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  • Laurel shows off some moves early on by playfully flipping Barley over her shoulder (keep in mind Barley is almost a head taller than her).
  • Ian delivering a speech to Corey over turning her back on her life of adventure. She even tells Laurel later that he “really let [her] have it,” which even surprises Laurel.
    • Shortly after, Corey resuming her former glory as a manticore to be feared.
  • Ian finally finding his "Heart's Fire" when he uses a Levitation Spell to save Wilden note  from some falling, burning scaffolding.
  • Although their shenanigans with Corey destroyed the map meant to get them to the Phoenix Gem, Barley recognizes that in a sense, the kiddie map actually does tell where to find it.
  • Ian managing to drive the van to evade the biker sprites.
    • The biker sprites themselves are pretty badass, able to ride full-sized motorbikes with no problem. They are also surprisingly strong, wielding chains and flails and taking Barley aback when they right their bikes quicker than he anticipated.
  • Corey using her manticore scorpion tail to sting and paralyze Grecklin, the gremlin pawnshop broker. Considering the latter was unpleasant and unfairly raised the price of Curse Crusher from $10 to $10,000, she had it coming.
    Grecklin: You can't do that!
    Corey: I just did!
  • Ian making it across the chasm without the safety rope (even if he faltered towards the end). Perilous? Yes. But was it worth seeing Ian's confidence grow before our eyes? Heck yes!
  • Barley driving his beloved Guinevere into a cliff to block off the cops from following them. Does Guinevere falter in her final act of service? No, she blows a tire and gallops to Valhalla. It is nothing less than the most noble death of a vehicular steed since The Dark Knight.
    • The way the parking tickets fly out of the windows, they almost look like wings.
  • Ian and Barley using a combination of sharp puzzle solving, quick thinking and magical improvisation to brave the deadly traps near the end of the Path of Peril.
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  • The Manticore as she takes on the dragon. She digs her sword into the ground to send dirt into its face and she cuts off its wings. Despite her not using her wings in years and having Laurel on her back, she proves that she’s still got it.
  • Laurel is no slouch in the climax. After Corey is taken out early, she grabs the sword that's almost as long as her entire body, and uses the training she did at the beginning of the movie to climb up the dragon to stab it in its core, keeping it at bay to buy her sons some time.
  • The final showdown with the Curse Dragon. Ian utilizes all the spells Barley taught him to fight back against it, even busting out ''Arcane Lightning''- explicitly stated to be the ''hardest'' spell- to keep it from reaching Barley and Wilden.
    • When his staff's knocked into the sea, he briefly panics- but when he realizes he still has a splinter of it stuck in his hand, he yanks it out with his teeth and uses the Growth Spell to make a new staff. Now that's "using what you have"!
  • After everything he's been through, Ian is now strong enough that he too can (playfully) flip Barley over his shoulders. Barley is very proud of how his little brother has grown.