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"Crystal mirror, WIPE OUT!"note 

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  • At the start of the series, Wranglum honestly doesn't seem like too much of a threat, but as the series goes on his plans get way more badass and risky and we start to get a taste of how dangerous he actually is.

The Series

  • Two of the fillies reactions upon hearing that a supposed monster has stolen Will's cupcakes? They threaten to shave off its eyebrows and stuff their bed with them, and tear out its toenails and make skis with them. Yes, this is still a kids show.
  • In "The Lost Mermaid", Bella overcoming her fear of water to rush into the lake and save Rose and Glitterina from Wranglum's fish minions.
  • In "The Star Crystal", Lynn gets fed up with a group of birds that led Rose down a cave, and uses her magic to blast them.
    • Rose also leads a group of Grounders to their death after singing a song.
  • The Fillies skateboarding down an erupting volcano, outrunning lava in the season 1 finale. Rose even manages to save Farina's egg in the process.


  • The fact that the show was even Saved from Development Hell at all! The show had a big Troubled Production that ranged from lawsuits surrouding the toyline, to several important studios dropping out. They were able to get two animation studios that got the job done, and the show finally premiered somewhere, which made a lot of fans happy and relieved. Even those who thought the show would be awful were intrigued that they could finally watch the show at last.
  • In March 2019, the same month that the show had premiered, fans were outraged because not only were episodes (fairly) being taken down, but other fan content on YouTube were also being manually copyright striked just because they had Filly Funtasia in the title, by what seemed to be one of the co-creators of the show. After Skundi (the main admin of Funtasia Daily) went off on them, he later took it back when he got contacted by the Andersen brothers themselves to visit them in Denmark.note  It turned out the strikes were an honest mistake and they were later happily dropped.
    • But that's not all! Skundi got to discuss a lot of other important things surrounding show itself with the creators in-person, and he even got to see two full episodes in English!


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