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Awesome / Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Movie)

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  • The entire vertical assault on the monastery on Teth.
  • Anakin:
    • Jumping on top of a magna tri-droid, deflecting fire from another so they hit each other, and then cutting through the first one's leg as he jumps off so it topples over.
    • His method to destroy a droideka. "Run!" "Stop!"
    • Stopping a group of four STAPs from sniping his clone troopers by a) destroying three of them; b) stealing the fourth for himself; and c) riding up the side of a cliff, blasting everything in his way.
    • After Ahsoka destroys the battle droids following them, he praises her for her skill... then calmly stabs the one behind him that she missed without even turning around.
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    • Fighting Count Dooku to a standstill. It's not very awesome by itself until you remember that the last time they fought, Dooku defeated him effortlessly and cut off his arm.
  • Obi-Wan:
    • His You Shall Not Pass! moment against the attacking Separatist droids, followed by distracting the Separatist general long enough for Anakin to destroy their shields. The latter may also be a Funny Moment.
    • His Big Damn Heroes moment at the monastery.
    • His duel with Ventress, where he continually mocks her and basically treats her as a child throwing a tantrum.
  • Ahsoka:
    • Saving Anakin from the Separatist droids surrounding him by dropping a wall on them. Even the clone troopers are impressed.
    • Instead of using Anakin's method, she takes a swifter route and destroys a group of oncoming Droidekas with the BFG on a nearby walker.
    • Racing Anakin up a cliff by hopping on an AT-TE walking up said cliff. And defending it from incoming fire while standing on its head.
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    • Fighting and destroying three MagnaGuards all by herself, all while having to be careful with a baby Hutt on her back.
  • Clone Troopers:
    • Unleashing hell with their cannons on the attacking droids, both before the latter's defensive shielding is set and also after it is removed. If you ever wondered how the clone troopers could beat the sheer numerical superiority of the Separatist Droids, here's your answer. In the words of an accomplished Confederation general:
      General Whorm Loathsom: Why are we stopping?
      Droid Commander: The tanks can't get past their cannons, sir.
      Loathsom: Cannons?! This will never do!
      • It's worth noting that the installment makes clear Loathsom didn't attack until his spy had supposedly blown up those cannons. He knew what he'd be in for if they were there.
    • Attacking a monastery on the top of a mountain by simply walking up said mountain.
    • Captain Rex freeing himself and his clone troopers from the Separatist droids keeping them captive.
    • Also for Rex, the fact that he was able to resist a Jedi Mind Trick and bonus points of subtlety on how he warned his general. He did this by contacting him as "Anakin" instead of "General" or "Sir", giving Skywalker the hint that something is wrong, deducing that Ventress is here to kill Jabba's son.
    • After one Clone Trooper runs out of ammunition, he proceeds to charge the nearest super battle droid and fight it barehanded. Sure, he died, but if you have to go...
    • Commander Cody kicking the shit out of several battle droids during the opening Battle of Christophis.
    • The clone troopers taking down a vulture droid with small arms. And not their own overpowered blaster rifles, but small and weaker Separatist droid carbines they had just stolen.


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