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Tear Jerker / Paradise PD

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Paradise P.D. has had many sad moments in it.


  • The backstories of most characters.
    • Kevin's abusive childhood, while as hilarious as it is, is at the same time, extremely sad and depressing, with his parents getting divorced when he was 5 and blaming it on him as well as his mentally scarring memory of his parents insulting him and joking that they wished he was never born.
    • Randall was shot in the testicles, which made him completely unhappy and pissed off at all times, meant he had to use testosterone patches just to keep his mustache from falling out, and ultimately led to his wife divorcing him and his whole life falling apart.
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    • Bullet was taken from his real family and given away like property.
    • Gina was used as a human shield by her own father, sending her into a coma for 11 years. Her family never went back to look for her and left her to die, simply claiming that they'll "make another one".
    • Fitz was sexually harassed by a clown as a child.

Welcome to Paradise


Dungeons & Dragnet

  • Randall was horribly bullied in school for being a Dungeons & Dragons player. Not just by the football team but by the women's swim team and the special needs kids.

Meet the Jabowskis

  • This episode reveals Gina's tragic backstory about how she was dicked over by her family and abandoned.

Parent Trap

  • Randall and Karen completely shutting Kevin out of their lives and pretty much excluding him from the family. They didn't even have him over for Thanksgiving and would rather have a disgusting, filthy hobo than their own son.

Christmas in Paradise

  • Bullet revealing that he was taken from his real family and given away like property, which was pretty sad.
  • Dusty finding out that Santa is a drug-dealing criminal, who even turned on him and tried to kill him. Watching all the childhood innocence fade from Dusty as he turned into a violent killer, whos stabbed Santa to death was as disappointing as it was satisfying.

Big Ball Energy

  • Karen took the death of Randall's balls pretty hard.
  • All of Dusty's cats getting killed.

Who Ate Wally's Waffles?

  • Delbert being revealed to have been kidnapped by Robby's dad and taken from his real family.

Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry

  • Woody's abusive childhood was already shitty enough as it was but learning that he was temporarily taken out of it only to be put back into it again just added insult to injury. Especially because it happened entirely because Randall was being an envious, greedy little bitch who didn't want to share his mommy with Woody.

Operation: D.D.

  • The revelation of how horrible Karen and Randall treated Kevin when they got divorced and the fact that he remembers their abuse toward him even to this day.

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