance Like a Loser 3".
  • Benson's Accidental Innuendo about the Skeeze Ballz game ("When the balls drop..." [Mordecai and Rigby snicker] "When the game starts...").
  • The ending montage of the episode. It's a John Hughes-style outtro, complete with Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me" as montage music...following a huge Grand Theft Auto-style shootout between the FBI and the animatronic band from the arcade that ends with them completely obliterated into tiny pieces.

339 — Sugar Rush

  • Pops on a sugar rush.
  • Skips shocked to find out that he was wrong on how to solve the sugar rush problem.
  • After managing to replace the donuts they ate before, Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, and Skips get a sugar low and don't want anymore donuts, leading to Muscle Man eating all of them. As he does so, he makes another My Mom joke, only to get sped up like the others did earlier in the episode and disappears. Benson's reaction to this? He only cares about the donut he wanted not being in the box.
  • Muscle Man in slow motion, saying, "WOOO!" and swinging around his shirt.

340 — Bad Kiss

  • When Mordecai tells Rigby he kissed Margaret:
    Rigby: Whoa! I owe Muscle Man so much money.

     Season 4 
401-402 — Exit 9B
  • The Creepy Duck Man getting sliced in half again.
  • When they were hiding behind a slightly ajar door:
    Junior: Why's that open?!
    Rigby: He knows...!!!
  • The way the soundtrack abruptly cuts out the second "Summertime Lovin'" shows up, only to immediately resume.

403 — Starter Pack

  • The Pranking in the Workplace video. The second prank in the video was exaggerated so hard, it's hilarious.

404-405 — Terror Tales From The Park II

  • In "Payback", Mordecai moonwalking and doing Michael Jackson's "hee hee", which knocks his uncle into the bowling ball return.
  • Margaret thought her scary story would be funny. Immediately after she's done telling it, Mordecai laughs nervously, and looks over to his co-workers. Their reactions are priceless.
  • The end, when the park staff die in a car crash, and get out as ghosts.
    Benson: Ugh, unbelievable! Rigby, you're fired!
    Rigby: You can't fire me, I'm dead! Woo, party!
  • The guys blowing up at the end of "Wallpaper Man". No, really.
    Rigby: Hey, hold on. How far away are we supposed to be before these things go off?
    Mordecai: Wait, what?

406 — Pie Contest

  • How Mordecai & Rigby just laid on the ground groaning in pain after their golf cart mishap, but still had the enthusiasm to high five when they got their way.
  • The entire exchange about Margaret's contest entry. Especially:
    Rigby: Oh, dude! How much you wanna bet this is Margaret's pie?
    Mordecai: *socks him one*
  • Mordecai and Rigby telling everybody how bad their pies are.
    Rigby: Starla, your pie was gritty and tasted like a sack of butt cheeks!
    Mordecai: Skips! Next time you bake, wear a hairnet, bro!
    Rigby: Death, this was terrible! Stick to killing people!
    Mordecai: Hey, dude with the pie glasses! The only thing more tasteless than your glasses was your pie!
    Rigby: Scabitha, your pie was soggy and I found a bandage in it!
    Mordecai: Margaret, your pie...ugh, your was the worst pie I've ever seen! Somehow it was burned and raw, it tasted like barf.
  • After defeating Promise Pie, Mordecai picks up a shovel and scoops him up to throw him inside a garbage truck but misses and he ends up flying into the side of the truck and dies.

407 — 150-Piece Kit

  • Mordecai and Rigby meeting Hair To The Throne.
    Mordecai: Of course we know you guys. Gunner Von Straus, Lead Guitar. Oggie Ogstrom, Lead Vocals. The bass player.
    Bass player: (Frowns)
  • At the beginning of the episode, Rigby mentions he heard a rumor that the legendary drum solo somehow set a man's skeleton on fire. It's revealed later in the episode that this was Not Hyperbole.

408 — Bald Spot

  • Muscle Man's near endless pec-flexing.
  • It may just be me, but there seems to be something inherently funny about Fives hooking up with the chick from the roller rink.
  • How about the fact that Fives' roller skates move with him despite the fact that he's floating 3 feet in the air?

409 — Guys Night

  • Muscle Man keeping the chanting up after Pops collapses from the Milk Challenge.
    Muscle Man: 911! 911!
    Mordecai: Dude, not cool.
    Muscle Man: 9...1...whatever, it's still Guys Night.
  • When Pops emerges from the bathroom after throwing up six gallons of milk, he does so looking extremely dilapidated and shriveled-looking. It's impossible to not feel sorry for the guy, but he looks so horrible that it's impossible not to laugh, either. The pathetic, high-pitched whimpering sound really sells it.
  • This line from Pops:
    Pops: I can be 'one of the guys,' too! Chan-ting! Chan-ting!
  • After Pops emerges from the milk coma, he inexplicably (and roughly) shoves Rigby aside.

410 — One Pull Up

  • Muscle Man making fun of Rigby's inability to do a pull-up by mimicking the losing horns from The Price is Right ("Whomp whomp whomp whomp! WHOMP!").
  • Rigby playing a video game called "Gym Class" and believing he'd actually get stronger from it.
  • Muscle Man selling tickets to watch Rigby fail at doing pull-ups.
    Muscle Man: (to the crowd) Let me remind you. There are no refunds in the event of a no-show.

411-412 — The Christmas Special

  • The first two challenges had cryptic clues telling you what you had to do in order to pass the challenge. The third one? "Wrestle a bear, don't lose."
  • When Santa reveals his abs to everyone:
    Muscle Man: Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum! Santa's got a six-pack.
  • The Running Gag of everyone (including Santa himself!) dissing Benson's ugly Christmas sweater.

413 — TGI Tuesday

  • When looking for party supplies for Tuesday parties:
    Mordecai: Alright, they have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, wow, even Monday.
  • Muscle Man and Benson insulting Mordecai and Rigby and not Eileen.
    Muscle Man: Hey, ladies. And Eileen.
    (later on)
    Benson: Well, well, well. Look at these slackers. Not you Eileen, I don't know if you're a slacker.
  • After Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen fail to find a place to have the party and they are eating burritos:
    Eileen: These burritos taste like failure.
    Mordecai: Well you know what I think? I think they taste like hope.
  • Benson talking about the Parkside Lux ballroom:
    Benson: This ballroom held the most elegant balls in its day.
    Rigby: Woah! Were they big?
    Benson: Oh, they were huge!
    Rigby: (snickers)
    Mordecai: (punches Rigby)
    Rigby: OWWWW!
  • When Muscle Man is in charge of handing out invitations:
    Eileen: I hope he doesn't invite a lot of people we don't know.
    (cut to Muscle Man and High Five Ghost standing on a golf cart holding fliers for Margaret's party surrounded by people)
    Muscle Man: Hey, completely random strangers! Come to this chick's party!

414 — Firework Run

  • Benson's epic furious reaction towards Muscle Man at the start of the episode.
    Benson: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!!
    Muscle Man: We were just...
    Muscle Man: Just hang on now, Benson. I know this looks bad, but I can fix it.
    Benson: Fix it?! FIX WHAT?!! YOU JUST RUINED THE 4TH OF JULY!!!!
    Muscle Man: I know, I know. Just hear me out. I know a guy who's got the hook up on cheap fireworks.
  • The whole bit where the delivery Hector makes the gang do in exchange for fireworks is treated like a drug run (it's actually gunpowder used to make Hector's stuffed chilies).
  • Muscle Man blowing up Hector's warehouse with one of the stuffed chilies.
  • Benson telling the crowd to remain patient on the microphone, then yelling in frustration once he's away from the microphone.
  • Hector's reaction to the giant firework being lit.
    Hector: Oh no, the prophecy!!
  • Read the following exchange below.
    El Diablo: Hector!
    Hector: NOOOOO!!!

415 — The Longest Weekend

  • While trying to keep Muscle Man from getting in touch with Starla, Mordecai and Rigby rip the computer off the desk and prepare to trash it. Only to meet the throbbing head vein of Benson. They put it back. Very gently.

416 — Sandwich of Death

  • The waiver.
    Waiver: You can't sue me.

417 — Ace Balthazar Lives

418 — Do or Diaper

  • 6 words: "Have a nice week, diaper boy!"

419 — Quips

420 — Caveman

421 — That's My Television

  • After discovering that RGB2 is a man in a television costume, he sighs deeply, at which points Mordecai respectfully shuts his eyes...until:
    RGB2: I'm not dead! I'm just resting.
    Mordecai: Oops. Sorry.

422 — A Bunch of Full Grown Geese

  • The geese ruining Mordecai and Rigby's sandwich by slapping it out from Mordecai's hand, kicking dust into it, throwing it in a trash can then proceed to punch the trash can several times, and then finally rolled that trash can towards Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops.
  • Rigby lampshading that Benson always threatens to fire them and not follow through with it which leads to Benson to scream angrily at them and chase them out his office.
  • Mordecai and Rigby's failed attempts to get rid of the geese. The second attempt ends with Rigby being beaten up by the geese while screaming "Why?"
  • Skips finding Mordecai and Rigby hanging around outside his house a few minutes later after suggesting to contact the baby ducks and irritably asks, "You guys are still here?"
  • When Mordecai calls the baby ducks, three of the four baby ducks greet him. When Mordecai is about to tell them his problem, the last duck greets Mordecai pretty late which annoys his brothers while he smiles.
    • "Yo, other baby ducks!"
  • Mordecai and Rigby's reaction when the geese's eyes start glowing red and they start talking.
  • When the Mega Goose starts destroying the park house:
    Mega Goose: Now we will destroy everything you care about, starting with this standard-definition TV, which is really doing you a favor.
  • After the geese have been defeated:
    Goose: Fools! The game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" will never end. There will be future lakes... future sandwiches to ruin...

423 — Fool Me Twice

  • After Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson are transported to the game show from the phone:
    Game Show Host: What are your names, contestants?
    Rigby: Uh...
    Mordecai: Oh my gosh!
    Benson: What the..?!
    Game Show Host: Welcome first American contestants: "Oh My Gosh", "Uh", and "What The".
    Benson: No, no, no! There's been a mistake and we need to leave. Our names are Benson, Mordecai, and Rigby.
    Game Show Host: Oh! You fooled me once!
    Audience: Shame! On! You!
    Benson: No! We weren't even trying to fool you!
    Game Show Host: But, I thought you were!
    [sirens start appearing around Benson]
    Benson: This makes no sense!
    Game Show Host: You fooled me twice!
  • Benson turning out to be great at the obstacle course, and Rigby and Mordecai getting their asses handed to them.
    Rigby: It looked a lot easier on television.
  • The host getting tricked into punching himself in the face.

424 — Limousine Lunchtime

  • The meatball falling out from Mordecai's and Rigby's sandwich in slow motion.
  • Benson watching an instructional video telling him to be diligent, to keep his eyes peeled, and act as if his employees are right behind him at all times... while Mordecai and Rigby are quietly stealing the limousine keys from him.
    Benson: Poetry.
  • The stretch limo getting stuck right out of the gate of the coliseum, because it's too long for the arena.
    Driver: Argh, every time!!
  • One of the millionaires in the audience is eating a chalice of diamonds.
  • After all the trouble Mordecai and Rigby go through to get a new limousine, Mr. Maellard winds up staining the seats with his lunch. His reaction?
    Mr. Maellard: Eh, I'm rich. I'll just buy another limo.

425 - Picking Up Margaret

  • After Mordecai is kissed by Margaret, We are the Champions begins to play as Mordecai celebrates. His victory is cut short as he sees Benson's car being towed. And the music keeps playing.

426 — K.I.L.I.T. Radio

  • Muscle Man trying to call the eponymous radio.
    Automated voice: Hello, this is K.I.L.I.T Radio.
    Muscle Man: Yeah, I’d like Donny G to play my-
    Automated voice: To talk to a K.I.L.I.T representative, press zero. Are you calling in regards to a song you heard?
    Muscle Man: No, I want to talk to somebody! Zero, zero, zero!
    Automated voice: I'm transferring you to our bilingual system.
    Muscle Man: No, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO!
    Automated voice: Hola, llamaste Radio K.I.L.I.T.

427 — Carter And Briggs

  • Briggs getting the audience psyched up.
    Briggs: Alright! You guys ready for some donuts?!
    * The audience cheers*
    Briggs: I can't hear you! I said: ARE YOU READY!?
    * The audience cheers louder*
  • Mordecai and Rigby's Bad "Bad Acting" during their guest spot on Carter and Briggs.

428 — Skips' Stress

429 — Cool Cubed

430 — Trailer Trashed

  • Muscle Man after the group decides to help fix up his trailer.
    Muscle Man: Thanks, Bros. Let's do this! *Throws the chili-house plant on the floor, making another mess*
    * Everyone glares at him*
    Muscle Man: I'll clean that up.
    • Sure enough, in the cleaning montage, Muscle Man makes good on his word.
  • Thomas, before the group sets off for the border.
    Thomas: Are we getting overtime for this?
    Benson: No!
    • And a few moments later.
      Thomas: It's just, I don't know him that well and-
      Everybody: Thomas!
  • Fives guarding Muscle Man's trailer with a goddamn bazooka!
  • Based on the timing of the flush and him leaving the bathroom immediately afterwards, the health inspector "probably" didn't wash his hands afterwards.
  • The "dramatic" reveal that the health inspector is really Frank Jones, the guy that came runner-up in the hot dog eating contest...who lost by quite a large margin. All Frank Jones does is remove his glasses, still looking the same without them. The look on Muscle Man's face, complete with the very overdramatic music, really sells it.
  • Muscle Bro asking for his truck back, not knowing Muscle Man plunged it into the canyon as part of his Batman Gambit.

431 — Meteor Moves

432 — Family BBQ

  • Mordecai in the leopard print speedo.
  • Margaret's family, which consists entirely of red cardinals except for her dad, who is human.

433 — The Last LaserDisc Player

  • The Reel To Reel Guardian. Muscle Man is a little squicked when he has to put the reels on what looks like its nipples.

434 — Country Club

  • The rich snob's bizarre fixation on stealing the property of poor people and turning them into toilets, they have a room full of them.
  • The Bald Snob not being able to feel pain in a fight due to all the facelifts he's had. He then proceeds to curbstomp Rigby and Mordecai thanks to the tiger tendons he had implanted in his hands.

435 — Blind Trust

436 — World's Best Boss

  • A box of— A box of— A box of—

437 — Last Meal

  • Rigby's impression of Death and calling Death's skin grated Parmesan cheese.

438 — Sleep Fighter

  • Benson insisting Muscle Man's sleep fighting isn't a park problem... Until he shows up in his apartment.
    • The fact that MM even went to Benson's apartment since it isn't even in the park. Lampshaded by Thomas:
      Thomas: How did you even find out where I live?

439 — Party Re-Pete

  • When the gang needs to see Benson, Rigby calls "Party Starters" to get Benson to come:
    Rigby: Hello, "Party Starters"? Yeah, it's an emergency. I'm a helpless loser with no friend and I can't get the party started. My name? Mordecai.
    (Mordecai punches Rigby in his face)
    Rigby: Ow! Huh, no I'm fine I uh... fell down the stairs.
    • After Rigby finish calling them, he ask if everyone of them has $50 on them to pay for Benson .
  • The police quick response to the explosion at "Party Starters" with Rigby lampshading it.
    Police: We came when we saw the explosion.
    Rigby: You guys got here fast.
    Police: Of course we did we're the police.

440 — Steak Me Amadeus

  • Near the end, the animatronics start mocking Margaret for choosing to go to college, when rockets come out of nowhere and blow up all 3 of them. Turns out it was Amadeus, the chef, who apparently found a rocket launcher lying around, that fired them. Then he gives us a Pre-Mortem One-Liner along these lines:
    Amadeus: Nobody talks that way about college education in my restaurant!
  • Muscle Man spinning around on the ground while firing his gun.
  • When the whole gang gets arrested and are told that they will be going to jail:
    Thomas: Uh, I'm just an intern.
    Everyone: Thomas!
  • Benson's face as Margaret runs out of the restaurant.

    Season 5 
501 — Laundry Woes
  • Rigby tries to just dispatch the sweater. Then the mailwoman returns the package, saying his handwriting is so bad she can't send it.

502 — Silver Dude

  • Silver Dude being sentenced to street jail by turning into a mime and then being flung away by the God of Street Performing.
  • The God of Street Performing teabagging the ground. When Benson comes in and sees him doing it, he immediately tells Mordecai and Rigby to clean the floor, mainly the spot the God of Street Performing is teabagging on.

503 — Benson's Car

504 — Every Meat Burritos

  • The burrito itself. Which as stated, contains every meat. From giraffe, to smoked alpaca (they were out of llama). And when the boys eat it?
    Rigby: Huh. Tastes Like Chicken.
    • The meat that they showed in the commercial that they fast-forwarded through and judging by the type meat they have it's understandable why they fast forwarded it. Also, don't let some of the names fool you, these are in fact real animals, including long pig:
      Gila monster, pigeon, marmot, dik-dik, baboon, bushpig, long pig, aardwolf, manatee, bat-eared fox, red bat, spotted bat, dog-faced bat, opossum, emu, hairy long-nosed armadillo, big hairy armadillo, screaming hairy armadillo, colocolo, spectacled bear, lowland tapir, red deer, shy albatross, komondor dog, hagfish, Sonoran sidewinder, snorkel viper, oak-leaf rattler, bacon, narwhal, kookaburra, aha ha, blobfish, bulldog stargazer, tufted titmouse, screaming cowbird, green jay, Lady Amherst's pheasant, Polish chicken, quetzal, Surinam toad, tomato frog, turtle frog, Christmas tree worm, vampire squid, coelacanth, mugger crocodile, aya-aye, dumbo octopus, platypus... and more!
  • Muscle Man's Alleged Car, the Muscle Machine.
    MM: She'll purr like a kitten when I start her up.
    * Muscle Man pats the car and a side mirror falls off and breaks. Rigby opens his mouth to remark*
  • Barry doing slow-motion karate and always being knocked down (again in slow motion) by a punch from Mordecai.
    • Made even better, it's a reference to the popular "Worst Death Scene Ever" viral video taken from Karate Girl.

505 — Wall Buddy

  • Mordecai noting how whenever Rigby is required to do a simple task, he just gets some gadget. Followed by Rigby quickly shoving The Russian and a bottle of Brain Max aside.
  • Benson's ringtone.
    Skips: (laughs) Is that your phone?
    Benson: It's the ringtone that came with the phone.
    Skips: No it isn't.
    Benson: I just like it, okay?

506 — A Skips in Time

  • Rigby considering going back to his high school years a Fate Worse than Death:
    Mordecai: It's us in high school!
    Rigby: No! Anything but that!
  • How about the bit after Future Skips has just arrived?
    Skips: Don't you guys have a time machine?
    Rigby: Yeah, but Mordecai broke them all over a girl who ended up leaving him.
    Mordecai: It was mutual!
    Rigby: That's what they all say.
    * Mordecai punches Rigby*
    Rigby: OW!
  • Muscle Man saying he knows a guy who built a time machine, then revealing that he accidentally erased himself from existence by keeping his parents from meeting.

507 — Survival Skills

  • Rigby and Mordecai wandering the wilderness for days after becoming stranded, and are forced to use the tortillas they were supposed to bring Benson to make clothes out of. Then they come across the gang again, and it's revealed they've only been gone about an hour and were really just freaking out just beyond the campsite.

508-509 — Terror Tales of the Park III

  • This:
    Benson: Rigby, You get all the promotions! (Cue high five and freeze frame.)
    Muscle Man: Wait, did he say Rigby gets all the promotio- *is cut off by credits*
  • Gotta have my Pops!
  • Muscle Man's response to Thomas's failed scary story:
    Muscle Man: Seriously, that made my ears sad, bro.
    • Thomas's story was so bad that Rigby used it in an insult when describing Muscle Man's costume.
      Rigby: That's the Thomas's story of costumes.
  • "NOW TO JOIN YOUR PUMP... KIN! Wait, does that even make sense?"

510 — Tants

  • The titular "tants," pants that are also a table. Which Pops thought was a great gift for Mordecai and Rigby. Which apparently cost $200 apiece.
  • Pops' inexplicable gift for Thomas- an impossibly tacky mermaid sculpture made out of seashells.
    Pops: When in doubt, buy shells!
  • High-Five Ghost's gift was a pair of fuzzy socks... even though he doesn't have feet.
  • Eileen fangirling over the antique sewing machine in the basement.
  • A humorous Throw It In! moment from Pops; when he's laughing excitedly over the Tants Lunch, he suddenly bursts into a coughing fit before resuming his dialogue normally, possibly because his voice actor did.
  • Pops gleefully twirling around like a ballerina while wearing the tants... then clumsily bumping/crashing his way out of the room as he leaves because the tants got stuck in the doorway, laughing jovially as he does so. We even hear him continue to do so off-screen.
  • Pops' exaggeratedly stricken expression while nearly having an emotional breakdown when Mordecai almost tells him that he and Rigby don't have the tants. Then he abruptly returns to normal as if nothing happened.

511 — Bank Shot

  • Cash Bankis and his friends eating gold-plated chicken.
    Cash Bankis' friend: This gold really holds in the moisture.
  • Any moment Rigby fails to shoot a proper bank shot:
    • When Rigby is practicing for his rematch, he frustratingly throws a basketball that bounces off several objects and then breaks the window in Benson's office.
      Benson: Oh, come on! Are you kidding me?!
    • When Rigby demonstrates his skills in front of Don, the basketball hits Rigby in the face and breaks through a cardboard box that was covering Benson's broken window.
      Benson: Ugh! Not again!
    • During the training montage, Rigby throws a bank shot that breaks a lamppost, hits a squirrel, and lands in a bird fountain. Rigby frustratingly kicks the ball away that ends up hitting Muscle Man in the head that knocks him unconscious while he was mowing the lawn.
  • The Call-Back to previous episodes, such as Don helping Rigby train, the Eggscellent Challenge hat and the God of Basketball returning.
  • The reveal that Rigby's original gutshot that he thought he lost was actually still in play, just undergoing a ridiculously complex bouncing pattern.

512 — Power Tower

  • Mordecai and Rigby's horrified reaction to Don DeNoccio performing "The Shredder" pose incorrectly, which results in your muscles getting literally shredded, leading to an agonizing death.
    • When he does the pose, Don explodes, and the video immediately ends, leading to Mordecai and Rigby looking very horrified. Muscle Man simply stares and says, "Easy!"
  • The flashback to how Muscle Man got his nickname, he was apparently a natural bodybuilder in his teens, having spontaneously sprouted an incredibly muscular body while saving Muscle Dad from getting his throat crushed in the bench press.
  • The audience's horrified reaction when Muscle Man first walks on stage, due to his less than stellar physique.

513-514 — Thanksgiving Special

  • The spectacular moment where Mordecai and Rigby single-handedly ruin the Park's Thanksgiving dinner... with nothing but a football.
    • A foam football, at that.
    • Special mention goes to the turkey becoming a projectile and blasting out the kitchen door, where it flies upward and explodes.
  • Muscle Man schooling the football players at doing touchdown dances.
  • Thomas triumphantly removing his pizza costume during Thanksgiving dinner and being an absolute mess underneath to his mother's bewilderment. Keep in mind he had to wear it for four weeks straight.
  • "Chewing on Freedom". ALL OF IT. Especially the cameo from past in-universe celebrities.. and a lizard man.
  • Anything involving Rich Buckner, mostly due to J.G. Quintel doing his best Donald Trump impersonation in a flat monotone.
    Rich Buckner: I wish for Thanksgiving to be mine... (beat) and for another million dollars in an untraceable Swiss bank account!
    (breaks the wishbone only to find out it's just the spoons Rigby was using)
    (in a flat monotone) Noooo!
    (sees that his blimp's about to crash)
    (in the same monotone) Nooo!
    • When Rigby finds out that the gang's parents aren't coming:
      Rigby: Let's just go home.
      Rich Buckner: Yes!
    • Let's not forget Mordecai and Rigby's squicked reaction to Buckner digging around in the turducken for the golden wishbone.
  • The guys in a pilgrim, Indian and turkey costume who steal the turkey Pops, Benson and Skips buy. Mostly due to being a rare moment where Regular Show doesn't explain a bizarre element that pops up in the middle of the episode.
  • One of the patrons at the concert crying tears of joy in reaction to Rigby's "spoon-boning". Later on, he mentions that he's thankful his whole family looks like him.

515 — Heart of a Stuntman

  • The one time that Muscle Man doesn't have connections to someone:
    Muscle Man: Well, I might know a guy who...(beat) actually, no. I don't know any stuntmen. Ugh! You're losin' it, Mitch!
  • Johnny Crasher (voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait), a stuntman who is an absolute mess. Having survived 40 comas, he's now blind in one eye, hideously overweight, has severe headaches, and his stuntman training program is nothing short of a Training from Hell.
  • Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost almost killing themselves trying to complete Crasher's obstacle course to get their stuntman licenses.
  • The ridiculously underwhelming stunt performance MM and Rigby put on in the ending, since both of them are in full body cast from the injuries they sustained during the stuntman course.
  • When MM and Rigby have finally made it across the finish line for the stunt course, two of Crashers assistants runs up and smashes a pair of chairs over their heads just to top things off.

516 — New Year's Kiss

  • Future Rigby trying to warn Rigby about the future by appearing above a toilet as a hologram.
    Rigby: Were you in the stall the whole time?
    Future Rigby: Gross! No.
    • When Future Rigby meets Rigby again:
      Rigby: Dude! Why are you always showing up in the bathroom?
      Future Rigby: I just get better reception.
  • Muscle Man decides to streak during the New Years party while wearing a diaper and at the end of the episode he's being chased by two police officers.

517 — Dodge This

  • Benson suffering a major concussion from dodgeball.
    Benson (whispering to Mordecai): I like you better than all of these guys.
    • Benson is really funny in this episode. When Mordecai lets CJ win, he lets out a Big "NO!" and bawls "This was the Ballerz' year! THE BALLERZ' YEEEAAAR!"
    • "I need a wing real bad..."
  • "Rignado!" (Hits referee in the face)
    • Immediately followed by Benson reprimanding him like a parent. "Rigby! No, no. No tornado."
      • The Brick Joke later when Rigby's "Rignado" actually manages to net the team a win against the magical elements.

518 — Portable Toilet

  • Rigby's misspelling his own name on his lunch bag by forgetting to include a "B" making it "RIGY" so he uses a caret symbol to include the "B".
  • "What a coincidence. My sandwich is chicken, too."
  • Rigby's claustrophobia kicks in and what little logic he's capable of goes out the window
    Rigby: We're gonna starve before they find us! Why did you eat the whole sandwich?! You should've saved some just in case!
    Mordecai: Dude that makes no sense.
    Rigby: You makes no sense! (pounds on the door and screams) Help, I'm trapped in here with a crazy person!
  • When Mordecai discovers that Rigby got meatball gravy on the doorknob of the portable toilet:
    Mordecai: How did meatball gravy get on the doorknob, Rigby?
    Rigby: I was eating meatballs!
    Mordecai: You're not supposed to eat meatballs with your hands, dude.
    Rigby: Hands are nature's forks!
  • Rigby's scream of terror. On Rigby's third scream, which was on the phone with C.J., she had to pull the phone away from her ear when Rigby screamed again.
  • Eileen and C.J. encountering Muscle Man in a robe, eating chocolates and listening to music in the portable toilet with lit candles.
    Muscle Man: Eileen! (sees C.J.) Uh... second girl. This is not awkward.
    Eileen: Okay...
    Muscle Man: I said it's not awkward!
    • And after learning that Mordecai and Rigby were inside the portable toilet that he had sent away to a military base to be destroyed:
    Muscle Man: Oh. Uh... okay. Yep. Well... this is awkward.
  • Anything to do with the General:
    • The General denying one soldier to speak freely while allowing the other soldier to speak.
      Soldier #1: Permission to speak freely, sir?
      The General: No.
      Soldier #2: Permission to speak freely, sir?
      The General: Granted.
    • After being told the President wanted limited testing on the laser satellite because each shot cost $3 billion:
      The General: The President's not my father! I'll blow up as many toilets as I like!
    • The General sighing like an annoyed teenager when he gets a call from the President at the end of the episode.
  • The fact that the later part of the episode revolves around the military blowing up portable toilets.
    Soldier #2: Sir, why do we test the satellite laser on portable toilets, sir?
    The General: Why do we test on portable toilets?! We need to be able to stop the enemies at a moment's notice. Enemies and portable toilets have two things in common: they're both soulless and they're about the same size.
    Soldier #2: Can never be too safe, sir.
    The General: You better believe it. Now, I do not feel like being intimidated today, so let's put some taxpaper money to good use. Begin laser sequence!
  • "Thank yoooou Mordecai!"
  • The random guy Eileen frees from one of the toilets.

519 — The Postcard

  • High Five Ghost floors the gas pedal... even if he has no feet!
  • The sequence where they go through the mall.

520 — Rigby in the Sky with Burrito

  • Benson's One-Scene Wonder.
  • Rigby's To Do list from the yearbook, which included "mooning on every continent" and "make a slam dunk at the Olympics".
  • Rigby trying to eat a practice burrito while at the sky diving training facility, and accidentally dropping it into the fan, splattering both him and the trainer with sauce.
  • Rigby trusts that if he lets go of the tortilla from his burrito, it will patch the hole in his parachute and keep him from falling to his death. Instead, the tortilla barely misses the hole and he yells out "Betrayal!"
  • The reveal that they got sent the wrong invitations; the reunion was for Pop's graduating class, not Mordecai and Rigby's.
    Rigby: What the- I didn't even need to skydive! Just look how ugly everyone got!

521 — Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit

  • Rigby's scream of terror when he bails out of the car. It's even funny in-universe.

522 — Saving Time

  • "Heh-heh. Heh-heh heh-heh. This is the clock song, we're setting all the clocks wrong!"
  • Benson's half-asleep muttering: "Fine, I'll eat around it, then..."

523 — Guitar Of Rock

  • "Bruce Rock is gonna live forever!" Cue Bruce taking a fatal tumble off the stage.
  • Bruce Rock offers to sign the guitar as long as someone provides him with a pen. They think of asking the bouncer.
    Benson: You want to ask the bouncer for his pen?
    Mordecai: Yeah! Couldn't hurt to ask.
    (a man walks up to the bouncer)
    Man: Oi, mate, can I borrow your pen?
    (The bouncer grabs and throws the man in the air, with him exploding)
    Benson: No way! I'm not going anywhere near that guy.
  • Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson completely failing at respectively playing a guitar, keyboard, and bass, with Rigby also singing incredibly off-key.
  • After literally going to Hell and back in pursuit of a replacement Bruce Rock signed guitar, Mr. Maellard just goes Pete Townshend on it by smashing it on the ground.

524-525 — Skips' Story

  • Headmaster Bennett's speechless reaction when Walks and Mona not only ignore him, but kiss in front of him.
  • Just the whole story being portrayed as a typical 80's high school romance movie, even though the setting is clearly Victorian, complete with cliques, such as the Nerds, which mainly consists of the Guardians Of Immortality.

526 — Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • Eileen's reaction to watching Rigby rub a glass of ice water on his sweaty body to cool off.
    Eileen: (aroused) Feel better now? (clears throat, normal) Feel better now, Rigby?
  • The entire seemingly magical performance turning out to just be a heatstroke-induced hallucination.
  • Eileen and Thomas' dumbfounded reaction to the park gang trying to play their song without any instruments.

527 — Bad Portrait

  • Mordecai's unseen portrait of a random woman. It's so horrible it reduces her to tears.
    • The sound Mordecai makes when he realized he screwed up.

528 — Video 101

  • Rigby offers Eileen a high-five but she misses and falls face down on the ground.
  • The costumes Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and CJ wore during the music video.
  • Everyone's reaction to the finished music video Mordecai and Rigby made.
    CJ: Um...
    Rigby: Ugh! Who made this garbage?
    Mordecai: Dude. We did.
    Rigby: Oh, yeah. I knew we should have used more zebra.

528 — I Like You Hi

  • Mordecai's bad luck with Margaret resulted in his friends creating the slang "Pulling a Mordecai", which is "the act of never making a move, while at the same time, not knowing what to do with your hands." It's so bad that even Skips mocks him for it.
  • Mordecai asking Skips, Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost, and Thomas on how to fix his problem.
    Skips: Tell her the truth.
    Mordecai: Uh hmm, uh hmm... Thomas?
    Thomas: Well, my second girlfriend likes dancing, but my fourth girlfriend was more into the DJ scene. So... uh... try... try that.
    Mordecai: Okay, not really sure why you're on this panel. Muscle Man?
    Muscle Man: One word, bro: cellphone thief. (snatches Mordecai's cellphone)
    Mordecai: Hey!
    Muscle Man: (calling CJ on Mordecai's phone)
    CJ: Hey, Mordecool.
    Muscle Man: This isn't Mordecai. This is a common criminal. I've been stealing phones and texting people, "I like you hi", all day.
    CJ: I know it's you, Muscle Man. What are you doing with Mordecai's phone?
    Muscle Man: Uh... (imitates a police siren) The cops are coming, gotta go! (hangs up and gives Mordecai's phone back) Sorry, bro, that always works on Starla.
    Mordecai: Okay, anymore advice?
    High-Five Ghost: Well, you have to wait four years but...
    Mordecai: Okay, anything I can actually do?
    (Skips, Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost, and Thomas tells him they have nothing for him and they leave)
  • Rigby lampshading how bad Mordecai's plan on how to fix things between him and CJ.
    Rigby: Hoo, that's bad! That's like one of my plans.
  • Practically everything Yuji does and say throughout the episode.
  • The return of the Phone Guardians.

529 — Play Date

  • Rigby's groaning pirouette when Mordecai refuses to hang out with him.
  • When Mordecai asks Rigby to babysit Thomas:
    Rigby: Isn't he, like, in college?
    Mordecai: Not that Thomas, Death's Thomas.
  • CJ meeting Thomas:
    CJ: Whoa! He can talk?!
    Thomas: Obviously.
    Mordecai: Yeah. He's actually 300 years old.
    CJ: Then why is he so shrimpy?
  • Thomas being taken to playground that's not in the underworld.
    Thomas: But where's the fire, the brimstone, the overall loss of hope?
    Mordecai: I don't know. That guy on the bench looks kind of sad.
    • When a kid approaches Thomas, he just shoves the kid to the ground and he just lays there with his arms and legs sticking up in the air.
  • "How emasculating. "
  • Mordecai's reaction to CJ's screaming entry into the underworld
  • Thomas making a giant minotaur chase Mordecai thinking that he flirted with his wife. His wife is a giant praying mantis.
    • When the minotaur tries to jump the gorge and fails to make it across, he has this to say as he plummets which sums up some of the innocent antagonists in the show:
      Minotaur: I'm the victim here! You're the one who hit on my wife! I was just playing with my kids!
  • Mordecai's solution to keeping Thomas from ratting them out to Death? Knocking him unconscious with a bowling ball.
  • Death's non-reaction to the destroyed garage door, tipped over motorcycle and Thomas sleeping face down on the floor.
  • When Death comes back and picks up Thomas and tells Mordecai and CJ to leave:
    CJ: Wait. You don't get paid?
    Mordecai: Nah. He just lets us live.

530 — Expert or Liar

  • The episode's events transcribe because Rigby somehow answers to "what color are violets?" with "Red".
  • Benson shows he also embarrassed himself in national television as well, by reading "Bandana" as "Banana". And he gets a banana thrown at him later!
  • "Take off the bun, Bert! Take off the bun!"

531 — Catching the Wave

Pops: A brow of grass, and hair of moss, puddles are my dipping sauce, a petal, a wing, an arm or two, presenting a hug from me to you. (hugs a rose bush, moans in comfort) (gets pricked by thorn) Ooh! (Gets stung by bee) Ow! (Gets smacked in head by branch) Ohoo! (Trips over rock and falls knees first into creek) Ooh! (Starts getting bitten by turtles) Oh, why nature, WHYYY?!
  • The Douche Surfer calling upon the ancient battle hymn of their people - Wipeout
  • A bit of Hypocritical Humor: right when M&R mock the way surfers talk using the word 'brah':
    Mordecai: Is that really how they talk?
    Rigby: Haha, yeah. "Brah. Hey, brah. Sup, brah. Brah-brah-brah-brah-brah."
    Mordecai: Haha, yeah. What a bunch of losers.
    [Rigby eats the chips]
    Mordecai: Dude, did you just eat the last of the chips, dude?
    Rigby: Relax, dude. It was just crumbs.
    Mordecai: Yeah, dude, but you ate the last of the chips before you ate the last of the crumbs, dude. When am I supposed to get my chip on?
  • Pops' Old-Timey Bathing Suit.
  • Pops tries to practice paddling on his surfboard by lying it on the sand and then lying it on top of it. This results in him unintentionally tossing handfuls of sand at some very annoyed-looking beachgoers.

532 — Gold Watch

  • When Benson is rocketed three months into the future, what does he see written on his headstone? Yup, "You're Fired!"
  • Benson's escape plan for getting out of the Dirty Cop's prison? Grab and hide behind Pop's large head.
  • Benson wakes up in a pilot's ejector seat out in the middle of the desert. He recalls to himself saying "What's the worse that could happen?" before Mordecai and Rigby introduce him to two pilots also celebrating. He immediately screams their names.
  • How Pops found Benson: he recognized the sound of a distinct bird in the background, so he tried searching for it on the computer. Pops got Thomas to help after he accidentally got a picture of an muscular man instead.

533 — Paint Job

  • Benson yelling at Mordecai and Rigby at the beginning where Mordecai and Rigby just stood there and didn't even react or say anything.
  • When Rigby asks Eileen to get him the coffee shop's most relaxing drink, Eileen gives him this:
    Rigby: Eileen, this is just hot water.
    Eileen: It's good for your digestion.
  • Muscle Man's reaction after being told he's holding a missile tracking device.

534 — Take the Cake

  • Benson accidentally teleporting the replacement cake into the sky and scaring Maellard into a coma when it falls.
    • And the kicker? Maellard wanted to be in a coma.
  • The Monster of the Week being a short-tempered and illiterate woman.

535 — Skips in the Saddle

  • Skips using Rigby as a ventriloquist dummy so he can deliver clever lines during the dating game show.

536 — Thomas Fights Back

  • Thomas putting Muscle Man in a painful-looking submission move.
  • Gene (the manager of the rival park) constantly doing a Skyward Scream over Thomas' betrayal, who was undercover at his park as Nicholas.
  • Gene's park being run like a military camp based around pranking, including pranking drills and curfews for the interns, who are treated like privates.

537 — Bachelor Party! Zingo!!

  • The guys telling the owner of the wings restaurant they're real men:
    Mordecai: We're men!
    Muscle Man: No women here.
    Hi-Five Ghost: I haven't seen a woman all day.

538 — Tent Trouble

  • A spectator in the crowd wearing a "Mud Waifu" sweater.
  • Benson popping open a soda while Starla and Peggy thrash Mordecai and Rigby.

539 — Real Date

  • After yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, Benson calmly greets Eileen and CJ, but he refers to the latter as "Dodgeball Girl" since he's still mad that his team lost.
  • The trophy Rigby ordered for himself.
  • Rigby's idea for Mordecai to give CJ her gift. It's hard to tell if he's serious or being sarcastic.
    Rigby: Here's an idea: how about if you say you have something for her and then you give it to her! Classic gift-giving technique, bro.
  • Eileen asking CJ the type of restaurant she and Mordecai are going to on their date:
    Eileen: What kind of place are we talking? Is this an oyster-crackers or a warm-rolls establishment?
    CJ: I think they might charge extra for bread.
    Eileen: Ooh! Romantic!
  • Some of the things Matchmaker McIntyre, the C.E.O. of a dating site called "Couple Corral", does throughout the episode.
    • McIntyre holding onto CJ's Couple Corral profile to show to Mordecai:
      Mordecai: Isn't keeping her information, like, really illegal?
      McIntyre: You'd think.
    • McIntyre explaining how his website is ran:
      McIntyre: Happy couples don't do Couple Corral! Lonely people do. Lonely people lead to subscribers. Subscribers lead to more clicks. More clicks somehow lead to millions of dollars.
    • When CJ points out that McIntyre can get out of bankruptcy by selling his corporate-branded stuff which includes an SUV, a blimp, a submarine, and a rocket launcher.
      CJ: Dude, just sell your stuff!
      McIntyre: No! My crooked lawyer told me this is the only way!
  • At the end of the episode, Eileen takes CJ's gift for Mordecai and gives it to Rigby, which is also kinda sweet.

     Season 6 
601 — Maxin' And Relaxin'
  • Mordecai's mom being voiced by Katey Sagal, best known as the lazy, obnoxious anti-housewife Peg Bundy (though after Married... with Children ended, Sagal did play some sitcom moms who were embarrassing and tastelessly-dressed, but weren't sarcastic and actually cared about their husbands and childrennote ).

602 — New Bro On Campus

  • The embarrassing viral video of Muscle Man trying to fry a South of the Line chile relleno, which causes his clothes (but not his body) to burn and him to run around, squealing like a stuck pig.
  • Muscle Man's days in high school, basically played as the Big Man on Campus until High Five Ghost shows up and dethrones him.

603 — Daddy Issues

604-605 — Terror Tales From The Park IV

  • The ending of Pops' story: the ritual was all just a metaphor. Complete with an Everybody Laughs Ending with Pops' head still blocking the hole.
  • The ending of Benson's story: Benson had been Dead All Along. He finishes his story with a goofy smile on his face.
  • The ending of the episode: Muscle Man's mom appears to be a horribly monstrous creature, but it turns out she's just a sweet, friendly woman in a Halloween mask and a suit to make her look far bigger than she actually is.

606 — The End of Muscle Man

  • Everyone getting mad at Muscle Man when it's revealed that his "funeral" is actually an elaborate marriage proposal to Starla.

607 — Lift With Your Back

608 — Eileen Flat Screen

  • Just the extremes Eileen's roommate goes through regarding her TV.

609-610 — The Real Thomas

  • Benson's despair at Natalia's death:
    Mordecai: Dude! She tried to kill us!
    Benson: (innocently) I think we could have worked it out.

611 — The White Elephant Gift Exchange

  • The gang finally getting back at Muscle Man after all the pranks he pulled on them. Upon opening his gift, Muscle Man - in slow motion - is sprayed by expired clam chowder, pelted with his old prank gifts and several baseballs, and finally beaten up by an elf; while everybody else laughs and Rigby captures the moment on film. All while "A Holly Jolly Christmas" plays in the background.
  • Beforehand, everyone's maniacal laughter before Muscle Man comes in. And Benson's laugh is the most maniacal of them all.

612 — Merry Christmas, Mordecai

613 — Sad Sax

  • Mordecai pretending to get hit by a bus in one of his plots to apologize to C.J. for kissing Margaret.
  • The last time Mordecai took advice from the shirtless street saxophonist (whom Rigby hates): he was in art school and decided to sculpt his teacher's human form. It didn't work out.

614 — Park Managers' Lunch

615 — Mordecai and Rigby Down Under

616 — Married and Broke

617 — I See Turtles

618 — Format Wars II

619 — Happy Birthday Song Contest

620 — Benson's Suit

  • "I didn't pay you to not get blown up!" the villain says to his henchmen at the beginning.
  • Benson drunkenly burying his suit after being unable to get rid of the stains. And then waking up next to it the next morning.

621 — Gamers Never Say Die

  • This line from Benson:
    Still cold, like my online dating profile.

622 — 1000th Chopper Flight Party

623 — Party Horse

  • Mordecai's reaction after seeing a space ship crash landing in the park after Benson tells them to fill up the pothole:
  • Rigby asking why Party Horse's planet has U.S. history in their schools:
    Party Horse: It's typical school, man. They don't even know.
  • The beginning of Party Horse's speech to Principal Party Horse:
    Party Horse: It's a know fact that the biggest events in U.S. history were all about parties. The Boston Tea Party, the two-party system, the other stuff that America has with parties, think about it, man.

624 — Men In Uniform

  • Apparently Huge Head from "Really Real Wrestling" has been hiding in the bushes of the park for the past four years plotting revenge against Pops. And apparently, everyone knows he's there but ignore him because, well, he's been there for four years.
  • The park workers acting drunk while eating chicken wings and somehow end up at Gene's park instead of their own.

625 — Garage Door

  • Pops crashing into the garage door, including Benson screaming at Mordecai and Rigby.

626 — Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

  • Benson's... interesting way of suiting up.
  • The show goes out of its way to show the outlandish upgrades the Baby Ducks and the Geese go through. One of the final transformations involves summoning a guitar from another planet and destroying Jupiter en route to the mech.

630 — Dumped at the Altar

  • Despite this episode's more heavy moments, there are some funny ones to smooth it out:
    • A bat flying out of a discarded sandwich when Mordecai and Rigby try to find Muscle Man's letter from his father.
    • When Mordecai makes his speech about soulmates, when it pans to Benson, he's seated alone (a nod to the revelation in "The Real Thomas" when he says that Audrey broke up with him).
    • The turducken being launched from a fryer and smashing into Benson's car. The final image of the episode (after Rigby tries to console Mordecai over his recent break-up with CJ) shows Benson crying over the damage.

     Season 7 
705 — The Dome Experiment Special
  • We finally get to learn Benson's surname: it's Dunwoody.

722 — Donut Factory Holiday

  • Practically everything about the So Bad, It's Good horror film Donut Factory Holiday, like the donut monster obviously being a man in a crummy costume and the lead male repeatedly smacking his co-star in the face by accident.
  • Skips immediately turning around and leaving when informed that today's emergency is that the Donut Factory Holiday tape is stuck in the VCR.
  • Mordecai having to repeatedly remind Lazy Dave that his mother is married.
  • At the end of the episode, the gang decides to watch a sequel to Donut Factory Holiday, only to remember that the VCR was destroyed.

729 — Marvolo the Wizard

  • Benson declares himself "King Edmund" at the Renaissance fair. As to be expected, all of that power goes straight to his head. He even makes Starla, dressed as a tavern wench, feed him grapes.
  • Pops getting called a "freak" by some costume-wearing fairgoers.
  • Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost both get put in the stocks and pelted with tomatoes because they refuse to wear their costumes.
    Muscle Man: Not wearing this, bro! This cut isn't flattering on my butt!
  • Rigby laments that his costume is making his butt itch. He ponders exactly how to say this "in-character," then loudly proclaims:
    Rigby: Meeeeen cheeeeeks iiitcheeeth!
  • While Pops' plight in the episode was genuinely pity-inducing, seeing him actually believe that he's gone back in time was pretty funny.
    Pops: Where did the house go?!
  • After Pops defeats the dragon, he cutely celebrates his victory... then gets knocked-out (for the second time) when the animatronic dragon's jaw falls off and smacks him on the head.
  • Skip's Medieval name is "Barnaby the Ripped."
  • Pops freaking out whenever someone calls him "Marvolo."
    Pops: I told you- for the last time, STOP CALLING ME MARVOLO!
  • The extremely detailed and awesomely/jarringly well-drawn poster depicting Pops dressed as the titular "Marvolo the Wizard."
  • Benson declaring that he shall "smite thee with unemployment" any employee who breaks character.
  • Just the fact that Benson apparently didn't explain to Pops that they were having a Renaissance fair, thus Pops panicking and believing that he was in Medieval times was totally Benson's fault.
  • When Benson angrily approaches Pops to tell him to get into character, Pops solemnly observes, "Oh... You must be the mad king...!" This only succeeds in pissing off Benson even more.
  • Somehow, a malfunctioning animatronic dragon causing the entire fair to burst into flames resulted in what the fairgoers described as the "best Renaissance fair ever."
  • Near the end of the episode, Pops, possibly hallucinating from a head injury, sees Marvolo in the mirror. Pops gasps in awe, and Marvolo shushes him and runs off-screen... followed by the sound effect of a car driving off.
  • There's something inherently silly about the gravelly "mystical old man" voice that Sam Marin does for Marvolo, especially compared to Pops' high-pitched, effeminate voice when the two of them are conversing.


     Season 8 (Regular Show In Space) 

801 — One Space Day At A Time One

802 — Cool Bro Bots

803 — Welcome to Space

  • The Reveal that the entirety of Benson's return to Earth was just a simulation. Apparently, he went into the wrong door.

804 — Space Creds

  • The scientist Mordecai and Rigby find inside the carnivorous plant is already wearing nothing but a loincloth, and he somehow got buff in the one day he was stuck in there.
    Craig (reminiscing how he got there): It feels like it only happened yesterday!
    Rigby: When did this happen?
    Craig: Yesterday.
    Mordecai: Wait, what? How'd you lose your clothes!?

805 — Lost and Found

806 — Ugly Moons

807 — The Dream Warrior

  • After defeating the nightmare alien, Pops states that he can now go back to his normal dreams...which involves tap-dancing with a butterfly.
  • Anti-Pops posting a bad review for a restaurant he didn't eat at, just because he can.

80 — A Regular Show Epic Final Battle

  • Staying true to the show's tone, the finale brings in a lot of jokes and LOTS of dark humor.
  • When the staff reaches "Pop's Favorite Planet" AKA Lolliland, they encounter three mysterious and scary figures who approach them in an unnerving walk while making some inhuman moaning ....Only to be revealed as three goofy beings named Frivola-Kranus (A character that looks like pops but with a much higher pitch in his voice and a more soft-looking body) Quadravi Kranus (An anthropomorphic candy bar) and Weird Mushroom Guy (a vaguely mushroom-shaped character with back eyes and some freckles as well as a low pitched and raspy voice, who looks out of place with just about every single character.)
  • When Pops and Anti-Pops' backstory is revealed, Pops' real name is shown to be Mega Kranus. Mordecai and Rigby laugh about how it sounds.
  • Then while watching the tapestries depicting all of Anti-Pops and Pops' battles in their previous lives, HFG comes across one in which they're fighting with POOL NOODLES of all things. Frivola even remarks that it was a fun one.
  • Anti-Pops gets frustrated since Pops already reached Lolliland for the final battle he begins to rant to his soldiers about their inability to move the ship only for one of his soldiers to remark that he destroyed half the engine in one of his frustrations. Anti-Pops decides to go on a smaller ship, with just 4 of his minions, only to find a space deer outside, frustrated he tries to run over it. the ship ends up destroyed while the deer remains unfazed by the crash, then when Anti-Pops complains that this is why he wants to destroy the universe, one of his minions questions him, to which the robot minion states to the other ones that Space Deer are stronger than they think due to him hitting one in the past, while eating a bag of chips. Anti-Pops promptly makes him shut up by erasing his bag of chips.
    • Frustrated over the previous event, Anti-Pops contacts a space Uber taxi, which starts annoying him with the driver's cool dude attitude, it only gets worse for him once he's told there is traffic.
      • The driver later asks the evil minions if he gets a 5-star rating for [helping them attack Rigby's spaceship in the final battle.
  • When Anti-Pops finally arrives at Lolliland, he challenges Pops to the final battle. He then goes shirtless showing off a 24-Pack, which Muscle Man promptly notes.
  • Anti-Pops tells Pops, as a lie to put his guard down, that he wins the fight if he manages to topple and turn him over his head, which Pops accomplishes by throwing an ENTIRE FREAKING GIANT BOAT on top of him.
  • When the Baby Ducks, Clance Sureshot, Toothpick Sally, Recap Robot, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray arrive to help the Park Staff. One of Anti-Pops' minions angrily asks how many reinforcements the staff has. Cue Death, Carter and Briggs, Guardians of Eternal Youth, Gary and Party Horse arriving as well.
  • While the Baby Ducks merge with Carter and Briggs, Party Horse, Death, The Guardians of Eternal Youth, Skips, Benson and Eileen, one of Anti-Pops' minions (an anthropomorphic iguana) wonders why aren't they attacking the fusion before it's formed... Another minion (A gorilla-like monster) casually responds that he wants to see what their final forms look like.
  • While the climax is a huge mix of Heartwarming and Tear Jerker, there's one final Funny moment as Anti-Pops, out of all the horrific atrocities he has committed, wishes he could take back all the 1-star reviews he has made.



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