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Film (Warning! Unmarked spoilers ahead!)
Escaping a giant robot on a flying fish. Now, there's something you don't see every day.
  • The opening sequence:
    • As the gang opens the park, Gus and Cooper push the lever, which leads to activating Clockwork Swings and bringing a gust of gold, glowing dust around the park that brings up the attendees.
    • Gus and Cooper fix a teeter-totter at a fast rate.
      Gus: Tail slap, Coop! [both him and Cooper tail slap]
    • The Skyflinger. What's great about that is that its robotic claw can throw a rideable sphere into the air and is thrown to the next claw.
      Peanut: Might wanna hold on, kid.
    • The first time we see Peanut use his magical, golden marker: by drawing a fish into mid air, touching it, then it goes around the park's pond, then dives in, emerging the carousel of flying fish.
      • And about the flying fish...
        June: When you push the fin, the fish will come to life. And you can fly them all over the park. [...] And when the fish fly through the concession stand, people will throw popcorn in the air and feed them.
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  • June creates the Grand Wonder throughout her neighborhood with the help from the neighborhood kids. As it was finished, June and Banky prepare to ride it. Jumping off the start ramp, riding down a neighbor's porch and down the stairs (along with preventing said neighbor's dog from chasing them by throwing a steak to it), followed by riding another ramp that's a treadmill (with June taking a selfie), then arriving at a garage door which serves as the blackhole, and finally make it to the loop-de-loop part. Unfortunately, it ends up June and Banky crashing through it, followed by riding into the town as the brake broke. They dodge many cars on the road and briefly get on the sidewalk until getting back on the road again, where they head face to face to an oncoming truck. Fortunately, June gave Banky the steering wheel (which is actually a wagon's handle) to pry the left thruster (fire extinguisher) off in time to ride back into the neighborhood and deliberately crash through the neighbor's gardens and fences.
    June: That was... AWESOME!
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  • After June found a piece of her Wonderland blueprint she burnt up in her fireplace and caught the sentient piece in the woods, June finds an old roller coaster cart that resembles a spaceship that was covered in leaves. Entering it, she pulls down the restraining bar, then a wind blows behind her, which gives her worry in wanting to go, only for the bar to be stuck, and as she tries to pull it, the force brings the cart moving. As it moves forward, she goes through a tunnel of trees and lo and behold, finds herself in Wonderland! Cue the view of the park. Just then, June rides down the track and one of the wheels on it breaks off and she goes along for the ride. Suddenly, it ends with the cart stopping to a halt on a vertical, upside down part of the track. And then, the restraint bar opens up and June plummets down. She survives, fortunately.
  • June is awestruck that she's in Wonderland, in all her dreams and imagination, she's in the one place she created.
  • The confrontation between the Wonderland animals and possessed Wonderchimps a.k.a. Chimpanzombies.
    • Steve gets used for bait to lure the Chimpanzombies to Rocket Road, then Gus and Cooper pump the rocket and send the Chimpanzombies to their sky-high demise which leads to the rocket exploding five seconds after it was launched.
    • The next confrontation with the other Chimpanzombies has them controlling one of the Skyflingers and hurling the spheres at the gang. During the heroes' booking to the safehouse, June gets on one of the carousel fish and evades their attacks to the exit, only to arrive back to where she found the carousel. As the Chimpanzombies in one of the Skyflinger machines have her cornered, Greta rescues June in turning the carousel before they could grab her.
  • In the safehouse, Greta asks for proof from June on what she knows about Wonderland, June says that every morning, Steve drinks his morning tea, 2.6 grams of loose Earl Grey to 250 milliliters of 86.1 degree water steeped for three minutes and 11 seconds and garnished to perfection, with a spot of almond milk. Cue one of Steve's quills popping off and landing in his mug.
    Boomer: All hail June!
  • As the gang but Steve heads follows the blueprint to Fireworks Falls, Steve follows them up and finally has the guts to finally call out his friends for so much he had to go through with them.
    Steve: Enough! I command you to remove yourselves from this platform! I have been putting up with this reckless abandon for months on end, and it is chipping away at my soul!
  • Just then, the mine-working Chimpanzombies are breaking the glass floor of the Falls and firefighter ones set off the fireworks. Just as the floor breaks, the animals plummet but survive with Greta, Gus and Cooper sliding down a beam and Steve using his quills to save himself from the fall, but for Steve, Boomer falls on top of him and they slide down to the others. For June, she swings to safety with a line of flag pennant, only for it to snap and have her fall to her death. Fortunately, Boomer saves her with a metal display umbrella to save her. After a wild ride on the Falls' moat and gliding afterwards, June lands on a piece of floating debris with the others cheering her on.
    June: Don't need to do that again.
  • After finding Peanut in Zero-G Land and trying to convince him to come back, the Chimpanzombies have followed her in. As they escape, June is about to be taken by the Chimpanzombies, only for Peanut to rescue her by blocking them with a balloon pirate ship and fending them off. Peanut then sends June out so she can escape, with him still behind.
  • After her new friends turning their backs on her after she confesses it was her fault, June decides to make things right by putting the park back together. She eyes a Skyflinger and controls it by using rope and a pulley system and uses it to rebuild the park.
  • With the roller coaster, Gus and Cooper bring a slumbering Boomer on one of the carts to said roller coaster. Unfortunately, the beavers had forgotten to block the wheels. When a crow approaches Boomer, it almost brings him down. After it leaves, Boomer lets out a sigh in relief, only for the cart to go backward and bring him on this thrillride.
    • As Boomer goes the wrong way and heading to the river to Fireworks Falls, Gus and Cooper reroute his direction and As they do, Boomer rides down the track and spins down the the ferris wheel part of it, then its swirling loop, and suddenly as Gus and Cooper finish, Boomer passes by before it could fall apart.
    • Greta gets rope to slow Boomer down, but all she could find was red licorice. Steve uses one of his quills with the licorice attached to lunch to Boomer, which he aims at the photo machine nearby. They pull hard to stop him, only for Boomer to suddenly snag the gang with him when he makes the jump. Then they all land in the trees, wrapped in the licorice while they cheer Boomer on after he survived and risked that ride.
      Gus: You the man!
      Cooper: You're the man-bear.
      Boomer: I'm the man!
      Steve: You're the man. And we are just the various members of the animal kingdom with the power of speech hanging next to the man.
      Boomer: Yes, you are.
  • Noticing the Chimpanzombies taking pieces of Wonderland and feeding them to the Darkness, June finds Peanut tied up to one of the pieces, so she goes into the Darkness to save him. And even shouts the Wonderland saying three times while being sucked up.
    June: I am the wonder in Wonderland. I am the wonder in Wonderland! I AM THE WONDER IN WONDERLAND!!!
  • After entering the Darkness and rescuing Peanut (along with comforting him), they escape with the magic marker by creating a bendy straw trail and rescuing their friends along the way.
    • When the team escapes the Chimpanzomies, June notices part of the slide shaped as cursive 'J' wrapped around the geartops of Clockwork Swings. June pulls out the blueprint piece and notices that her name written on the piece reveals how to rework Clockwork Swings. June tells Peanut about her knowledge and needs to write her name to turn the gears.
    • During Peanut's task, the other mascots hold off the Chimpanzombies:
      • Boomer jumps on one part of the slide, giving centripetal force to shake them off.
      • Gus and Cooper spin each other around, knocking the Chimpanzombies off.
      • Greta lunches Steve at the approaching swarm of Chimpanzombies. As she does, he spins around, sending several quills at them as he goes through the swarm, resulting in them to fall after being punctured.
        Steve: Nailed it!
    • As Peanut finishes wrapping the straw slide around the gears, they start moving the gears. This ends up returning every part of the park the Chimpanzombies had fed to the Darkness, along with the guests returning into thin-air, and the Chimpanzombies becoming un-possessed by the Darkness and becoming WonderChimps again.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, June gives the Wonderland mascots a confident speech before returning home.



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