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Film -- Animation

  • Flushed Away:
    • The movie can be seen in Roddy's DVD collection.
    • Bunty (or at least a chicken that looks like her) is seen in an illustration of royal pets.
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: Before the plane takes off, Private suggests that the Zoosters kiss their rear ends good-bye in the event of an emergency, just like Nick and Fetcher do.

Film -- Live-Action

  • Racing Stripes: At one point, Tucker says, "It's like this: Human race, horse race... there was even a chicken run, but there's never been a goat race."

Live-Action TV

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? (American version):
    • In "Show No. 306", after the "Scenes Cut From a Movie" sketch, Drew tells Colin that his Scottish accent sounds less like Mel Gibson in Braveheart and more like "the woman from Chicken Run."
    • During the "Hats" segment of "Show No. 319", Wayne puts on a chicken hat and claims that his "lovin's so good, it'll make your chicken run. See, it's a movie!"
  • The Muppets: In "Little Green Lie", Rizzo comments that he thinks Camilla said something about her and Gonzo staying home to watch Chicken Run again (actually, she said that they would watch Logan's Run).

Web Animation

  • In the Hilarious Outtakes for Welcome to... Fanfiction.Net!, Jello says that the best way to make characters likable is to make them chickens and brings up the movie, which he accidentally calls Chicken One.

Web Video

  • Caddicarus:
    • In his Tomb Raider review, Caddy compares Lara's voice acting to Ginger.
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    • Caddy has also reviewed the film's tie-in video game.

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