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Tear Jerker / Wonder Park

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As this is a Tear Jerker page, spoilers will be left unmarked! You Have Been Warned!
  • During the montage of June and her mother making the Wonderland model around their house, her mother receives a call about her illness and later on tells her that she has to go away for recovery.
    Mrs. Bailey: I know you know Mommy's sick.
    June: Yeah.
    Mrs. Bailey: There are some special doctors who might be able to help me. But I have to go away for a while to see them.
    June: For how long are you going away?
    Mrs. Bailey: Well, that just depends. But believe me, I am gonna do everything I can to try and get better. Model patient.
    Mr. Bailey: And we'll go visit, honey.
    Mrs. Bailey: Hey, I know this is scary, but you keep that little light in you shining bright.
    June: I don't know if I can.
    • And in the next scene, as June's parents drive off to send her mother off to recovery, June runs after them and stops in tears as they drive away.
    • In the next part, as she was continuing working on the Bendystraw Slide model, she proceeds to whisper into the plush Peanut's ear to create it, but stops, then eyes a framed picture of her and her mother. Feeling heartbroken of losing her mother, she packs away her Wonderland model afterwards.
  • June's aunt and uncle bringing her a model Ferris Wheel as a present not realizing that she can't bring herself to look at Wonderland, they try to encourage June only for her to get angry and throw the blueprints of Wonderland into the fireplace leading to them burning up and then she sees the section of them where her mom wrote her name on them she tries to save that part from the fire and cries out for her mom.
  • June saying she was responsible for creating the Darkness. Leading to the Wonderland mascots to lose their trust in her.
    June: It's all my fault.
    Greta: What's all your fault?
    June: (sighs) The Darkness. I think maybe I did create it. I didn't mean to! But I think I did.
    Boomer: You created the Darkness?
    Steve: I don't understand. If you created Wonderland, why would you want to destroy it?
    June: It wasn't on purpose. I was afraid. The Darkness took over. I tried, but I just stopped caring about the park. Anyway, it doesn't matter. We can fix it. With this! (pulls out Peanut's marker, much to the others' surprise) If we can find a way to cross that ravine and put it back in Peanut's hands, we can get Clockwork Swings up and running. Trust me, we can...
    Greta: Trust you?! We've been trusting you! But if we knew you were the person responsible for all this, I never would have let us make that mistake. (June stares in worry) Come on, guys, it's dark. We'll figure this out on our own.
    (As the others leave, June grabs Boomer's paw)
    Boomer: Why would you stop... Why would you stop caring? What did we do wrong?
    June: You guys didn't do anything wrong. You guys are amazing. (gives him a smile)
    Boomer: You created the Darkness. (leaves)
    • Boomer, the most nicest person in the team, who had hope and optimism for June throughout the whole movie really becomes heartbroken and devastated from knowing June was the one who created the Darkness really gave a stab to the heart.