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Heartwarming / The Weekenders

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  • One episode has a pair of Alpha Bitch girls telling Lor she'd be prettier if she wore makeup and was thinner, leading Tish, Carver and Tino to immediately argue that Lor is fine the way she is.
    • What's more is that Lor's crush, Thompson, says he prefers her as she is too.
  • These words from "Cool Kid" Carver to "geeks" Tino, Lor, and Tish: Those geeks are my friends.
  • The gang realizing how badly the "Tishing again" joke has affected their friend. They assure her plenty of reasons why they love her intelligence.
    Tish: How can I stay mad at you when you're willing to be so nauseatingly sentimental?
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  • Similarly when Tino is trying to get an 'identity' in the yearbook awards, he spends the episode trying to do ridiculous tasks. By the end the gang present him with the 'Best Friend' award. He immediately thinks this is a pity party, but is moved by the gesture.
  • Tish has a falling out with her friends because they laugh at her for being in a Shakespeare play. She attempts to hang out with the rest of the cast members, who ignore her and she ends up miserable. But her friends still end up going to the play to support her - and end up enjoying it.
  • Tino and his dad reconciling in the series finale and spending a little time together, just the two of them.
  • Tino and Carver realising how their petty argument has even led to Tish and Lor falling out because of taking sides. Tino lies to Lor that he and Carver made up, then visits him to do it for real - only to find that Carver told Tish the same thing.

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