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Shout Out / Onward

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References to D&D and other Pixar movies aside, there are also nods towards other works of fantasy.

  • The Lord of the Rings gets a few nods in the film.
    • A sign at Burgershire reads, "Now serving 2nd breakfast".
    • And instead of Mountain Dew the soda is called Mountain Doom.
    • Barley even has a sign in the car that reads, "You shall not pass".
  • There are plenty of nods towards other Pixar films hidden around the tavern:
    • A shield has the image of Luxo printed on it.
    • Near the arcades a small sculpture of Pepita can be seen.
    • On the wall there's a tome that has the insignia of Clan DunBroch.
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    • The convenience store has the brand gum "Tripledent".
    • The Pizza Planet Truck appears during the shot of Ian and Barley at the toll booths. It is appropriately renamed "Pizza Realm".
    • A113 appears at the end, spoken as a police code on a walkie talkie, when a cop says, "We have a one-thirteen in progress."