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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
  • After the opening Failure Montage, and the crushing blow that Rocky had been lying all along and the chickens had trained so hard for nothing, Ginger finally comes up with an idea that works: they'll build a plane! The following montage of all the chickens including Nick and Fetcher working together to build the machine set to "Building the Crate" is nothing short of amazing.
    Ginger: Yes... of course... We might actually be able to pull this off!
    • During the montage, the chickens pay Nick and Fetcher in eggs since the eggs will no longer keep them alive, and the rats bring them Mr. Tweedy's tools in return.
    • That Ginger and the chickens manage to so completely turn around their Darkest Hour. For a moment it looked like even Ginger had finally given up. But when the chickens realise that this plan can and will work they throw themselves into building the crate with a determination that we've only ever seen Ginger display before. The whole montage is a wonderful Let's Get Dangerous! moment for them.
  • Ginger convincing Fowler to rise above his mascot status in the RAF and fly the plane. Bunty also drops her cynical attitude for once and gives a little encouragement while Fowler's thinking.
    Ginger: You're always talking about "back in your day". Well, today is your day!
    Bunty: You can do it, you old sausage!
    Fowler: (after a moment of thought) Wing Commander T.I Fowler, Reporting for duty!
  • Rocky Rhodes spent most of the movie being a real thorn in Ginger's back, being rather unable to fulfill his promise of teaching the chickens how to fly. However, when the pie machine is completed, and Ginger is the one who is taken to test it out, he doesn't even hesitate to go to her rescue.
    • When he and Ginger are stuck in loaves of dough ready to be flattened by a giant roller, he jumps to her, with the dough still stuck to his feet, grabs her wing, and saves them both by grabbing a chain that pulls them both out. And immediately afterwards, Ginger saves him by calling out a circular cutter so they both manage to evade it.
    • After being lifted into a pie dish and getting chopped vegetables dumped on them, Ginger and Rocky are in danger of getting shot with boiling hot gravy by a sprayer. Rocky manages to plug the sprayer with a carrot he twirls in his hands.
    • Ginger managing to come to Rocky's rescue when he keeps tripping into the pies in the machine's oven. She uses a wrench to block the closing door and buy them both precious time.
    • The Indy Escape that finishes the pie machine sequence, complete with Ginger and Rocky using a loose wire to swing across a chasm of spinning, malfunctioning blades, all while the machine threatens to explode at any second.
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  • Fed up with Fowler rambling about his days at the Royal Air Force, Bunty angrily smacks away one of his medals. Outraged, Fowler beans her with his cane before realising his mistake. Bunty's response? She punches him in the face!
  • This moment, the end result of a long line of similar incidents earlier in the movie (where she just took it):
    (The chickens' plane-building has just been discovered by Mr. Tweedy.)
    Mr. Tweedy: Me tools! Why, you thieving little buggers!
    Mac: (stage whisper) What's the plan?
    (Mr. Tweedy stares down Ginger for a few seconds.)
    Ginger: ATTACK!! (Cue Oh, Crap! look from Mr. Tweedy)
    Bunty: (as Ginger is doing literally that) Nice plan!
    (Everyone else gets Let's Get Dangerous! looks as they drop their tools. Cue all of them swamping Mr. Tweedy.)
    Mr. Tweedy: (as he's reeling about, covered in chickens attacking him) MRS. TWEEDY! THE CHICKENS ARE REVOLTING!
    Mrs. Tweedy: (not even looking up and unaware of what's happening) Finally, something we agree on.
    • Bunty gets one in the novelisation when she's the one to shove Mr. Tweedy's cap in his mouth with this one-liner:
      "See how you like being stuffed!"
  • Following the above, when the collective chickens worry what consequences will come of revolting against their oppressors, it's Ginger who steps forward and makes it clear: now that they know the pie machine is operational again, their only option is to set their plane into motion and leave now. Although they're initially hesitant to pull off such a do-or-die stunt, Ginger gives them the speech that lends them the courage to take the leap:
    • This precedes the chickens putting it all together. What follows is an epic assembly of the plane, as their hard work (one day in the making, mind you) comes to fruition. There's something to be said for how the cherry on top is the plane "unfolding" its "wings" like a bird, quite a significant way of saying the chickens will fly to their freedom as they previously planned.
  • "I told you they was organized!"
    • To put that into perspective, Mr. Tweedy has spent literally the entire movie being abused, harassed, and belittled by his wife. The way his family has done things for at least three generations before him was about to change drastically, and he either had to go along with it or face the wrath of Mrs. Tweedy. This is possibly the only time in the whole film he actually stands up for himself. And then after he says that, he pushed the barn door onto his wife, possibly killing her in the process. Not to mention that before he said that, he let the machine explode with her inside.
  • "GIIINGEEEERRR!" Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Ginger speaking to Mrs. Tweedy as she drops her off the plane; "Bye-bye." And so begins the bitch's Humiliation Conga...
    Fowler: The ol' bird bought it! (laughing)
    • And right before that, how Ginger defeats Mrs. Tweedy. She's trying to cut the line Tweedy's clinging to with safety scissors, dodging axe swings all the while. Rocky's throwing everything he can find at the psycho to try and give Ginger time, but nothing's working. So what does Ginger do? Duck. Mrs. Tweedy herself ends up cutting the line, barely missing beheading Ginger, who then manages to hold a string of Christmas lights carrying a full grown human just long enough to drop her one-liner. That took guts.
      Rocky: Oh, that was good! That was GOOD!
    • And as Mrs. Tweedy falls, Fowler belts out this epic line:
      Fowler: Bombs away!
  • Just spare a moment to think about how incredible the automatic pie machine was. Yes, it was a huge source of Nightmare Fuel, but probably the coolest thing in the movie. Throughout its existence, the audience is treated to incredible sequences of two main characters going through an elaborate production line which tries to kill them in different, creative ways. How many films can you name that put a character or two into a giant food-production machine?
  • This is pretty badass...
    Bunty: The odds of us getting out of here are a million to one!
    Ginger: (calmly) …Then there's still a chance.
    • Undercut when she starts sobbing alone because she's lost faith, too.
  • Props to Nick and Fetcher's thieving skills. So long as they're properly compensated, they can get you anything.