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Tear Jerker / The Weekenders

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  • Colby and Bree mercilessly throwing insults at Bluke and the poor guy is literally getting hurt emotionally. This scene is a heartbreaking portrayal of bullying.
  • Tino overhearing Carver expressing his anger to Lor and Tish how he thinks everyone in his family loves Tino more than him.
  • Colby and Bree's prank on Tino and Tish. Thank goodness, Lor and Carver put those jerks in their place.
  • The episode where Lor, Carver, and Tino think that Tish is moving back to "the old country".
    • Lor's crying is funny, but still can bring tears as well. Considering that Tish is her best friend, this is still pretty sad.
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  • Tino's fears of upsetting his dad by asking for some time alone together during his dad's visit is quite depressing, especially when he suggests the idea of his dad never wanting to see him again.
  • Anytime Tish cries.
  • Tish overall is prone to a lot of these, considering how different she is from the others. She loves reading and classic works of literature, to which the others have no interest. How many plots involve her trying to get the others to understand what she's into? And this is a couple of years before the internet would allow her to connect with like-minded people online.
  • "To Be Or Not To Be" where Tish breaks things off with her friends for not supporting her role in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and then her realisation that the cast members in the play just ignore her.


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