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Awesome / Ratchet & Clank (2016)

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  • Dr. Nefarious hits Captain Qwark with an awesome breaking speech late in the film. There's no question that Nefarious is a villain who crossed the line by building the Deplanetizer for Drek which destroys Novalis and several other planets, in addition to Nefarious nearly atomizing Aleero City in the past, but he's rightfully angry at Captain Qwark for how badly he treated Nefarious when he worked for the Rangers. He also successfully calls out Qwark as a sellout and hypocrite when Qwark gets mad at Drek for going back on his word by trying to kill the Rangers, with Nefarious pointing out that Qwark's actions—backstabbing the Galactic Rangers and siding with Drek in exchange for a PR comeback, all because Ratchet was getting the limelight over him, were just as low as anything Nefarious or Drek had done. Qwark is visibly shaken by this.
    Nefarious: Oh, people will say and do just about anything for the right price. What was yours, Qwark? What was your price for selling out your friends? Your face on another cereal box?
  • Regardless of whether its a funny gag or a cheap story cop-out, whoever managed to get the entire population of Novalis evacuated in time before the Deplanetizer destroyed it deserves a medal.
  • Let's appreciate the fact that, in a world where Celebrity Voice Actor seems to be an inescapable fact of animated movies these days, we've got James Arnold Taylor and David Kaye as the leads in a theatrical motion picture! They even get Billed Above the Titlefifth and sixth, but still, and they all get the And Starring treatment. That's usually saved for big-name stars. How's that for recognition?
  • The visuals for the game have been lauded as some of the PS4's best.
  • There's also the fact that when Captain Qwark puts his mind to it, he is shockingly competent in your boss battle with him. Most of the weapons that you've been blowing up enemies with? He uses those right back at you.
    • This is also the first time you get to actually fight Qwark, as this boss wasn't present in the original game and in his subsequent appearances he was never truly fought. And he doesn't disappoint.
    • And during the boss, when Qwark breaks out the Groovitron, Ratchet still puts up a fight while under its influence, dancing his way over to the Groovitron so he can smash it with his wrench.