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  • The scene where Tony uses his slingshot to expose Warren T. Rat as a cat. He chose to believe Fievel's claim that Warren was actually a cat and was not afraid to face any consequences if Fievel was wrong.
    • The fact that he was able to knock off his disguise in one shot from a distance is also worth mentioning. He definitely has impressive aim.
  • Cossack cats are running a pogrom against the mice in their hometown. Everyone runs and hides from the danger. Fievel? Pick up bits and bobs he can use and runs out to scare the cats away. Adult Fear for his father, but Fievel had the heart and courage of the Mouse of Minsk already at his age.
  • The Giant Mouse of Minsk, in all its horrifying rotoscoped glory, is a rolling moment of awesome for the downtrodden immigrant mice.
    • The monster was partially a home-built tank, firing off fireworks "artillery" and heavily armored, and most of the immigrants who built and piloted it were Russian.
    • It also, because many of the immigrants were Jewish and fleeing the Cossack pogroms of Tsarist Russia, was their equivalent of Golem of Prague.
    • Combine all that and you get an utter, humiliating Curb-Stomp Battle of the cat gang. For these poor immigrant mice, the entire battle is their finest moment.
  • The film's last scene shows off the completed Statue of Liberty, beautifully rendered, animated, and painted in gold.


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