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  • One episode features the popular kids, Colby and Bree, inviting Tino and Tish to a costume party. Tino and Tish feel guilty that Carver and Lor haven't been invited, and spend most of the episode covering it up, and in the end they show up to the party in terrible, hand-made costumes. This turns out it the whole thing was a prank from Cody and Bree, and when Bree deadpans, "I told you they'd fall for the costume thing." everyone laughs. Lor, who had actually been invited to the real party along with Carver, says, "You two thinks you're so cool. But you're just...pathetic." and slams the door in their face.
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  • Tino's mom calling out Carver for avoiding Lor because he couldn't confront her on her feelings for him (a misunderstanding on Tino and Carver's part). She even threatened to call the cops on him. What really sells it is Tino accepting what his mom said, convincing Carver to talk with Lor, instead of trying to evade of the problem.
  • Ms. Tonitini, Tino's mom, in general. She gives great advice to her son and his friends, and gives off a realistic portrayal of a parent who is really easy to talk to, without fear of meeting disapproval or feeling like she's trying to force her opinions on you. Parent of the year, ladies and gentlemen.
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  • These words from "Cool Kid" Carver to "geeks" Lor, Tish, and Tino: Those geeks are my friends!
  • Tino standing up to Colby and Bree after they mercilessly make fun of Bluke.
  • Meta example: the creators managed to make a show that proves that you don't have to make the adults incompetent to make a show enjoyable for the target audience plus managing to make it enjoyable enough for those outside the target that Disney released a DVD set.
    • Another meta example: The show did so well in the ratings it managed to take the number one spot in its' timeslot. The show airing opposite? Pokémon, then at the height of its' popularity. Adding to that, it had been just over a year since Pokemon had been welded to the top of the ratings ladder (April 17, 1999-April 29, 2000, 54 weeks). It could also count as revenge, as Doug Langdale had found his first show, Earthworm Jim, canned by Kids' WB! (the network that later aired Pokemon) simply because it wasn't produced by them (it was produced by Universal).

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