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Nightmare Fuel / Onward

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  • There's something mortifying about seeing the Gelatinous Cube be able to melt anything it swallows up in seconds as it slowly moves forward in a hallway with next to no way out.
    • It gets worse for viewers familiar with just what a Gelatinous Cube is. To a casual viewer it may seem to just be a hazardous trap but to anyone who's read a Monster Manual it's perfectly clear that it's a living, if non-sapient, creature hunting for food.
    • Scarier still, this kind of trap room is a rather common one in D&D games run by particularly sadistic DMs. It's horrifying for any player who's experienced it to witness it in motion.
  • Wilden Lightfoot being brought back as only his bottom half is pretty disturbing, it's lucky for the younger audience that there's no blood and only magic particles.
  • Corey the Manticore going on a breakdown and reverting to a savage, feral beast, burning down her entire restaurant and sending customers fleeing in a panic. Remember that children were present in that tavern.
    • Not only that, but the beam falling towards Wilden's legs would have crushed him or would have left him to burn in the tavern. It was lucky that Ian was able to use magic to save him.
  • The Trust Bridge scene. Ian losing the rope could have had nasty consequences and given that Barley's a Parental Substitute for his younger brother.
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  • During the final gauntlet, the boys would've drowned if they hadn't have thought of using their Dad's legs in order to press the button.
  • The Guardian Curse that protects the Phoenix Gem is creepy in multiple ways. It first appears as a cloud of red mist that forms into tendril-like shapes. Then it tears apart the school building and other things nearby to make a dragon body built from debris. Finally, while it having the face of the school mascot is quite funny, it can also bring to mind horror works like Five Nights at Freddy's and Bendy and the Ink Machine, which also feature cartoony mascots transformed into murderous monsters.
  • Bonus content contains several extended deleted scenes. One such scene, includes a deleted character named Jenny who accompanies Ian and Barley on their quest. While traveling through a mystical swamp, Jenny and Ian encounter a trio of Sirens posing as real estate agents who charm Jenny and Ian with their hypnotic song. This causes them to take residence in a nearby open house and sit contently on a sofa. As soon as they do, the house starts sinking into the swamp, but the two just sit there vacantly smiling as the muck rises and begins to swallow them up. Only the last minute arrival of Barley saves them from drowning in the swamp.