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Trivia / The Weekenders

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  • All-Star Cast: While still being a complete aversion of Celebrity Voice Actor, no less! Jason Marsden, Grey DeLisle, Phil LaMarr and Kath Soucie play Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish respectively, as well as many other background characters. Jeff Bennett, Rob Paulsen, Tara Strong and Cree Summer are among the recurring voice talents.
  • Channel Hop: The show started out on ABC. Then One Saturday Morning went defunct thanks to the slow, agonizing death of Saturday morning cartoon blocks and the remaining episodes aired on Toon Disney in 2003.
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  • Creator's Oddball: Ironically, despite being his longest-running series at 39 half-hours, it's the most divorced from the slapstick-filled, off-the-wall humor that permeates his other productions.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Until March 5, 2013, when Disney released the entire series through the Disney Movie Club.
  • Playing Against Type: Doug Langdale was better known for cartoons that were utterly weird, then he came up with something that was actually down-to-Earth (even if it was made that way in accordance to FCC rules calling for more educational programming for kids on network TV). Then he returned to weirdness with Dave the Barbarian.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Phil Lamarr and Jason Marsden (who provide the voices for Carver and Tino), would later voice Virgil and Ritchie in Static Shock
  • Screwed by the Network: Disney put this show on at the same time slot as Pokémon, while the big Pokémon boom was happening. Despite some major publications reporting that The Weekenders actually managed to beat Pokemon in the ratings race, after the latter had spent 54 weeks in the top spot, networks were ditching their Saturday morning cartoon blocks and, sadly, this show and the entire One Saturday Morning block were on the chopping block.

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