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Sweet land of liberty
As a glowing example of All Adult Animation Is South Park (just like its predecessor, Brickleberry), Paradise PD relies heavily on Take That!, Crosses the Line Twice and Nausea Fuel. And, at times, it can be hilarious, as seen below.

Season 1

  • Randall's reaction of "and hellooo bullshit" as well as "fuck my life" when dealing with the officers under him
  • Gina managing to get rid of the over-politicised news media that have been harrassing the police force by staging a scene of a black Trump supporter mounting a morbidly obese Muslim transgender NRA member while she's performing an abortion on a pro-gay Nazi pro-lifer. Unable to make that bizarre combination of hot-button issues fit either a liberal or a conservative narrative, all the media figures essentially have a Villainous Breakdown and flee the town en masse. Except for Sean Hannity, who turns out to be a robot and promptly short-circuits!
  • The liberal news anchors ridiculous claim that the police is linked to "Russian ogliarch" Boris Badenov, the villain from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.
    • She tries to link Donald Trump Jr to Badenov! Politics aside, he wasn't even born when those cartoons were made!
  • Bullet tries abstaining from drugs. Unfortunately his withdrawal symptoms include ripping off a woman's face and binge-watching Ballers.
    "Nobody asked for Black Entourage!"
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  • The dramatic reveal of Dusty's Mama's secret fried chicken recipe that he wouldn't give up even under his friend being tortured: flour, water and black pepper.
  • Dusty becoming known as vicious drug lord "El Chefe" because the drug kingpin he was talking to thought Dusty was talking about killing people when he was really talking about killing chickens for his food truck. Though admittedly, ripping their heads off with his bare hands is still pretty disturbing. Also, when the drug lord asks who taught him such brutality, Dusty cheerfully replies "my Mama!"
  • The fact that in the first episode, the Paradise P.D only has 14 bullets left due to budget cuts, and Kevin wastes most of them in the botched raid on the video rental store.
  • Fitz incredibly poor performance as a cop due to insisting on performing self-care actions like meditation or playing a piccolo flute during heists.
  • Kevin as Molesto the Sex Crime Dog and his Crosses the Line Twice song about child molestation.
    • Hilariously, the teacher in charge of the grade school class Kevin was singing for did have child porn on her computer!
  • The local church shuts off Internet access to the whole town, because the minister claims Disney Junior made his son gay.
    • The real kicker is at the end where it turns out the minister is gay himself, and in a low-key marriage with another man.
    • Not to mention the church's witch hunt against Dungeons and Dragons, about 30 years after the rest of the U.S.

Season 2

  • Kevin has become the hero of Paradise in the opening episode of the season thanks to the fame of busting the Kingpin, and Randall tries to milk it for all it's worth, including having him hand out signed photos to fans. Problem is, Kevin hasn't had time to get new publicity photos made yet, so he uses leftover ones from his time as "The Carfucker" back in season 1, namely the shot of him naked and being spanked by the supercar.
    Kevin: I really gotta get new publicity photos.
    • Randall even had an animated short made to promote Kevins heroics, but outsourced it to Korea to cut costs, resulting in the short being turned into a Dragonball-style anime.
    Fat Bastard Dusty: I'm so evil next I'm going to destroy Disneyland, Jesus and NASCAR!
    Super Sayian Kevin: Not if I stop you!
  • Dusty turns out to be enjoying women's prison quite a bit. Not for the reason you'd expect, but because he sees it like one long slumber party. He's so fat that the other prisoners beating him up, not to mention the guards, doesn't really bother him that much.
    • Hobson told him to beat up the biggest person in prison to earn the respect of the other prisoners, but unfortunately, at 560 pounds, Dusty is the biggest prisoner, so he ends up beating himself up with a cafeteria tray. For added humor, the second biggest wasn't even close, but was 375 pounds, which is still huge for a woman.
  • Kevin gets a prediction that he will masturbate in front of the monkeys in the zoo. He does everything in his power to prevent this, but this just makes it more certain to happen. It ultimately results in him doing it to prevent the baby he accidentally threw into the monkey exhibit from being eaten.
    • Afterwards, the news reports what he did as masturbating in front of a baby.
      Kevin: Monkeys! It was in front of the monkeys!
  • The reveal that Disney manufactures child stars. When they drop one on his head, causing him to develop wall-eyes, they immediately give up on trying to make him a serious actor and put him on the Disney Channel, where he's known as "Wall-Eyed Wally". Oh, and said child star turns out to be Delbert.
    • The Disney Vault turns out to be an actual, literal vault where Disney imprisons their unruly creations. It's also where they lock up their Old Shame racist cartoons from the 40's and 50's, such as the blackface centaur Sunflower from Fantasia and the crows from Dumbo.
  • Connie steals Gina's contacts and incapacitates Dusty so that she can sleep with Gina. Unfortunately, it isn't exactly what she thought it would be like.
  • Karen wasn't very upset that she slept through the Brickleberry crossover episode.
    Karen: Family Guy in the woods? Pass.
    • Even funnier, when Randall first told her about it, she hoped it was Big Mouth.


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