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Alfred giving Ollie's electoral speech to the citizens of Waterland.

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     Episode 1 
  • Johan shows he's a real Papa Wolf as he goes through hell and back to get back an egg stolen from the nest by a hungry eagle.
  • Henk kicking that same eagle's butt behind a tree; all we see is the bird whimpering and running away as Henk shakes his fist after it.
     Episode 2 
     Episode 3 
     Episode 4 
  • Alfred brawling with Dolf after the latter makes one insult about his father too many. Even if Alfred does get his ass kicked when Hannes and Wannes intervene, it's still a noble effort by the little duck to try and stand his ground.
  • Later, when Alfred and Dolf go at it again, this time mano e mano, Alfred wins with barely any effort.
  • Then, when Dolf falls down the well because of Alfred, he doesn't hesitate a second to try and get him out again. When he ends up trapped down there as a result, he ceaselessly tries to climb back out again despite Dolf's insistence that it's no use.
     Episode 5 
  • Henk coming to Alfred and Dolf's aid as Krabnagel is about to eat them, leading him on a merry chase and outsmarting him at every turn.
     Episode 8 
  • After spending most of the episode Locked in the Dungeon, Alfred finally takes matters into his own hands when he spots Lispel sneaking around the ship and takes him on single-handedly. Despite Lispel having the advantage with his five tentacles, Alfred still manages to overcome him in the end.
  • Alfred shows just how gutsy he's become since starting his training with the Sea Scouts when he volunteers to untangle one of the sails that won't lower properly, even when he nearly gets blown overboard as a result. Thanks to this, the Sea Wolf manages to win the race against the ship from Great Sparrowland.
     Episode 10 
  • Alfred narrowly escapes being eaten by the Genie by trying to trick him into going back inside the bottle. Sadly, the Genie realizes halfway through he's being tricked, when Alfred discovers his weakness to light and relentlessly forces him back in the bottle by shining a lantern in his face. Just as the Genie is about to disappear entirely, though, Alfred pulls the lamp back, allowing the Genie to come out again, only for Alfred to prove himself an expert Troll by shoving the light right back in his face again. Little duck has serious cojones to dare to mess with an omnipotent spirit of evil that tried to devour him whole just minutes before.
     Episode 11 
  • Even if he's scared out of his mind, Alfred doesn't hesitate for a moment to try to save the female performer from the wild human's clutches during the climax, cleverly pulling a "monkey-see, monkey-do" gambit on him.
    Episode 21 
  • Alfred shows off his Beware the Nice Ones streak, when storms right up to the king and demands his money back. By the end of the ensuing chase, the King and his cabinet are racing for the hills while Alfred's screaming at them to take responsibility.
     Episode 25 
  • After a rat woman is injured by the Crow Party's soldiers during a riot, her distraught husband gives Dolf a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and throws cheese in his face, which exposes the secret of Dolf's yellow beak. Later, the palace's entire population of rats comes together to avenge her, by burrowing into Dolf's vault to steal his money.
     Episode 42 
  • Just as Rokodil and Hannibal are congratulating themselves on their scheme of getting Dolf to steal Paljas' design for a solar generator ... in walks Paljas, with Alfred carrying copies of the designs, and submits them to the Cat King just as he had planned. "I met your errand boy," he tells them, letting them know of Dolf's failure without batting an eye. The looks on their faces are completely priceless.
     Episode 51 
  • Rokodil and Hannibal hire Dolf to steal the formula for a new, ecofriendly fuel Professor Paljas invented, leading to a huge car chase between Dolf, and Alfred and Henk. Just when it seems Dolf managed to shake them off and delivers the documents with the formula to Rokodils' mansion, Alfred shows up there (having been tipped off by Professor Paljas, who was also keeping an eye on Dolf), along with the police. This time, not only Dolf is arrested, but so are Rokodil and Hannibal, since the police now has evidence that they did business with a wanted criminal for their own corrupt purposes. After having been Karma Houdini's throughout the entire series up till that point, it's satisfying to see that they finally get what they had comming for so long.
     Episode 52 
  • Even sweet, ladylike Winnie gets to be brave for once, slipping out of her ropes and picking up a chair as a weapon. If Alfred hadn't shown up, she could have escaped quite easily on her own.
  • When Alfred does show up, completely undeceived by Dolf's false map thanks to Paljas' tracking device, he actually holds Dolf at gunpoint. One gesture, and the would-be ruler of the world is reduced to a quivering mess.

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