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Headscratchers / The Weekenders

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  • How did that one kid who had the "I'm better than you" goal-setting seminar get his book published in the first place when it was just made up one the sentence "[name] is better than you are" over and over? Self-publishing's out since he's twelve.
    • You say this when things like 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight are published?
    • That being said, I imagine his parents helped him publish it. You don't just come by an ego that inflated naturally. Someone has to nurture it. Someone like, say, helicopter parents who constantly tell you you're the best.
    • What if his parents owned a publishing house or something like that? They may have let him publish a certain amount of copies using their resources, and said fine as long as he gives them a share of the profits.
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    • This kind of thing is actually more plausible in The New '10s. There are websites dedicated to self publishing, regardless of the quality of their material.
  • In the episode where the pizza place is Asian/Chinese themed, do they ever explain why the kids are trying to use chopsticks to eat the pizza, which proves impossible?
    • Because the place is The Theme Park Version of China, so it would of course have chopsticks as a gimmick.
    • That explains why there were chopsticks present/provided; it doesn't necessarily explain why they didn't just put down the chopsticks and eat the pizza normally.

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