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  • When Gil faces his fear of the ocean and comes back with an army to save the day most definitely counts as awesome.
  • The climax of Freaky Fusion where Frankie uses up her spark to defeat Sparky's monstrosity and save her friends, at the cost of her suffering a Disney Death/Heroic RRoD.
  • The "Steal the Show" sequence in Boo York, Boo York: when Toralei uses Catty's stolen voice to sing in a Bloodway show, Luna Mothews and the ghouls upstage her in an epic sing-off to take it back.
    • Made more awesome by the fact that everyone singing is using Catty's voice, literally.
  • Also from Boo York, Boo York: Ghoulia and Abbey, two high-school teen girls (with some accidental help from Manny and Heath) are able to stop a spaceship from destroying Boo York City and wake up its dormant passenger with the power of music— and a bit of satellite hacking.
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  • Again from Boo York, Boo York: Catty and Pharaoh's eponymous song together. So good, it was displayed at SDCC 2015 as the preview.
  • Bring a harvester to the Costa Shrieka rainforest? Not on Batsy's watch!
  • On a meta/social level, Monster High's pushing a lot of boundaries. Not long ago, no one would have ever thought girls would want to play with creepy, weird monsters. Now, they're one of the most popular girls' brands! The characters themselves tend to be more complex, and can't be boxed into single categories. For example, Clawd is a jock who cares about his education, Slo Mo is a basketball and chess whiz, and academic genius, and Wydowna is a comic book nerd and a fashionista, writing and illustrating comics and designing outfits. A few characters are also inclusive in terms of disability or birth differences; Operetta has her facial scar, Vandala is an amputee with a removable peg leg, Viperine is visually implied to have albinism, and Peri and Pearl are Conjoined Twins treated like any other character.
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  • Zomby Gaga. Not only does the partnership make perfect sense, but it's cool to see yet another one of Gaga's campaigns for good.