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  • Dan Halen getting ripped in two during "Mud Days And Cornfused". Pretty much the only time he truly gets his comeuppance.
    • after that he along with Early and Rusty were left trapped in a fire by an army of robot Deep Fried Pine Boobies!
    • There was also the time Sheriff blew his brains out in Class of '86 for making fun of him in high school. Though in hindsight he's had something like that coming to him regardless.
    • Lest we forget when a cave on caused by Early caused him to be crushed by "Lester's Penis" in "Granite Caverns"? The guy even screamed, "my comeuppance at last!".
  • Rusty, under the "super"hero "disguise" The Inkubator, dropping through the roof and smacking his father around with a pair of nunchucks. And then inking on him. Followed by Boyd leaping over the counter and kicking him for good measure.
    • His drop kicking of Dan Halen for mistaking his treatment of Tammi at her job as sexual harassment. Though in truth he once again had it coming for hiring a teenage girl for a Hooters Expy just so the customers would harass her anyways.
  • Early and Granny decimating a fleet of Attack Drones, all set a rather catchy knockoff of the Hank Williams, Jr. song "A Country Boy Can Survive".
  • Boyd showing Early his never before utilized boomstick when he tries robbing him unarmed.
  • The entire second half of "Squash B'Gosh"
  • Granny killing Early with her sniper rifle. Considering what Early did throughout that episode, this was a well deserved Karmic Death.

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