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  • The Nostalgia Critic: In his "Top 11 Saddest Nostalgic Moments" video, the film as a whole is placed in the #8 spot.

Western Animation

  • MAD: One sketch features Mickey Mouse as an exterminator, and the Mouskewitzes are among the mice that he captures.
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  • The Simpsons: At one point in the episode "Moonshine River", Homer mentions Fievel.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: The episode, "Starting From Scratch" is a homage to the film, only done with fleas instead of mice. Flio's song, "Fur Fur Away" bears a striking, deliberate similarity to "Somewhere Out There". Steven Spielberg worked on both Tiny Toons and An American Tail, which may explain the similarities between the episode and the film.

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