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The Ren and Stimpy Show, putting the "Light" in Lightmare Fuel since 1991!

(Please note that because it has both Nightmare, as well as Nausea Fuelnote , YMMV on how "funny" [or not] these moments really are, especially since some moments were actually not intended to be funny at all [e.g., the infamous "Son of Stimpy" episode], while others are ambiguous as to which is which).


Original show

  • This classic scene from "Stimpy's Fan Club."
  • "Space Madness" has some of the absolute best moments, with Ren's descent into madness ("It is not I who am crazy. It is I who am mad!") and the ultimate Schmuck Bait, the History Eraser Button.
    • I've had this ice cream bar since I was a CHILD! People ALWAYS TRYING TO TAKE IT FROM ME!!! WHY WON'T THEY LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOONEEEE????
      • NOW YOU'VE DONE IT! YOU! FORCED ME TO USE IT (starts brushing teeth)
    • The shot with Stimpy with a toasternote  on his head.
    • The nubby-looking spacesuit Ren was wearing on the shot of the planet.
    • Stimpy slapping Ren's posterior with a towel, and Ren says in a totally wussy tone, "Hey, cut it out!" in a way that's so not like him.
    • Ren: "I'll just lie back, and think pleasant thoughts...chicken pot piiiieee.....chocolate covered, glaaaazed hammmm.....ohhh ohhhh...."
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    • The Large Ham narrator who introduces the show.
      • "All systems go! Prepare for countdown! 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Blast off to adventure In the amazing year four hundred billion! With Commander Hoek and his faithful companion Cadet Stimpy, as they roam the endless uncharted regions of space at speeds so fantastic the throttlenote  the imagination!"
      • "Okay, space cadets! Prepare to hurtle through the cosmos! In today's turgid episode!"
      Cadet Stimpy: S-so what'll happen?
      Captain Ren: That's just it! We don't know! Maaaybe something bad? Maaaaybe something good? I guess we'll never know!! Cuz you're going to guard it! You won't touch it, will you?
    • The Narrator showing up in person!
      The Narrator: Oh, how long can trusty Cadet Stimpy hold out? How can he possibly resist the diabolical urge to push the button that could erase his very existence? Will his tortured mind give in to it's uncontrollable desires? Can he withstand the temptation to push the button, that even now, beckons him ever closer? Will he succumb to the maddening urge to eradicate history, at the mere push of a single button? The beautiful shiny button. The jolly candy-like button. Will he hold out, folks? Can he hold out?
      Cadet Stimpy: NO, I CAN'T!
      • Note that the Narrator isn't just narrating. Noooo....he's flat out nudging, shoving, smacking, and pushing Stimpy towards the button, making the temptation to push it even worse.
    • "Oh no! I know what you want! You coveteth my ice cream bar!"
  • The anthem of the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, sung to the tune of "My Country Tis Of Thee"/"God Save The Queen".
    • Our country reeks of trees/Our yaks are reeeeeally large!/And they smell like rotting beef carcasses...
    • And we have to clean up after them/And our saddle sores are the best/We proudly wear women's clothing/and searing sands blow up our skirts!
    • And the buzzards, they soar overhead/And poisonous snakes will devour us whole/And our bones will bleach in the sun!
    • And we will probably go to (fart noise masking the word "hell" which is seen crossed out in the displayed sing-a-long lyrics)/And that is our great reward/For being the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen!
    • After singing, everyone throws their hats, kilts, and intestines in the air.
    • The yak getting annoyed by Stimpy's singing and screaming, "SHUT UP!!!! I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! ALL THE TIME, SINGING, SINGING! WHY WON'T HE STOP?!?!?!" before his real freakout.
  • "Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY..."
    • "I don't think you're happy enough."
    • "I'll teach you to be happy! I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!"
    • "If'n you ain't the granddaddy of all liars!"
    • "That's very funny, a fly marrying a bumblebee... I told ya I'd shoot! But ya didn't believe me! WHY DIDN'T YA BELIEVE ME?!"
    • Ren's crazy laughter and over-the-top happiness throughout the entire episode. Along with his tortured smile.
    • The look of demented joy on Ren's face as he bashes himself in the head with a hammer to destroy the happy helmet.
    • The little dance routine Stimpy does with his glutes toward the end of the song.
    • Ren's reaction when Stimpy reveals how the stay-put socks work. They're full of glue.
    • Ren's Mood Whiplash after finally removing the helmet. He was strangling Stimpy, angry as heck, but then realized he loved being angry and says he feels great. Ren then thanks Stimpy and lets him go. Stimpy even lets out an uncertain "Happy to be of service...?" with an Aside Glance. It then pans to Ren, wearing a Slasher Smile and his insane laughter ringing out.

  • From Ol' Blue Nose: Stimpy: -Nosey, Nosey, Nosey! We saw you on TV! Ren: -So we burned it!

  • Ren and Stimpy meeting Wilbur Cobb in "Stimpy's Cartoon Show".
  • From "Insomniac Ren": "Sleep...maybe I'm too smart to sleep... Yes... that's it... Stimpy's asleep and he's an idiot!note " Gotta love Ren's screwed up demented logic.note 
    • Ren's annoyance at Stimpy keeping him awake.
    • The faces Stimpy makes during the both times he promptly slides into bed.
    • "You didn't jiggle the handle did ya? Get back in there and JIGGLE IT!"
    • Stimpy snoring.
    • Ren trying to plug up Stimpy's mouth with things to keep him quiet but it fails.
    • "For the last time! I! Want You! To Be! QUIET!!!!!!"
    • "Shhh. Ren's taking a coma."
    • Stimpy's attempt at telling Ren a story.
    Stimpy: Once upon a time, the sky grew black as blood.
    (One hour later)
    Stimpy: And the last word he spoke as his head rolled across the floor was... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" And they lived happily ever after!
    • Ren hijacking Stimpy's dream and beating him up. All while Stimpy is dreaming about having a litter of kittens and a puppy. With Ren.
    Ren: How am I supposed to sleep with all this peaceful dreaming going on?!?
    Stimpy: *As the babies start crying* You're scaring the children, Ren!
  • Stimpy's incoherent babblingnote  in Blazing Entrails.
    "I wanna banana, Ivana..."
    "Diddle diddle fiddle piddle poodle piddle poodle racky sacky want some seafood mama."
    "You'll never wander all the rest are peanut butter set the passage you know it has the rose bowl."
    • Stimpy's constant spasms in the same episode.
  • Firedogs!, where a fat, middle-aged housewife in a burning building tosses various heavy objects onto Ren, including a comically oversized baby ("Save my baby! Save my horse! Save my walrus!"), then shrieks "Save me!" as Stimpy sends Ren up the fire truck ladder at high speed.
  • Stimpy telling Ren he has to do "number three," from "My Shiny Friend."
    Ren: Heh heh... why, I can't remember the last time I did number three. (beat) NUMBER THREE?!?!?!
    • Earlier, Stimpy watches a cooking show and attempts to cook a chicken. Of course, this being Stimpy, he starts a fire. Ren hears a knocking on the door, totally ignoring the fire himself, and opens it...only to be run over by three firemen who just kicked down his door. When he gets up to view the commotion, he looks at Stimpy—and now the three firemen-still watching TV, eating the chicken. But here's the kicker:
    Ren: Now, see here, that's my dinner!
    (Stimpy and the three firemen turn to him, and tell him to "shh" as they go back to watching the TV show)
  • Hair of the Cat. All of it, especially Stimpy trying to pronounce "phenomenon".
  • "So, you whizzed on the electric fence, didn't ya?"
    • The entirty of the fake "Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence" board game ad. The jingle alone is hilarious if only for how incredibly cheery it is!
    • "...Next...I'm gonna...tttTEAR your arms out at the sockets! And you wanna know what else? I'm gonna HIT ya, and you're gonna fall, and I'm gonna look down, and I'm gonna laugh."
    • How are we forgetting every scene involving Sven himself?! Sven Hoek is a hilarious episode thanks to Ren's lovable idiot cousin, Sven- whose basically just a Swedish, chihuahua version of Stimpy. His voice is hilarious, he looks funny... Special mention goes to Sven counting during "Hide and Seek" with the numbers out of order, and randomly saying "Fjord!" in place of a number.
      • YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU! BOTH OF YOOOOOU!!!! *violently poking Sven in the eye*note 
    • Oh, you like the game, huh?! Well, how do you like THEES!!! (zips down and whizzes on the electric fence)
  • A scene from "Rubber Nipple Salesmen" involving Mr. Horse is simultaneously this and Nightmare Fuel. It's a truly horrifying scene, but it's also laugh-out-loud hilarious. Especially since Mr. Horse is acting so out of character.
    Mr. Horse: All right, so I MADE a mistake! ONE MISTAKE! Can't a man start over?! Do I have to keep on PAYING?! HUH?! Maybe I should make another mistake! Maybe TWO more!
    Ren: Please sir! I think one mistake is plenty! Just let me show you what's inside here!
    Mr. Horse: *throws hands up* Don't do it, man! I'm not armed!
    Ren: We really just want to sell you some rubber nipples! See?
    Mr. Horse: is a nipple. *laughs good-naturedly* Oh, what you must think of me.
    • The walrus.
    Walrus: Call the police.
    • The man with rubber nipples on his knees.
    • Stimpys "Dream" speech:
    Stimpy: My dream... is that one day, everyone everywhere will know the wonders of my nipples!
    • The whole. Damn. Episode!
    • "Neeeh.. Some day, I want to be just as good of a salesman as YOU, Ren!" Stimpy says happily, to a smashed Ren. Ren slaps him.
  • Then there's Mr. Horse's appearance in "Out West": "So. It's the old steal-the-horse bit again, is it? All right, let's do it. If we have to."
    • The cowboys can't hang Ren and Stimpy for their crime. Why? Because Ren doesn't weigh enough and Stimpy doesn't have a neck. Cue a shot of Stimpy with thee noose comically wrapped around his face and Ren blowing like a leaf in the wind.
  • Ren's reactions to Stimpy sculpting the heads of Santa Claus and Fidel Castro on the Lincoln Memorial in "An Abe Divided".
    • "DO IT AGAIN!!"
    • Stimpy sits on the lap of the Lincoln Memorial and starts telling it all the toys he wants.
    Ren: GET DOWN! That's not Santa Claus! It's a memorial!
    Stimpy: A memorial? (tearing up) I didn't know Santa Claus was...DEAD! (bawls)
  • Any time either of the main characters scream. Billy West and John Kricfalusi have the most epic screams of terror in cartoon history.
  • "Hey! I don't need three butts!"
  • Ren's reaction after reading a letter about one of Stimpy's fans who still wets his bed: "You... MAKE ME SICK! YOU PROBABLY WET THE BED ON PURPOSE!"
  • The Haunted House and Fake Dad episodes. From the first, we have the bloody head fairy, the yak tenderizing his food, the ghost killing himself and coming back as a fat black guy. The the second, we have Kowalski, a 9 year old "kid" on what is basically a Big Brother/Big Sister ripoff. Kowalski is serving a 36 year prison sentence for crimes on humanity... and oh hell, here's a picture of him
  • The majority of "Mad Dog Hoek".
    • "HEY REN! Pretending to wrestle is the funnest thing ever!"
    • Stimpy's "I Like Darren!" rant is an odd example of this and Nightmare Fuel. Especially towards the end, where he's screaming his lines out like a madman, his voice has an echo effect, and the music is all crazy.
      • Oh, and his tongue flies out of his mouth as he screams the last word.
    • Even funnier? Ren - who's normally rather Ax-Crazy - tries to calm down a raging Stimpy, who's normally rather happy and dopey. Unfortunately, the former gets shoved away.
  • Son of Stimpy: When Ren doesn't think Stinky is real, Stimpy tries to prove he exists by farting a second time. We are then treated to Stimpy bent over and straining, only for nothing to happen. Even with a little more gusto on the second try still nothing happens. After Ren starts to express annoyance, we're treated to the third go. Putting in as much effort as possible there's an up close shot of Stimpy's butt, swelling and straining from the effort. Stimpy's groans reach critical mass before finally gasping and that big, bubbly butt goes all limp and deflated like a pair of balloons.
    Nose Goblin: "The guy talks to farts, man..."
  • Ren & Stimpy try to rob a bank with a missile.
    Stimpy: Give us a full tank of gas, we're flying this bird to Cuba!
  • The cartoon in "Stimpy's Cartoon Show", starring Explodey and Poopy. It really has to be seen to be believed.
  • Ren auditioning a Classically Trained Extra as a potential replacement for Stimpy during the Sidekicks strike.
    "Can you play Stimpy?"
    "I played Stimpy FOR THE QUEEN!"
    • There was also one replacement, a hillbilly, who really wanted to direct.
    • Don't forget the Baboon. It starts off with the show's traditional title card, with Baboon in the place of Stimpy. Ren looks uneasy and scared on it, rather than his usual self. During the taping, he's trying to act like himself, but is terrified and shaking all the way through.
  • In "I Love Chicken", Stimpy falls in love with a chicken.
    • What makes it even funnier is the context of the episode. The chicken in question is a chicken meant for cooking, as in, without a head or feet and plucked of all feathers and everything...but it's alive and sentient; it can move, it has a mouth on the tip of its neck, it carries Stimpy over the threshold when they get married, it reads the newspaper, etc. Ren's reaction is like that of a jealous lover who just caught his spouse cheating...and yet the way he words it makes it hard to tell if the "spouse" in this situation is supposed to be Stimpy or the freaking chicken!
    • "Well next time you're hungry, I'll trust you not to cook my wife!"
    • Stimpy's hilariously feeble attempt at an Armor-Piercing Slap on Ren. The look on Ren's face is priceless.
    • Stimpy saying "Let me spell you for it, mister", followed by letters spelling the word "mister" appearing above Ren's head.
    • As Stimpy grieves for his "wife", Ren yells at him how sick he is of this "chicken widower crap" and orders him to make his dinner. Stimpy replies with a resigned, dopey-sounding "Yes, master." The ending has him sadly putting away the groceries, discovering a ham's head wrapped in plastic, and him running into the living room, dressed as a bride himself and with the ham with one hand and a bouquet in the other, happily exclaims, "Hey Ren, guess what? I'm engaged!" Ren the cries out a Big "NO!" as the tune of the wedding march is heard in the background.
  • The tear gas scene in "In The Army." Especially to someone who's been through tear gas training. Stimpy's wild takes are pretty much what tear gas really does to you. This also doubles as Nightmare Fuel.
    "And now, no sleep! (laughs) No sleep? No bed! (laughing intensifies) NONONO! BEDBEDBED! (Grabs axe and laughs maniacally before hacking up his bed)"
    "It's all so clear to me! I've got it all figured out! I'm the keeper of the cheese and you're the lemon merchant and he knows it! That's why he's gonna KILL US! We have to get out of here before he sets loose the MARMOSETS ON US! Don't worry, little lady! I'LL SAVE YA!" (Picks up Stimpy and runs off with him piggy-back style)
  • The "Log" commercials.
    • The first "Log" commercial was the first segment of the first episode. It basically set the tone for the series.
  • In "Road Apples", all the characters are sleeping on the large bed. Their snoring is keeping Ren awake. Ren complains, "Everybody's asleep except me! Hey, if everyone's asleep... WHO'S DRIVING THE R.V.???" He looks to find no one is. He screams as the R.V. crashes into the water. The husband and wife puts them outside so they wouldn't wet the bed.
    Wilbur Cobb: The joke's on them, I already wet the bed. HA HA HA HA HA!
  • "A Yard Too Far".
    Ren: "I'm so hungry, I'm wasting away! I'm nothing but skin and bones..." (opens his skin, showing his skeleton)
    Stimpy: "Yeah, I'm nothing but skin and fat!" (opens his stomach, showing fat)
    • "There's no dog, but there is a baboon!"
    • Ren rips Stimpy's skin off and orders it to get the hog jowls. The baboon's owner, thinking it's a jowl fallen off the plate, gives it to the baboon and it starts mauling on it. Skinless Stimpy could only look on and cry.
    • Everything involving the sexy baboon puppet.
  • The "Prehensile nose" gag from "Monkey See, Monkey Don't."
  • As a Call-Back to Space Madness, "Scotsman In Space" has Ren go nuts again and threaten to lick a fly.A mortified Stimpy begs him to stop.
    • Ren uses the Scotsman genie to wish for women and fortune. Stimpy wishes for the world to no longer need material possessions (bye bye, money), for racial equality (bye bye, women and hello middle aged men of varying ethnicity) and live somewhere it's hot and people never grow old (cue the duo hurtling towards the sun, after the heat disintegrates his hand to slap Stimpy, Ren can only sulk and wait oblivion as the similarly melting wide-eyed Stimpy babbles pious jargon).
    Stimpy: Ands lo, on the third day, he did wear of a goat. And it was good. Wear not the hat of unleavened bread, for it is diseased.
  • From "Terminal Stimpy", Stimpy's Five Stages of Grief. Especially "Anger"note  and "Bargaining".
    • "I was up all night sleeping like a baby worrying about you!"
    • Early in the episode, Stimpy causes a gasleak in the basement and then lights a match, and we're led to believe that he's going to lose his eighth life that way. He promptly gets crushed by a giant rock that was implied to have been literally crapped out by Mr. Horse (who's a pilot for some reason).
  • In "Dinner Party", Ren finds a huge mole on the side of his face, before removing it with pliers.
  • In "Friend in Your Face", Ren tries to get of his head parasite by sucking him up with a vacuum cleaner, only to ensnare and beat up his own brain instead.
    • He even sends a leech into his brain. Only for the head parasite to cook it and eat it.
  • Pretty much anything involving Old Man Hunger from "The Great Outdoors", including the Running Gag of his loving Skinny-X'ing and the various Scenery Censors that are employed, including a sign reading "No ball play".
    • One of the highlights is the scene where Ren sets himself on fire trying to start a campfire and Old Man Hunger stomps on him to put him out.
    • Ren eating a dehydrated meat pill without adding water. The pill reacts to his saliva, causing Ren's body to expand into a very suspicious horse-shape. The horse then says "No sir, I don't like it".
  • "The Boy Who Cried Rat" - SQUEAK! Squeak, I tell you, SQUEAK!
    "That's the ugliest mouse I've ever seen. And he's beating up on our cheese!"
  • "Bell Hops":
    Man in trash can: Psst. Hey buddy, I'll give you $5 for a photograph of the mysterious man in the penthouse suite.
    Stimpy: Daaaahhhhh...
    Man in trash can: Okay okay, a million dollars. But that's as high as I go. Whaddya say?
    Stimpy: Nooooo! I have taken the bell hop oath! I must respect the preversity of my guests! Take this, Satan's minion! (dumps garbage on him) (singing) Onward bellhop soldiers, dah dah-dah-dah-daaaaaah...
  • Although "Ren's Brain" has immense Nightmare Fuel in the beginning, it becomes funny how Ren's brain materializes into a living being. With the fact that Ren doesn't even notice! Stimpy meanwhile is having fun with Idiot Ren, who's an absolute drooling yokel at this point. Brain Ren comes home to find them together and accuses Stimpy of entertaining another chihuahuha. All while not even realizing that it's his own body!
  • "Bass Masters" has Ren calmly talking to the audience while he's preparing to go fishing before waking up Stimpy.
    Ren: Well, it's five A.M. Time to wake up my assistant, Stimpy.
  • Literally any time Sid the circus midget from "Stimpy's Pet" opens his mouth is this. Helped by the fact that he's voiced by Phil Hartman.
    Sid: Oh, I see. The pink mosquito wears the pants in this family. Fine, I'm taking it to the street. But, don't be surprised when tomorrow YOU FIND MY FROZEN, BLOATED CORPSE ROTTING IN THE NOON-DAY SUN!!!
  • The episode where Stimpy was addicted to the television, as he was flipping the channels, you could hear loud as day voice clips from The Three Stooges and a clip of Homer from Treehouse of Horror II moaning out, "Ohhh, I hate having two heads!"
    • Also, while he was up, Ren put a thumbtack on his chair in the hopes of scaring him away. Instead, he not sits on it without a fuss, but he gets up again and we see it for ourselves in a Gross-Up Close-Up.note 
  • From the Salve episode, we get an exchange that basically sums up Ren and Stimpy's relationship in a nutshell.
    Stimpy: Hey Reeeen! Guess what I did!
    Ren: Let's I gonna have to KILL YOU?
    Stimpy: (giddy with excitement) Maybe!
  • From "Powdered Toast Man":
    "Quick man! Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!"
    "Both of them? (squeeze...faceplant)

Marvel Comics

  • The final issue's cover. It needs to be seen to be believed. [1]
  • A rejected "Ask Dr. Stupid" comic consisted of the eponymous character showing how Gritty Kitty Litter is made. It goes on to be pure Nightmare Fuel before Ren steps in to call out the audience and explain that it's a cartoon. A joke. Not real.
    • The next part of it features how Powdered Toast Man is made. It happens in the same sequence, with Dr. Stupid being horrified and Ren stepping in AGAIN to stop the madness.
    • Having had enough, Ren takes Stimpy to show him how Powdered Toast is REALLY made. Which turns out to be from Gritty Kitty Litter.
    • On top of that, Ren addresses him by his full name.
  • "Raiders of the Lost Yak" consist of the duo seeking out a treasure, Indiana Jones style. They eventually find the relic, but come to see that it consists of a wish-granting genie. Stimpy takes the first wish, which is to be happy. Ren is furious at this before he inadvertently makes a wish that Stimpy be smart and think more like him. It ends up working too well, as Stimpy now acts just like he does. He even smacks Ren! It's absolutely hilarious to see Stimpy, of all people, acting just like Ren does. The two have an argument over who gets the last wish, before they end up wishing the other didn't get it at all.
  • The issue where Spider-Man guest stars - yes, really; the webslinger squares off against a mind-controlled Powdered Toast Man. The epilogue has Ren & Stimpy auditioning to be Spider-Man's sidekicks by showing off their super powers - Ren's involves his eyeballs and Stimpy apparently has mastery over hairballs. Spidey just about barfs in his mask as he swings away, stage right.