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Awesome / The LEGO Ninjago Movie

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Bad blood between brothers!

  • Just from the initial trailer, it looks like the fight scenes (choreographed by Jackie Chan's martial arts team) will be fantastic. Special mention goes to a quick shot of Lloyd holding a baby and fighting some sharks with his fridge.
  • Wu and Garmadon fighting in a bamboo clearing looks so amazing, Jackie Chan himself called it his favorite set piece in the movie.
  • The Big Reveal of the Ninja in the first trailer is worthy of a scene in the original show itself!
  • On the one hand, Lloyd's dragon is a mecha. On the other, LLOYD'S DRAGON IS A MECHA. Heck, almost all the Ninja vehicles count.
    • Kai drives a Humongous Mecha with giant flamethrowers for arms that spray real fire.
    • Cole has a similar mecha that rolls around on a single massive wheel and has a killer sound system.
    • Jay has a fighter jet that bears a certain amount of resemblance to the Milano.
    • Zane pilots an absolutely enormous tank
    • Nya drives a Spider Tank.
  • Also, like its predecessors, the film is visually stunning. Notably, the film features realistic clouds, plants, sand, and water effects, to give the impression that the toys are being played with in a backyard outside.
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  • Nya driving around a motorcycle inside the highschool. She's even able to drive it into her locker.
  • Garmaddon fires his Generals by shooting them out of his volcano lair!
  • The cannons on Garmadon's super mech firing sharks as projectiles!
  • Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane and Nya pulling their act together after having been beaten by Garmadon's abandoned Generals, and rescuing Lloyd and Garmadon using actual Ninja stealth and disguises.
  • The Ninja using their newly discovered elemental powers to escape the now crumbling House of Weak Foundations.
  • This movie actually took the idea of Heart Is an Awesome Power and ran with it. The Fuchsia Ninja, with the Element of Surprise, quickly became a fan favorite and despite Lloyd's seeming power downgrade from the show, it turns out he's still a vital member of the team, specifically what binds everyone together.
    • And he's the one that makes Meowthra, the most dangerous creature in all of Ninjago, into a good cat.

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