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Recap / Paradise PD

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The following is a list of episodes for the Netflix animated series, Paradise P.D.. Created by Roger Black and Waco O'Guin (of Stankervision and Brickleberry fame), this series follows the misadventures of an incompetent police force in the worst town in America.

Season One

  1. Welcome to Paradise
  2. Ass on the Line
  3. Black and Blue
  4. Karla
  5. Dungeons and Dragnet
  6. Meet the Jabowskis
  7. Police Academy
  8. Task Force
  9. Parent Trap
  10. Christmas in Paradise

Season Two

  1. Paradise Found
  2. Big Ball Energy
  3. Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick
  4. Who Ate Wally's Waffles?
  5. The Father, The Son, and The Post-It Note
  6. Flip the Vote
  7. Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry
  8. Operation: D.D.


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