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  • The Comic-Con trailer for the series, especially the full version of the theme song used in the second half.
  • In the first episode, Mike rolls up on Abraham Kane and points a laser gun at his face... which then sprouts about a dozen other laser guns, all aimed right at him. Shame Kane was just a hologram.
  • Mike and Chuck making the "Detroit Doom Jump". Doubly awesome because they make it going over 500 miles an hour. Triply awesome because they do it with a state destroying energy weapon juicing the car! Quadruply awesome because they eject the engine mid jump!
  • Mike jumping into Mutt while the car and him are being flung around in a super tornado!
    • All of the climax of "Ride the Lightning" is one huge Awesome moment, with the Burners driving out of said huge tornado and working together to take down the weather machine during a gigantic electrical storm/tornado mishmash.
  • Mike manipulates Tooley into punching out an entire Kane Co team, literally defeating them with his hands tied behind his back.
  • Texas does get most of the climax of "Texas-ify It" to shine. First he gun-chucks a bunch of carnivorous plants to save Mike and Chuck, then he and Mike pull of the "Texas Twister" to escape the Terras, and then does the same move via car to save the day. In his own words, he "Texas-ifies the Texas-ification!"
  • The Burners collectively get one in episode 2 "Power Trip" for transforming their robot disguise in to a functioning cart-type thing in all of what? Five minutes, tops?
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  • Chuck, in general, is awesome in kind of a stealthy way: Sure, he screams ALL the time and complains about the danger, but he never actually backs down from it. He's only refused to ride with Mike because he disagreed with the reasoning behind Mike's planned course of action, not because it would threaten his own safety.
  • The Duke of Detroit. He has a gigantic tank. With two giant cannons. Which shoot limos. That is all.
    • Mike knocking the hockey goons off of Stronghorn by throwing Mutt into reverse and driving ON Stronghorn.
  • Chalk one up for Roth. Even scared witless of the iron eating Kane bots, he still flew into a gigantic, bridge eating swarm of them to take them out.
  • Mike jacking Jacob's tricked out lunch truck to give Chuck the edge in his race against the Duke.
    • Also Chuck succesfully pulling off the Sidewinder maneuver through an avalanche and narrowly managing to win the race.
  • Dutch gets one for single-handedly saving Motorcity from a Zombie Apocalypse by merging his designs and, of all things, one of Texas's doodles into a gigantic robotic dragon. On a more meta note, as some pointed out:
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  • Chuck launching himself like a human projectile off of a van to destroy Kane's old mechanical monstrosity.
  • In "Mayhem Night" Tennie takes on the terras with a blow torch, saving Dutch. Her dad Bracket takes on a whole platoon with his truck and an I-beam which he swings at them to knock them off the platform they're on. He even takes on Kaia's Dragon, when the guy ropes him and drags him to the ground, Bracket just punches through the floor and takes the guy down with him. Then uses the very same vine/rope to grab a bunch of loose metal and bring it down on the guy's head.
  • The whole team whipping their weapons out at the Duke.
  • Mike giving Kane a little wave goodbye in "Off The Rack"... right before he drives full speed down KaneCo tower.
  • In "Reunion", Julie blowing up the sub-station to stop the buildings from overloading.
  • Julie feeding Mike all of Kane's commands as Kane makes them. Kane's frustration at how the Burners seem to know what moves he will make before he makes them is pretty funny—and ironic—since the problem is sitting right behind Kane, just a few feet away.
    • Red has Mike by the collar and is seconds away from victory, when the following conversation occurs.
      Red: Who's the chump now?
      Mike: Ask me again in about three seconds.
      Red: What? *gets run over by Texas in Stronghorn*
  • "You've just triggered Threat. Level. Texas!" Cue the Burners busting into KaneCo tower, guns blazing.
  • Every. Minute. Of "Vega," the first part of the season finale.
    • Mike taking on Red's torture like no big deal. The boy's spirit is unbreakable.
      Mike: That right's getting better.
  • "A Better Tomorrow". Where. To. Begin?
    • Mike defeating Red while chained to a wall. After blocking a few punches with his handcuffs, Mike takes a punch, grins, and beckons him forward. Red grows angry and activates his electric gloves... which is what Mike was waiting for. He uses his chains to trip Red and tie his hands together, letting the electricity defeat Red and free him. To add even more awesomeness to it, the handcuffs blow up.
    • Every gang in Motorcity rallying to support Mike and save Motorcity.
      • And earlier The Duke turning on Kane, and his guards blasting away the Kane Co. Troops and bots, with the Lieutenant beating one guard down.
    • Mike going fist to fist against Kane. And villainous awesome points for Kane, who pretty much mops the floor with him.
    • Mike ejecting The Duke out of Mutt's driver seat.
    • Mike self-destructing Mutt to destroy Kane's Warpod. And The Reveal of Chopper-Mutt.

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