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Awesome / The Cramp Twins

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  • When Wayne made the 'Super Bounce' by hitting the spring on the 'Bouncy Bob' pogo stick. This has caused the toy to jump as high as two stories!
  • Wayne standing up to Brick in the episode "Bully for Wayne." Sure, many will feel Wayne deserves to get bullied for once but Brick is way worse than Wayne as Wayne often just play pranks and steals stuff from other kids while Brick pretty much physically abuses kids and is clear to enjoy what he's doing. Wayne spend most of the episode afraid of Brick to the point even Lucien felt bad for him. However, Wayne finally has had enough of being bullied and puts on armor attempting to stop Brick. However, Brick easily gets rid of the armor and demands Wayne to promise that they'll be friends forever. However, Wayne still refuses and is saved from an assault from Brick by the appearance of his much bigger older sister Lily. As Brick was being dragged away, Wayne gets his revenge by telling Lily that Brick called her a name which causes Lily to crush Brick over and over and Wayne personally flick's Brick's nose who the latter says it hurts and even sheds a tear. This is arguably Wayne's best moment in an episode as he stood up to a bully who was bigger, stronger, and meaner than he was(especially those that enjoy inflicting physical pain toward others).
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  • While admittedly it ended badly, Mr. Cramp demanding a promotion from Mr. Winkle in "Get Greedy" was pretty cool on his part considering the way Mr. Winkle treats him most of the time.

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