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The Avengers Assemble animated series has had its fair share of awesome moments.

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    Season 1 
The Avengers Protocol Part 1
  • Despite being trapped in the Red Skull's body, Captain America is able to defeat the Red Skull, who's in possession of his body, long enough for Iron Man to restore Cap back to his body.
  • Tony using an EMP to shut down all the tech in the building, disabling MODOK's power. This is despite the fact that this means temporarily shutting down his beloved armor.

The Avengers Protocol Part 2

  • MODOK infecting the team with his rage-inducing nanites. What follows is The Avengers having an epic smackdown with each other on Tony's front lawn.

Ghost of a Chance

  • Falcon saving the rest of the team in "Ghost of a Chance".

The Serpent of Doom

  • The Avengers VS The Midgard Serpent.
  • Anything Doctor Doom does.
  • Thor and Iron Man are trying to drive the Midgard Serpent to a portal leading to the Asgardian Underworld, but they don't have enough firepower to make it happen. Cue Falcon showing up and launching the Hulk straight into the Midgard Serpent's head.

Blood Feud

  • Hulk gets so angry, he cures himself of vampirism through rage (And gamma-infused blood).


  • Sometimes, a Funny Moment is so good that it transcends humor into pure awesome. Steve dropping some major snark upon Tony is one of those times.
  • Captain America beating Justin Hammer's Super Adaptoid, simply through well-applied memory.


  • The Avengers VS Hyperion.

Molecule Kid

Depth Charge

  • Hulk holding up the entire island of Manhattan to keep it from sliding into the ocean.
    Hawkeye: That's impossible!
    Iron Man: No, incredible.
    • Even better, when Iron Man and Thor come to assist him, Attuma appears and effortlessly defeats them. Hulk becomes angry enough to single-handedly stop Manhattan from sinking into the ocean, saves Iron and Thor by breaking off a huge chunk of rock and throwing it in Attuma's face, and then flinging them up and out of the ocean and into the air. Later, he tops even that when he smashes Attuma right out of the ocean. All this while still holding up Manhattan, from underwater, while holding his breath. The entire episode was basically Hulk proving that he is the strongest there is.
      Attuma after being pummeled, his army defeated and being surrounded by most of the Avengers: You think you've won?!
      Hulk: RAARRRGH! (leaping after him to literally pound Attuma, who's almost as strong as Namor, into the ground)
      Hawkeye: Now we've won.


  • Thor and Loki vs. the Midgard Serpent.
  • Iron Man's Batman Gambit to convince Doom to disconnect from the Destroyer certainly qualifies, especially given that his plans up to this point generally consist of hitting things hard and fast.

Hulked Out Heroes

  • While "Depth Charge" showcased that Hulk is physically the strongest there is, this episode shows the strength of his will. After all the other Avengers save for Black Widow are mutated, they quickly begin losing it, snapping and lashing out at the least provocations. Even Captain America and Thor quickly give into to their savage impulses. It really shows just how much effort Hulk has to put out, every single day, to stay in control of his own power.
  • Hulk essentially doing his version of Superman's Legendary "No More Holding Back" Speech from Justice League.
    Hulk: Always worry about hurting people. Always hold back. Not now. Now! Hulk Unleashed!

Hulk's Day Out

  • Hulk ripping apart the moon destroying parasitic monster... in pursuit of a glass figurine of Devil Dinosaur.

Planet Doom

  • Let's do a count-off here, Slinger a.k.a. Spider-Man Noir, Bullseye Barton a.k.a. Ultimate Hawkeye, Snap a.k.a. Falcon, and the FREAKING PUNISHER are all alternate versions of themselves, AND powerless, using only tech they scrounged from a crashed helicarrier. They are still heroes despite Doom time travelling to conquer the world!
  • Captain America's entrance anyone?
    Captain America: (after rendering Doom unconscious) Tell me I hit the right guy.
  • Frank Welker as the voice of Odin. Until you see his name in the credits, you can't tell it's him.
  • Alternate Bruce Banner discovered Doom's time machine, sabotaged it, and gloated to Doom about it when Doom tries to use it again after getting his ass kicked by the alternate timeline heroes. Bonus points for using a modified catch phrase of his alter-ego, "I'm the smartest there is." He lives to tell about because if Doom tries to kill him using gamma powered armor it will just make him the Hulk, which Banner points out.

Bring On The Bad Guys

  • This entire episode is a villainous example of awesome. Not only does the Red Skull manage to get the Cabal to function as a team, but as a whole, the Cabal are able to hold their own effectively against the Avengers.
  • The Cabal actually manages to hijack the Shield Tri-Carrier while Nick Fury and Captain America are both on board no less.
    • What makes it even more awesome is that the Cabal actually wins and manages to free Hyperion, adding him to their ranks.
    • Skull even comes up with a counterpart of "Avengers Assemble":
    Iron Man: Avengers! Assemble!
    Red Skull: (directly afterwards) Cabal! To me!


The Ambassador

  • Doom gets one shortly after Hyperion shows up and threatens him. Having already removed his armor's weaponry so he could speak before the UN, Doom sets the Universal Translator in his armor to full volume, exploiting the vulnerability of Hyperion's super-hearing, leaving him deaf for the rest of the episode.
    • Doom's Batman Gambit overall; deliberately rendering himself vulnerable and apparently badly injured by the Cabal so that the Avengers will have no choice but to get him into Avengers Tower, allowing him the chance to steal Tony's programs, weapons designs, and access to his financial resources. And if not for the Red Skull forcing Doom to show that he wasn't as badly hurt as he let on and Captain America being smart enough to watch out for Doom tipping his hand, it might well have worked.
  • The Avengers finding a way around Dooms Diplomatic Impunity. And knocking his power out for kicks.
  • Literally moments after Doom gloating about his "Superior technology" fooling Tony's sensors, he gets himself hacked and his entire base shut down by a virus, from the same "Inferior technology". The best part is the little Iron Man suits spreading across the screen, basically mocking Doom, a person completely dominated by his pride.
  • Cap calling out Doom when Doom says that Cap has convinced The Avengers to act against their own interest:
    Cap: They trust me Doom. Does your translator know that word? It's right next to respect.

All-Father's Day

  • After Odin declares that the Avengers are so weak that they deserve to fall in battle, Hulk decides he's had enough and body checks him!! Even Odin was impressed!
  • Before Mangog shows up, Odin shows why he's in charge of Asgard by taking on all of The Avengers by himself and beating them pretty soundly.

By The Numbers

  • A villainous example: By turning Iron Man's arrogance and over-reliance on technology against him, Red Skull and the Cabal utterly decimate the Avengers, allowing him to claim the Cosmic Cube.

Guardians and Space Knights

  • Iron Man totally playing Galactus by sending him to an already doomed planet for his latest snack. Its energy proves too much even for Galactus to handle. He does all this as his Herald to boot.
    "Galactus must feed."

Crime and Circuses


  • Captain America finally leading the team. And showing everyone why he is The Captain.
  • After an entire episode of moping and doubting himself and with the rest of the Avengers badly outnumbered, Iron Man makes a his Big Damn Heroes appearance and brings the Iron Legion with him ('House Party Protocol', anyone?).

The Final Showdown

  • Tony turning Avengers Tower into a suit of armor to neutralize most of the Cabal.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the Cosmic Skull's rampage.
  • The Cabal getting their revenge on Red Skull for his betrayal.
    Red Skull: Who dares!?
    Dracula: "The Cabal dares!"
  • This amazing scene...
    Cap: Stand down Avenger, that is an order!
    (Hulk roars at him)
    Cap: I said STAND DOWN, SOLDIER!!
    Hulk: (timidly) Cap?
  • MODOK saves the day.

    Season 2 
Thanos Rising
  • Arsenal defeats Thanos by blasting him halfway across the known universe.


  • The episode is one for both Falcon and Nighthawk. Falcon came up with plans to deal with the Avengers in case they ever went rogue. Not only did Nighthawk manage to steal these plans, but he almost managed to defeat all of the Avengers. By himself.
    • At the end, Falcon thinks the Avengers want to kick him out for his plans, similar to what happened to Batman in Justice League: Doom. Not only do the Avengers throw him a one-year anniversary party instead, but they also say that Falcon deserves to be an Avenger because of those plans. After a season of Falcon having no clear role on the team, this episode demonstrates why he's an Avenger.
    • Nighthawk is captured by SHIELD. Fury brags that he can't outwit the Avengers. Nighthawk walks to the front of the cell, and his response shows why he's the Squadron's leader.
    Nighthawk: I'm always one step ahead.
    (Cue Hyperion bursting through the back of the cell.)

Valhalla Can Wait

  • Thor's plan of tricking Hela into thinking Loki is the greatest warrior and not him or Hulk.

The Age of Tony Stark

  • Even at eight years old, Tony can build a functioning Iron Man (or rather, "Iron Kid") armor.

Head to Head

  • Thor is still able to wield Mjolir, even while stuck in Natasha's body.
    Thor: This or any other form, I am still the son of Odin!

The Dark Avengers

  • Stark at one point manages to hold his own against the entire Squadron Supreme team, who has the Superman-expy Hyperion and the Batman-expy Nighthawk among their ranks.

Back to the Learning Hall

  • Hawkeye not only fights with a giant Asgardian serpent, he manages to defeat it singlehandedly.

Widow's Run

  • Natasha lasting so long when the infinity stones try to corrupt her.
    • When she gives into the Stones temptation, she uses their power to bitchsmack Dormamu back into his own dimension. And then overcomes their allure of power.
  • Doctor Strange instantly and effortlessly shuts up the stones when they try to corrupt him.
  • A dark example is Thanos return and gaining all infinity stones.
  • The whole episode is rife with epic smackdowns. Widow VS The Avengers, The Avengers VS The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and Doctor Strange VS Dormamu.

Thanos Triumphant

  • Thanos smacking around the Avengers with the full power of the Infinity Stones. The Avengers' response? Trick him into using one stone at a time so Tony can get readings and recalibrate Arsenal to contain them.
  • Each Avenger gets an Awesome moment or two:
    • Thor: first off, Thanos blasts him into the Moon so hard that it leaves cracks over an area the size of a continent. All this does is piss him off and Thanos has to resort to using Natasha as a human shield to stop Thor smiting him into next week. Then, when he gets hit with the Time Stone, as he informs Thanos, Asgardians simply become Stronger with Age, grows a beard, and uses Mjolnir to reflect the Time Stone's effects back onto Thanos himself, forcing him to reverse it. And, finally, his brutal uppercut with Mjolnir, which sets up Tony for the final smackdown.
    • Natasha: Figuring out the pattern of Thanos' Teleport Spam and actually managing to sneak up on him.
    • Clint: Once Natasha points out the patterns to him, hitting Thanos with an arrow every time he teleports, including once when he's looking in the other direction.
    • Hulk: The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. At one point, he gets angry enough to actually force Thanos backwards. He's also the one to snap the Avengers out of the Mind Stone's Hate Plague and tell them how to deal with it - by pointing it at Thanos.
    • Steve: resisting the Mind Stone's Hate Plague and figuring out in next to no time at all that Thanos is using the Reality Stone to screw with them. Also his Defiant to the End moment with Falcon, despite being aged into geriatric old men.
    • Falcon: His Defiant to the End moment with Steve, despite being aged into old men, and dodging Thanos' Beam Spam with the Power Stone long enough for tony to get a reading.
    • Tony: faking out Thanos with a remote controlled armour for most of the fight, rebooting and recalibrating Arsenal to absorb the energies of all the gems and thereby rendering Thanos all but helpless.

Terminal Velocity

  • The episode long fight between Hulk and Speed Demon, which begins when Speed Demon drags Hulk into a Bullet Time state. Hulk is too slow to hit Speed Demon, who tries accelerating Hulk to his death but just pumps him up with energy. Hulk eventually communicates to Tony what is happening and makes his way to a stasis field to bring himself and Speed Demon back into normal speed. Hulk is on the verge of exploding but is able to direct the excess energy into Super Speed and chases down Speed Demon who runs to Hyperion for help. Hulk curb stomps Hyperion with the temporary speed boost before knocking him out by detonating.

Midgard Crisis

  • This episode finally gives us an idea of how powerful Thor really is - when he's not holding back, the side effects of his hits set off tidal waves.
  • Thor refusing to fight the transformed Hulk and responding to Zarda's sociopathic attitude about this by delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, when she'd previously matched him blow for blow, demanding that she fix the Hulk.

Avengers Last Stand

  • Falcon tells Thor to Hold the Line. And he does. Against the entire Squadron Supreme.
  • Every time Natasha and Zarda fight, Natasha wins.

Avengers Underground

  • When several heroes are shown having been captured by the Squadron Supreme. Spider-Man is seen not only having evaded capture, but also fighting Nighthawk's sentries.

Avengers World

  • The citizens of New York standing up to Thanos after he knocks out the Avengers.
  • At the end Tony plans to expand the team while looking at images of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Moon Knight.

    Season 3 
  • It's a Die Hard episode, with Hawkeye as John McClane. But with that, he fights Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. He is barefoot, no weapons but what's around him, and taken completely by surprise. They manage to win, once, after a long battle. He then tricks them to escape, saves Screaming Mimi too, THEN fights Baron Zemo to an absolute standstill with almost no weapons but a few dumb bells and getting his hands on a bow in the last minute.
    • To top it off, it truly cements his heel face turn. Screaming Mimi was claiming he just switched for a better paycheck and a more secure lifestyle. Clint flatly refuses that's the reason, and tries to get her to change paths. The moment because heartwarming when he says he switched because heroes back each other up.

Thunderbolts Revealed

  • Screaming Mimi leading the rest of the Masters in a Heel–Face Turn, turning on Zemo.

Into the Dark Dimension

  • Mostly everything Doctor Strange does. Highlights include:
    • Even weakened from continuously fighting Dormammu's creatures, he still pretty much effortlessly closes all the portals.
    • Combining forces with Tony's Arc Reactor to fight Dormammu.
  • A young man in the neighborhood fight deserves at least an honorable mention, when an old woman falls over running from the mindless ones, he turns, pulls the plastic cleaver off his head, and stands his ground.
  • The entire fight with Dormammu. Bonus points for this being inside the Dark Dimension, where Dormammu is essentially invincible.
    • Strange, weakened from his previous fights, breaks out of Dormammu's chains to continue the fight.
    • As above, Tony and Strange combining forces and doing the most damage to Dormammu out of all the Avengers.
    • Thor proves he doesn't need his lightning to still be a force to be reckoned with.
    • Hulk hits Dormammu so hard, his flames go out and he appears to fall unconscious.
  • Even though the Avengers were concerned over the Thunderbolts stealing their (ahem) thunder, it appears the most common Halloween costumes are still The Avengers. May cross over into Heartwarming.
    • A subtle one, but still. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) apparently is an active hero, with quite a few kids dressing up as her.

The Inhuman Condition

  • Black Bolt uses his voice for the first time while pinned to the ground in an effort to stop Ultron: "No more." But as the dust settles, Ultron gets a returning Moment of Awesome:
  • Thor defeats Ultron by using Mjolnir to push him into the energy beam of his own doomsday device, which causes him to explode.

The Conqueror

  • In order to escape Kang, Tony distracts him by empathizing with him, noting their similarities as inventors and pointing out their shared fear of losing everything they've worked for, all so he can lure Kang close enough to hit him with a unibeam blast.

Into the Future

  • Captain America's fight with Kang, which ends when he traps the despot with some dinosaurs.
    • Steve's words to Kang just before he leaves him trapped in the past.
    Steve: Only a coward thinks violence is a solution. Maybe someday, you'll understand that.
  • Referring to the above, is when, in WWII Kang seems to briefly cower in fear while Cap stands strong having been in the war before. Maybe Steve was right in telling Kang that he doesn't know real war after all.

Panther's Rage

  • While Captain America is fighting Crossbones, Crossbones grabs one of the embassy guards. The guard takes out his phone and takes a selfie of the two of them, distracting Crossbones long enough for Cap to disarm him.
    • The guard smiling as he took the photo however is a CMoF.
  • Thor not only holds back an avalanche, he complete dispels it.

World War Hulk

  • Tony spent time to make the other Avengers their own Hulk Buster armors!

Civil War

  • In Part 2, Black Panther disables some Hydra grunts, then politely hands them over to the police.
    Black Panther: Over to you officers. You will now find this area Hydra free.
    • Each of the Avengers and Mighty Avengers taking a turn at punching Strucker. Ms. Marvel finish's it up with catching him before he hits the ground, only to drop him anyway.

    Season 4 

Avengers No More Part 1

  • The Avengers managing to defeat and capture Ghost, easily.
  • Jane Foster, an unarmed civilian, actually attacking Leader. Even though she was unable to prevent him from taking their inter-dimensional communicator.
  • When The Leader leads his army of robot Humanoids in an attack on the Wakandan Consulate to steal Vibranium. Black Panther manages to sneak up on two of the Humanoids, cutting their heads off before Leader can even blink.

Avengers No More Part 2

  • Black Panther slowing his decent from a flying craft miles up in the air, by using Arnim Zola's robot body as a shield.
    • He later uses a super magnet (which he made himself) to drop a dump truck on Skurge's head.

Why I Hate Halloween

  • Hawkeye managing to hold out against Dracula and an entire army of his vampire servants until sunrise.

The Once and Future Kang

  • Future!Red Hulk makes himself known to the heroes by saving them from several of Kang's security drones. By cleaving them in two, with an actual axe.
  • Falcon going up against Kang in a head-to-head fight, and winning.

The Most Dangerous Hunt

  • Black Panther ends up in an Asgardian forest, only to encounter a giant scaly beast. Hulk arrives just in time to rescue him, by screaming at the creature. Successfully scaring it off.


  • Iron Man made a transformer.

The Immortal Weapon

  • The fact that Iron Fist, using Heindall's sword managed to protect K'un-Lun from Dracula after the Beyonder had snatched it from Earth to become apart of Battleworld.

    Season 5 

Shadow of Atlantis Part 1

  • Black Panther kicking Tiger Shark from behind, cutting the villain off when he was in the middle of his monologue.
    • To his credit, Tiger Shark does make up for it a moment later. Recovering and catching Iron Man and Black Panther in an energy net.

Shadow of Atlantis Part 2

  • Despite having seemingly been captured in the previous episode. Shuri had actually managed to evade Tiger Shark.
  • T'Challa and Shuri working together to trick Tiger Shark, trapping him in a cage.
  • Steve hurling his motorcycle at Tiger Shark, hitting the villain in the face with it.

Into the Deep

  • Black Panther fighting with, and defeating a giant-sized angler fish.
  • T'Challa's method of interrogating Tiger Shark. Threatening the Atlantean with an electrified trident. While dangling him just above a giant, hungry lizard.

The Panther and the Wolf

  • T'Challa and Hunter's fight, as T'Challa was chasing Hunter all around Wakanda's capital city.
    T'Challa: Hunter! You have to stop this!
    Hunter: Ah-ah-ah, (jumps and evades T'Challa) you didn't say the magic word!


  • Yemandi defeats the Highland Grizzly (a warrior with a bear theme) in some sort of ancient warriors' tournament by intentionally stalling to figure out his weaknesses. She also manages to defeat the next challenger: a young Thor, who has been sent by Odin to find a weapon for himself.