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For Star Wars films, see here. For old EU, see Star Wars Legends.

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  • Unkar Plutt spends his short time in The Force Awakens as a Butt-Monkey and Hate Sink but there's a reason he became the unofficial ruler of Niima Outpost. In the short story "True Love", two of his underlings attempt to scam him out of his wealth through a HoloNet dating service using an AI claiming to be a female Crolute. However, there are no female Crolutes. However, Unkar Plutt plays along, pretending to be lovesick and gullible, until he reveals the location of a stash of valuable chromium ingots. He ends up trapping his employees and promising to come back in one month. He leaves enough food and water for only one of them. He also takes the AI as his personal assistant.


  • In "Storms of Crait", a battle breaks out between a force of Rebels and an elite Storm Trooper squad, both sides riding speeders. The fighting is intense enough that a Combat Breakdown ensues, leading to a scene of the few remaining troopers being taken out by the Rebels in hand-to-hand combat in the mud. Wedge punctuates his beating a fallen storm trooper with a piece of wreckage with the following:
    You want to come after Wedge Antilles, you better bring a Star Destroyer!




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