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  • Lord Stinker coming up with a plan to save the goods train in High Tide turns what at first seemed to be a brutal Hope Spot into one of these. And it actually works!
  • Warrior coming to save Izzy Gomez and Ten Cents in Warrior
  • Zorran of all people gets one in Munitions when Bluenose orders him to move his munitions barge which is being unloaded. O.J. is quick to point out the danger only to have the pompous naval tug throw it back in his face. Zebedee is about to join the heckling, when Zorran snaps "Shut it, the paddler's right. We're not moving that barge, Mister." He didn't try to one-up the Star Tugs, he took his side, showing that while he'll always be a lying, cheating crook, he takes operations like these as seriously as the Star Tugs.
    • Ten Cents risks his life twice in the same episode, when he saves Bluenose in spite of him causing the fire in the first place and getting a petrol barge that caught fire out to sea, the latter nearly resulting in his death.
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    • Warrior, who comes equipped with a fire hose, stays by an exploding oil yard to protect Puffa.
    Warrior: Gotta look after your friends, ya know?
  • Ten Cents, Sunshine and Sea Rogue catching the pirates in Pirate.
  • Zebedee helping the Star fleet in "High Winds", knowing full well what Captain Zero would have to say about that. Never before has a Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! moment felt so good.

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