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Hulk vs. Thor

  • From the Thor segment: Thor may have acted like the Hulk's punching-bag for most of the film but, one has to give him credit. Not once did he stay down for long.
  • "Loki, I would have words with thee!"
  • Even Bruce Banner gets in on the heroics, eventually deciding to willingly recombine with the Hulk.
    Thor: You call him weak Loki, but there is more strength and courage in that man than you will ever know.
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  • A random Frost Giant gets one for clobbering Hulk with a giant club. Evidently, it didn't take, but it at least slowed him down a bit.

Hulk vs. Wolverine

  • Their first fight. At first, you get the impression that, as per usual, Wolverine's going to fall victim of the censors and be unable to fight back. Then he draws his claws (and Hulk's blood) and proves you wrong, managing to hold his own and even briefly gain the upper hand.
  • Weapon X may have been victim to The Worf Effect for most of the film, but they nevertheless proved surprisingly competent in capturing Hulk and Wolverine with a well placed ambush.
  • The flashback, showing Hulk defending the town from Weapon X.
  • Sabretooth may be an unpleasant bastard, but when he slashes Professor Thornton in the back, you can't help but root for him.
    • Which leads to one for Deadpool. Sabretooth tries to blame Wolverine for attacking Thorton. Deadpool literally isn't fooled for a second.
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  • Wolverine breaking out of the bonds and kicking Weapon X's asses, single-handedly, for most of the film. The best part about this is that he casually manipulates Deathstrike into impaling him... and Sabretooth, who's restraining him. He quickly heals up and gets away.
  • Omega Red managing to singlehandedly take Wolverine down when everybody else on his team failed. however he is the only one immune to Wolverine's adamantium claws. So of course he is the only one who can take him down.
  • Hulk charging Sabretooth and causing him to be hurled all the way across, to the mountains. This apparently killed him, according to Word of God.
    • Interestingly Wolverine is shown to be thrown across the mountain but remain unharmed, though Wolverine does have an indestructible skeleton, which probably help him survive Hulk's attacks.
  • The final shot of Wolverine and Hulk launching back into the fight. The Hulk leaps away, apparently the victor, in The Stinger.

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