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Awesome / The Last Kids on Earth

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     Season 1 
Despite their differences, all four protagonists get their chance to shine throughout the first season, such as:
  • Quint's various modifications to Big Mama and nearly all of them being put to good use whilst speeding away from monsters and zombies.
    • Quint launching fireworks at two Dozer monsters to distract them and give Jack enough time to run to his house. And if his chemistry prowess later on is any proof, it's heavily implied that Quint made those fireworks, all by himself.
    • He also managed to fend off his zombiefied babysitter and imprison her in a closet.
  • Even if it's by accident, Jack scarring Blarg with a broken baseball bat counts. He later uses acid to further blind Blarg, and culminates with him using the broken baseball bat to impale Blarg's brain, therefore killing it.
  • June is made of this. She survives living all by herself in a school full of zombies, using only her lacrosse skills to evade and attack them. Dirk even outright calls her a ninja when he sees all the booby traps she's laid out throughout the school, such as a desks-and-chairs barricade and waxing the middle of the floors to make them especially slippery.
    • She also averts the Damsel in Distress Jack thought she was by being the one to save them instead of the other way around.
    Jack: (overjoyed) June! You're not dead!
    June: Well, duh.
    • When zombies break through the school door and grab Dirk, June plants her lacrosse stick into a crack in the floor and uses the momentum to lift off and kick them in the face.
  • Dirk, simply by being The Big Guy, gets a few moments, such as using a broken door to protect his friends and block zombie attacks.
    • In his second appearance, he saves Jack from a winged monster by swinging it around with his bare hands and using the momentum to fling it into a nearby building. It's enough display of awesomeness that Jack-despite having been bullied by him in the past-immediately suggests to Quint that having Dirk around would be useful.
  • Rover saving Jack from a zombie horde, which earns him Jack's affection and a place on the protagonists' side as their Team Pet.
    • He also distracts Blarg in the climax, angrily biting at the monster's thick hide when he threatens the protagonists.
  • Dirk using a ping-pong table as a makeshift shield and literally shoving their way out of the hardware store. Jack is no slouch either; he's shown hitting zombies left and right with one of the ping-pong paddles.
  • The whole sequence of Quint remotely activating the treehouse weaponry is a mini-montage of awesome. We see the treehouse light up, followed by the football gun cocking itself, fireworks popping up from the sides, and heavy appliances falling into catapults. Remember: the kids built all of this all by themselves, and with improvised machinery to boot!
  • Eleven words from Dirk: "Hey, butt breath! Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" (launches an explosive football into Blarg's side) *BOOM*
  • Jack and Quint finally perfecting "Toss and Catch" by having Quint toss Jack's broken baseball bat at him and Jack effortlessly catching it in mid-air, followed by Jack dodging Blarg's outreached hand, having learned from his earlier mistake.

     Season 2 

Jack the Slayer

  • Jack, Quint, June, and Dirk defeating the monster in the kitchens of Joe’s Pizza.