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Animated Series

  • Madeline and the others facing against the villians in Lost in Paris.
  • Awesome Music:
    • Every song from Lost in Paris, especially "Togetherness Will Set Us Free''.
    • From the specials:
      • "Something Is Not Right" from the first special.
      • "This Old House" and "Have You Seen Our Dog?" from Madeline's Rescue.
      • "Wishes" from Madeline's Christmas.
      • "High And Low" from Madeline In London.
      • "Home, Home" from Madeline and the Gypsies.
      • "Bad, Bad Hat" from 'Madeline and the Bad Hat.
    • From the TV series:
      • "A Crown Of Gold" from Madeline and the Lost Crown.
      • "Home Is Where The Heart Is" from Madeline and the New House.
      • "The Perfect Dog" from Madeline and the Dog Show
      • "You Find Magic When You Find A Friend" from Madeline and the Magic Carpet
      • "Ah Paris, Ooh La La" from Madeline and the Treasure Hunt
      • "Without You" from Madeline and the Science Project - which is also a Tear Jerker.
      • "The Best, Best Gifts In The World" from Madeline's Detective School
      • "Rootin' Tootin' Hoedown of Buckeroos, Bonjour" from Madeline and the Wild West
      • "No One Else Is You" from Madeline at the Louvre
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  • Madeline defeats the thieves in My Fair Madeline. Sadly, her attempts to prove that she's innocent ended with her being arrested along with Dumbella because the latter twists the story.
  • Madeline gets a surprisingly good wisecrack in Madeline In Tahiti after a rude man insults Danielle for fainting.
    Madeline: Maybe if you didn't eat so much, you could fit into your uniform.


  • Genevieve’s introduction. When Madeline had fallen off a bridge and into the river, Genevieve jumped in and got her to safety.
  • Pepito setting off his crackers, scaring away the Indian ambassadors as Lord "Cookooface" tries to bring them back, much to his humiliation.
  • Madeline and Pepito escaping their kidnappers on a motorcycle.
  • Awesome Music:
    • "Two Straight Lines" by Carly Simon.
    • The ending chose the PERFECT song: "What a Wonderful World".
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  • A meta one, but this was Hatty Jones (Madeline)'s only major film, and while most former child stars have had issues with recapturing their glory days, Jones simply took up other activities to keep herself busy and she is still hopeful that she will find a good film to take part in. She has as much undefeated spirit as her character.